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Mario at the Olympic Games is the 26th video created by SuperMarioGlitchy4. In this blooper, Lakitu trains Mario to compete in the Olympic Games. Luigi, Wario and Waluigi also compete in the Olympic Games with Mario.


The blooper starts with a Mushroom Kingdom News report, announcing that the Olympic Games have come to the kingdom. Athletes and other people are invited to compete and participate, with the prize for winning the Olympics coming out at 10,000 coins.

Meanwhile, in Princess Peach's Castle, Lakitu informs Mario of the news, adding that he wants the plumber to participate in the Olympic Games. Mario asks Lakitu why he should do it, and Lakitu answers that he wants to win the prize. Mario is hesitant at first, claiming he's "unfit and fat" and without any knowledge of the Olympics. Lakitu states he will fix this by training Mario and teaching him all about the Olympics.

After a transition, Mario is tired from reading about Olympic history for three hours. Lakitu pushes Mario to keep reading, which leads Mario to question why Lakitu is the one wearing glasses.

Two weeks, five days, six hours, and four seconds later, after having studied Olympic history for that long without sleep, Mario is promptly quizzed. Lakitu asks him a question regarding the Olympics, which Mario is unable to answer due to sleep deprivation. Mario soon falls asleep, forcing Lakitu to approach his teaching in a different way. He tells Mario to relax, breathe in and out, and think of happy thoughts. Then, he instructs Mario to close his eyes and think about what the Olympic Games would look like. After following Lakitu's instructions, Mario ends up envisioning many terrible thoughts about what he thinks are the Olympic Games.

Wario and Waluigi lose and Mario fails miserably, leaving Luigi as the winner. This angers Lakitu, because all of the money Mario could have won would have gone to Lakitu. This causes him to explode in rage.

When Mario sees Lakitu (who was pissed off because Mario was in 4th place after his failure), Mario runs up the staircase without Lakitu noticing him. Lakitu mutters angrily under his breath, due to the fact that he could've gotten $10,000 dollars and the trophy. Luigi, obviously excited that he won, starts dancing in the room. Lakitu, still pissed off, runs after Luigi but is then distracted by a block of cheese.



  • It is believed that the title of the blooper is a play on the popular series Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, except without the words "and Sonic".
  • This is the only blooper where Lakitu makes a different facial expression in his SM64 model.


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