Mario In real life: Mario Monster Mash (700k Special!)
Mario In real life Mario Monster Mash (700k Special!)

Mario In real life Mario Monster Mash (700k Special!)

Season 6, Episode 1
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date January 3rd, 2016
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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SM64: Retarded Recap 2015
Real life video:
Mario in real life!? (200 vid special)
Supah Star Rap Battles of EPICNESS: Mario VS Luigi.

Mario In real life: Mario Monster Mash (700k Special!) is the 259th video released by SuperMarioGlitchy4. This is the first blooper of 2016, and was specially released to celebrate SMG4's subscriber milestone of 700,000.

Synopsis Edit

When Mario reappears in Luke Lerdwichagul's house to go get some food, he accidentally summons a monster with a magic wand, and now he and Luke have to defeat loads of creatures that are summoned as well.

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the first 2016 video, and therefore the first Season 6 episode.
  • This video was actually uploaded before SMG4 received 700,000 subscribers.
  • This is the first video to use the 2016 intro.
  • The creatures are actually enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • This marks the second episode of Mario in real life!?.
  • This blooper confirms the reason for the stretched look of the SM64 characters which had taken effect since early December 2015, specifically being SMG4's stretched Project64 window.

*Mario is coming out of SMG4's PC*

*Mario singing*

Mario: Hello!

SMG4: Mario? What you're doing here?

Mario: Good morning, Mr. Mousthachio!

SMG4: What? Did you- Did- Did you draw- aah!

*Mario giving a trollface*

SMG4: Mario! Mario what you doi- is that food?

Mario: Wah! Noo!

SMG4: Please don't tell me you came here just to steal food from me.

Mario: Aw come on! I've only done it for a year!

SMG4: A year? Look Mario, if you wanted food then-

*Mario screaming*

Mario: Stay back! Don't make me use this!

SMG4: Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Where did you get that?

*a clip showing Mario steal a magic wand from a rock wizard*

SMG4: Look, just give me the wand and-

*Mario screaming?*

*Mario throwing the wand at SMG4's head*

SMG4: *a voice telling that SMG4 got hurt*
(editor's note: i don't have any idea how that sound could been represented as text)

SMG4: What was that for?

Mario: Defeated now, b***h?

*a skeleton coming from the wand*

*Skeleton raging?*

SMG4: What the heck is that?

Mario: Mamma mia!

SMG4: (no idea what he said here)

skeleton: Well you are dead!

SMG4: Okay that's not going to work!

*SMG4 throws Mario out of the window*

Mario: I'm a pretty italian girl!

SMG4: You just had to have a magic wand didn't you?

Mario: You just HAD to stop me from taking food!

*Skeleton making food?*

SMG4: Hey you aren't supposed to be doing that!

Mario: Yeah! Why aren't you cooking me anything!

skeleton: I need some ingredients first...

skeleton: Gimme dat butt!

*More monsters coming from the magic wand*

Steve: Chickens! My family has life! (?)

Mario: Imma still hungry! Waaah

(I don't have any idea what the monsters are saying. (including the cucco))

Mario: All i wanted was some food D:

SMG4: Look, all we have to is get rid of the monsters by getting them to my room.

*SMG4 picks up a duster*

SMG4: Ha! I'm going to kill you all guys!

Mario: Oh whattya gonna do? Clean them all to death!?

SMG4: Do you have a better idea?

Mario: Yes! We haul your fat butt through that open window!

SMG4: (no idea what he said, again.)

dodgongo: Big gay dance!

text box: Swanky monster uses Big gay dance!

text box: Mario uses scare!

*the monster knocks Mario to SMG4's TV(?)*

SMG4: Let me do it! (some speech my voice recognition unit can't understand)

*Monster screaming*

SMG4: Mario! Sexy distraction on hundred and ten!

Mario: Okie dokie!

dodongo: Whaaaaaaat?

*SMG4 strikes the monster with the duster, KO'ing it*

SMG4: Hah! You thought that I can't clean them to death!

Mario: Nobody cares!

*the monster wakes up and goes through the window*

*Mario and SMG4 high-five*

Mario: Say! Imma hungry!

*Some monsters surprised of the fact Mario and SMG4 came to the room*

*Mario turns the monsters to a palm tree, a dancing skeleton and a old man*

*SMG4 getting a toad hat*

SMG4: Take it off!

Mario: Wonderful!

*SMG4's head turns to his SM64 character's head*

Mario: Hmm.. you don't look half bad!

*SMG4 turning back to his normal self*

SMG4: Mario! We have to get back to the rest of the monsters!

Mario: Hold on! Mario needs to take a gigantic dump first!

*a beamos sitting on the toilet. or is it standing?*

SMG4: Jesus what the hell is that!

Mario: Weeeell...

*Some bat-skeleton heads coming behind the beamos*

*SMG4 and Mario run away*

*the duo are surrounded by monsters*

SMG4: Mario use that magic wand!

Mario: Ahh! I can't! It needs to recharge!

text onscreen: Magiciness: low...

SMG4: Aah i don't wanna die!

*Captain Steve falling through the ceiling*

Captain Steve: Hey guys! Can I join you guys! Huh? Huh?

SMG4: Oh my god it's Captain Steve!

(a fight scene)

*Mario looking at Donkey Kong. (or Cranky Kong. whatever suits you)*

deku scrub: Gorilla! Use your giant monkey arms!

donkey kong: Hell no! I can throw barrels at them!

*Mario jumps over the barrels and kills DK*

(a scene showing that the monsters are dead)

SMG4: Wow! Yeaah that's right! (what did he say here?)

*a big monster falls through the ceiling*

text onscreen: Magicness: CHARGED!

*Mario uses the wand on the monster, turning it to teletubbies*

Mario and SMG4: Eeeeh, I guess that counts.

*the teletubbies go outside*

SMG4: Where are they going? Oh god oh god what are they doing!

text onscreen: world domination commences in 5 minutes

Mario: Ahh! The wand needs to recharge again! D:

SMG4: There is only one way to do this Mario. (what? i didn't hear the last sentence?)

*SMG4 disguising as a black & white teletubby, aka the Luke The Teletubby*

SMG4: So what do you think Mario?

*Mario facepalms*

SMG4: Hey everybody, keep on doing your work! (something.) Don't pay attention to me! Hey, I like your shoes. (more compliments)

*the teletubbies are confused*

*SMG4's head gear falls off*

Po: Get 'em ********!

*teletubbies firing their weapons*

*SMG4 picks up a Waluigi doll*

SMG4: Don't make me use this, I'm going to use this! Mario, come on!

*the Waluigi doll is thrown to the air and turned to a Walugi launcher by Mario*

*SMG4 fires the Waluigi launcher*

(an explosion.)

*SMG4 and Mario celebrating the victory*

(uh what are they saying now?)

*rock wizard comes out of a portal*

wizard: Oy! Someone took my wand! Hello? Anyone?

text onscreen: You can have... The big gay dance!

(end of video)

I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on.
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