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Mario 64: M. K. Nature Channel, more often simply called M. K. Nature Channel, is the 218th video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4.


SMG4 presents a television channel called Mushroom Kingdom Nature Channel (M. K. Nature Channel for short) that he created himself, in which he presents to the viewers the different various species and creatures that live in the Mushroom Kingdom and learns some things about them.


SMG4 tells us about the fantastic creatures living in the Mushroom Kingdom. It begins with SMG4 telling if you like trees or watching animals make you manly. He then says if you like both, then this is the channel for you! He says you should watch it because everyone cares or because you liked the Wild Luigi Dolls nature. He then says "I hope you have fun learning! Let'sa go make friends!" Afterward, he picks up a Bomb-omb and throws it off the floating island.


SMG4 grants us the Generic Tree (Or Butt Trees according to SMG4). Their purpose is for people to climb them, or do other really awkward things.

But SMG4 says the weirdest phenomenon is their migration. The Butt Trees fly to the south once a month. SMG4 says that nobody knows where they go, only to cut to the Mario Bros' 2nd house with Luigi watering a tree. He comes to shock seeing all the trees that migrated and says they're not getting watered until they get in lines.

SMG4 tells everyone that if they run into a tree hater to tell them this. He then makes an example with X, telling him to look at the tree, and proceeds to throw him into the tree, saying, "YOU ARE GONNA LIKE IT!"


SMG4 does the intro of the Bob-omb(s), saying they're "cute". Only for SMG4 to kick the Bob-omb off screen. SMG4 says that's all we need to know because they're dangerous. Lakitu mentions he tell us how they're made, but SMG4 has a bad backstory about that.

It begins with SMG4 walking peacefully up the mountain. King Bob-omb has a timer that oddly says "Baby!". King Bob-omb mentions he hates this part of the day, and poops into a pipe. SMG4 wants him to keep quiet, but a black ball comes out of the hole and upon reaching the bottom, a baby Bob-omb comes out. SMG4 is very offended by that and throws up off-screen.

Piranha Plants

A Piranha Plant is seen sleeping. SMG4 says they love to sleep, and will bite your face off if near. SMG4 mentions they're great singers, and pulls out a radio. As a really great singer, the Piranha Plant sings along. SMG4 pulls the plant out of the ground, and it's then happy to have become able to walk. SMG4's happy, but the plant is happy because they can re-populate. SMG4 says he's a nice guy, only to see the horror.

Shy Guys

SMG4 is in Tall, Tall Mountain, live with a Shy Guy tribe, selecting their new leader. A red Shy Guy asks a blue one if he wants to, only to say no. He selects a white Shy Guy, except he says, "Oh hell nooo!". A gray Shy Guy thinks he's worthy, only to get thrown down the waterfall. Red Shy Guy asks someone else, but upon seeing what to do if you think you're worthy, nobody dared to step out of line.


A Bully fight is shown, with a female rooting her husband. SMG4 thinks it's kinda amazing he's doing so for a female. The male wins, but its emotion for the one who lost, with SMG4 watching the whole thing unfold. The female goes to hug her husband, but misses completely.

Chain Chomp(s)

SMG4 says that Chain Chomp may exist for no reason. He also mentions they're useful as dogs and wanna kill everyone. He gets spotted, and shows us how to avoid them. We have to trick them into being one of their kind. SMG4 gets a Chomp mask, and the mask has a voice, copying the Chomp's voice. Somehow the voice broke, but SMG4 has a Pac-Man Head, makes a weird noise, only to get beheaded.

Cheep Cheep(s)

SMG4 says Cheep Cheeps are the best fish he'd ever seen. He says they can do cool tricks, taste like fish, great dancers, and can even talk. SMG4 greets the fish, only for it to say something about the end of the world, how terrifying it is, and how it makes its blood boil.

Killer Cheep Cheep(s) (Blubba)

With scary music, SMG4 says when Cheep Cheep(s) grow up, they get their own glasses, and how they'll meet one. Getting into the sight of Blubba, Blubba sings Numa-Numa before eating SMG4 off-screen. Later, SMG4 is at shore, and Blubba says he wants to die.

Koopa Troopa

SMG4 is in Bomb-omb Battlefield with Mr. Koopa, and interviews him about life as a Koopa. Mr. Koopa says his shell is his home (obviously) but he doesn't like being out because no one understands why Koopas live this way. But the hardest part is he can't keep a steady job if he's getting barely paid. SMG4 tells him about the club he recently worked at, but Mr. Koopa says their all lies. However, it's in the newspaper, and Mr. Koopa runs off saying "YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!"


It shows Boos in the Castle courtyard, ready to have a baby. What happens is they get a real baby, in this case, Baby Luigi, scare the living daylights out of it, and get the baby's soul. "That's what you do to get a baby for Boos", says SMG4, who remarks that Boos are buttholes, then gets scared of the Boo Mario.


Bowser asks if SMG4 wants him to know about the great King Koopa, but here's the catch: SMG4 can only tell Bowser one question about himself, and it has to be good. SMG4 doesn't know what to ask him. SMG4 gets help from Bowser Jr. and suggest to tell him why he kidnaps the princess, so SMG4 does that. The result ends with pure retardedness, only for the show to get hijacked with the walking Piranha plant and Blubba. The camera gets destroyed with only SMG4 remaining, stuck.


SMG4 mentions this wasn't supposed to air, only for the scene to change with a pile of crazy Toads raping each other. SMG4 appears behind the pile and thinks they are cute (...).



  • This is the second video of SMG4 to be referred as "Mario 64", the first being the previous blooper "Love for Luigi. (Valentine's Special)".
  • This video removes the "Consider yourself retarded!" sentence from the intro and replaces it with SMG4 reaching the camera and saying "LET'S-A-GO, F**KER!". This intro might be a less offensive version of the one used at the debut of the three first bloopers of 2015 "The Idea Block.", "Castle Royale" and "R64: Son of a bowser.". The aforementioned intro was offensive because of the "Consider yourself retarded!" sentence. However, the new sentence being still a bit offensive, the intro for the next videos is just SMG4 being hitted by the "Productions" word, causing a character to appear in reation to this (generally Mario's troll-facing head), and they usually appears as sprites from Super Mario 64.
  • The fact that SMG4 focus on the nature in this blooper might foreshadow that spring is coming in the same month for people who live in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Although this video is a documentary-like blooper about various species living in Mario's universe, many of them aren't mentioned. Oddly enough, SMG4 didn't even talk about Goomba, while they're some of the most common enemies in his world.
  • The scene with the Wild Luigi Dolls in a sex pose is a clip from the 4th skit of the video "Ssenmodnar 7 (TOAST Edition)".
    • This may also be an early idea of the blooper itself.
  • It's implied that Nintendofan997 may be a tree hater.
  • According to this blooper, the Bob-ombs might be created by King Bob-omb's poop.
  • This is the third time Shy Guy appears but doesn't reference "Toast" for the whole blooper. The first was in "The Wacky Wario Bros.: The Winning Ticket.", and the second was in "Sonic the Derphog: Eggventure (GET IT!?)".
  • The soul of Baby Luigi looks like a ghost Kirby when it comes out of its possessor, then becomes a Boo doing a me gusta face and wearing a kiddie hat.
  • If you listen closely to the Shy Guy that jumped off the mountain, you can hear him say, "I'm king of the squirrels!" This is a famous quote from the popular Youtuber, Markiplier.
  • The "Mushroom Times" newspaper shown in the video is dated March 1, 2015, the day the video was uploaded to YouTube.

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