MarioStar64's New Color Code

MarioStar92's old color code that appears in SMG4's videos.

MarioStar92, formerly MarioStar64, is a cameo YouTuber who appears sometimes in SuperMarioGlitchy4's bloopers. He appeared in his old color code, back when he was known as MarioStar64. However, MarioStar92's code may just be a recycled code used for a random guy.

In the video "SMG4 Joins the Youtube Rangers", MarioStar92 appears just as one of the members of the YouTube Rangers but didn't have any actual roles. In the blooper "The Pink Problem", one of his most prominent appearances, he appears as the person who bought the last gloves of the shop.

In the episode "HalloWeegee Special 2014", "MarioStar92" is seen trying to escape the giant city-destroying Weegee and is telling everyone to run, only to see a Weegeefied SuperMarioGlitchy4 and scream. He also makes cameo appearances in the Ssenmodnar series. His old color code that appears in SMG4. 8107EC40 0000 8107EC42 FF00 8107EC38 0000 8107EC3A A400 8107ECA0 7306 8107ECA2 0000 8107EC98 3903 8107EC9A 0000 8107EC88 FEC1 8107EC8A 7900 8107EC80 7F60 8107EC82 3C00 8107EC58 FF80 8107EC5A 0000 8107EC50 FB7D 8107EC52 0000 8107EC28 8CFF 8107EC2A FF00 8107EC68 2F0E 8107EC6A 0700 8107EC20 3800 8107EC22 5100 8107EC70 721C 8107EC72 0E00


Note: this list is probably incomplete.

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