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Mario and the SECRET CLUB is the seventeenth video of Season 2 and the twenty-second video overall to be uploaded onto TheAwesomeMario by SMG4.

It was released on July 12, 2017.


Mario finds that all of his friends have entered a house. Only thing is, he doesn't know the password so he can't get in...


The video begins with Mario digging through the dumpster. He found a Pikachu that he threw away, Old Man Hobo in a princess dress that he also threw away, and Bob Bobowski, who asked why did no one love him, whom he also threw away. He then called the dumpster a piece of s***. Suddenly, he saw Peach Toadstool looking around before heading back into the building. Curious, he tried to go after her but the doors closed before he could enter. When he wanted entry, the bouncer behind the doors asked for the password. Mario did not know and said spaghetti as his password, which only prompted the bouncer to reject him. Determined to get inside, Mario said he would eventually.

When Toadsworth arrived at the doors, the bouncer asked for the password. Toadsworth checked his surroundings before whispering the password. It was correct but before he could enter, Mario rushed at him but accidentally killed him. Before he could rush in, the door shut again, prompting Mario to curse at Toadsworth.

Mario's next attempt was to be in a box so he could be transported into the area. However, two garbage collectors, Frank and Jim the Piantas, came by and took Mario with them to the dumpsite (but not before attempting to throw Toadsworth's corpse with the box although Frank overshot).

Later on, Mario conceded, saying he did not want to go into the club as he wasted a lot of time at the dumpsite as he threw a banana stuck to him. However, that caused the bouncer, Donkey Kong to come out and eat it, much to Toad's protest as Mario could now get in. Turned out there was a good reason banning Mario from entering: It was a party dedicated to hating Mario. Mario witnessed it all and collapsed onto the floor.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters


Note: Except for Pikachu, Old Man hobo, Bob, and Hobo Mario, all characters listed below are party guests.


  • One of the posters in the club reads: Why Mario sucks:
    1. Lazy AF
    2. Ugly and fat
    3. Always eat all the food in the castle
    4. Never takes a bath when asked
    5. Never had any money... like ever
    6. sets the castle on fire every 2 days
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