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Mario VS Sonic: PRANK BATTLE is a video by SMG4, it involves Mario and Sonic pranking many people and then each other harmfully later on.


Mario and Sonic turn on each other in an epic prank battle to see who is the ultimate @$$hole.


This video starts with Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog in line waiting to get tacos at Waluigi's Taco Stand. When Waluigi is about to serve a taco to Big Smoke, Wario secretly puts toothpaste on Waluigi's fresh taco. Big Smoke eats it, barfs for a while, and then beats up Waluigi, with Wario laughing very hard at the back. Sonic who witness Wario's prank believes chili was better to use but Mario believes he could've done better because he has a "medal for no.1 Pranker". Sonic then challenges Mario to prank a nearby kid.

When Frankie was climbing up the slide, Mario moves the slide to a building top and Frankie slides off roof and most likely dies. Sonic said that prank was lame so he pranks Toadette. When Toadette was on the spinner, Sonic uses his super speed to spin the spinner very fast causing it to fly with into space taking her with it.Sonic then asks: "How about that", but Mario still thinks he is better than the Blue Blur, so they decide to have a prank war.

Goal:Creep The Most People Mario hides under an bench and creeps out both an Goomba and an Koopa. He also creeps out out a Shy Guy for singing a ridiculous and weird song as well as Wario and another walker. Then, Sonic read a Sonic fanfic and everyone ran away, much to Mario's anger.

Goal: Scare Luigi The Most Sonic easily scares Luigi by using a creepy Mario mask, But Mario is having problems, as Luigi is not scared by Mario's attempt: using a derpy looking small boo. After many failed attempts at trying to scare his little brother, the red capped plumber tells Bowser to lick his balls while he was walking on the street after he crosses Luigi, to make it look like Luigi said that. Angry, Bowser attacks and burns Luigi,while Mario celebrates his victory.

Goal: Who Can Get Toad In Trouble Sonic goes up to Toad asks him to take care of his stuff while he's shopping, consisting of a shovel, a bat, a knife, a shot gun, a dead corpse and a ballistic missile. 7 hours later, a cop comes in with Toad (holding the shotgun and bat) greeting him.

Afterwards, Toad and Toadette are dining at a restaurant. Toad then goes to the bathroom, and Mario (holding both an waifu pillow and an Toad decoy) fools Toadette into thinking Toad dumped her, much to her fury. As a result,when Toad came in, Toadette angrily blasted him away from the restaurant with a tank. BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Goal: Do The Best Elevator Prank Inside an building, an elevator comes in with many people and Mario coming in. An man then goes to the elevator and Mario walks away, only to tell him that he dropped something. The chubby plumber then hands the man an grenade, and the man starts panicking after seeing it along with the rest of the passengers as the elevator door closes. Mario then claims it's a fake grenade, but after the grenade really explodes, killing everyone inside, Mario silently walks away...

Meanwhile, Sonic tries to give Waluigi the ride of his life by using his speed to pull the elevator. Unfortunately for the Blue Blur, his supersonic speed is too much, and he ends up sending Waluigi into space.

Goal: Prank Someone With A Novelty Toy Mario goes to the novelty store and buys an hand buzzer, hoping to electrocute anyone who touches his hand. He then attempts to have an Shy Guy touch his hand, only for it to run away at the sight of him. Mario then notices SMG4(who saw him pranking Toadette)hanging for dear life at a parking lot building, and attempts to use his hand buzzer to fool SMG4 into thinking he's going to save him. However the youtuber notices and doesn't fall for the trick, falling from the parking lot, much to Mario's annoyance.

Mario needs at least one person to be shocked, and tricks Heavy Weapons Guy into high fiving him after he does a slam dunk. Unfortunately, he accidentally brings the buzzer to full power, blowing away Heavy's hand, and angry he brutally beats up the red capped plumber.


Sonic meets with the bruised Mario,who quickly gets mad at him for entering his "Pranking turf". The Blue Blur then convinces him to relax with him, only for Mario to fall for the whoopee cushion trick. Already on his limits, Mario angrily tackles Sonic and uses his hand buzzer to electrocute him before he kicks him and throws a fake spaghetti to punch the plumber in the face. Sonic then uses his spin dash, only for Mario to throw thousands of other hand buzzers into the ground causing the hedgehog to get severely electrocuted. Mario simply laughs until he accidentally jumps on a spring, sending him flying into a dumpster filled with mouse traps, that Sonic had set up.As the red capped plumber screams in pain, Sonic starts laughing, only to realize that the injured Mario is right behind him and about to shoot him.

Sonic begs for mercy, only to realize it's the fake gun trap, but having been threatened already, he punches Mario in the face, and annoyed, the two decide to viciously prank each other until they can't take it. After numerous pranks which(more often than not)gets them injured and hurt, the two put fireworks into each other's karts. After seeing what they're doing, they quickly set the fireworks and run to their karts, only to send themselves into space. Sonic quickly gets angry, as they can't do pranks in space, but Mario doesn't care and they start tackling each other until they notice Waluigi's new taco stand. Deciding to stop, Mario and Sonic apologize to each other and go off to eat tacos, while Toadette (who's somehow still in the spinner)ends the video by saying: "Somebody kill me!"


I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on.
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