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Mario in Real Life!? (200th video special) is, as its name indicates, the 200th video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4. In this episode, the characters from SM64 bloopers visit the real SMG4's house.


After a portal teleports the SM64 Bloopers cast from Peach's Castle to the real world, Luke's house fills with all sorts of chaos. Getting everyone back home proves a difficult enough task on its own; in the meantime, SMG4 has to deal with the characters' antics.


At a dark time in the Mushroom Kingdom (it is unclear whether it is morning or night), Mario is walking to SMG4's room for help with the oven, only to find the computer with Project64 running. Mario wonders if there are still naked spaghetti pictures on the computer, and attempts to close Project64, but instead of closing the emulator, the screen changes to a webcam of Luke Lerdwichagul, confusing Mario. An error then clogs up the screen as it creates a dark-coloured portal. Mario is sucked into this portal and is transported to another world.

Meanwhile in the real world, Luke Lerdwichagul is playing Project64 and can't find Mario in the room he was just in. He hears Mario‘s voice, who quickly comes out of the computer and hits the wall. Luke looks at Mario in confusion, right as he wakes up. Luke asks Mario what he's doing here, Mario asking how he knows his name. Luke tells him that he's SMG4, Mario not believing him as Luke is not Asian, and wears a cap and has a mustache like him, Luke told him that everybody looks like that, Mario still not believing him, and runs out, hoping to find a way home.

Luke searches throughout the house and finds Mario in the kitchen, throwing stuff out from the fridge. Luke asks him to not throw the food, Mario wondering where his spaghetti is and grumbles in anger.

Meanwhile, Luigi is searching for Mario and finds the portal in the same room. Peach comes in and Luigi tells her to stay back, Peach states that it won't suck her in. Almost immediately after, she gets pulled in, with Luigi following suit. Toad then breaks down the door with confidence and follows the two in.

Luke, who is with Mario, hears the noise of the others crashing in his room. When he goes to check, Luigi (who is sad because his mustache is crooked), Peach and Toad are all confused, Toad is especially confused by a 1-up plush whom he mistakes for his dad. Luke gets even more confused right as Mario reveals he's naked, Luke telling him to put on some clothes. More characters fall victim to the portal, including Bowser, Wario, Waluigi, Shy Guy and Po. Luke is still trying to figure out what's going on, and asks them all what they are doing in his house. Mario asks where Luke he believes is real is because he thinks the real life version of SMG4 locked him away and decided to do the same for all of the other characters, while Waluigi sees a doll of himself in Petey Piranha's mouth and thinks he "doesn't look too sexy in this world" (possibly thinking he'll get eaten). The Shy Guy doesn't seem bothered as Mario orders them all to attack Luke. They do so and Luke manages to defend himself, until Toad ambushes his face and he passes out.

He wakes up to find that they are scattered all over his house causing mayhem. He first finds Wario sleeping next to him (possibly keeping guard until he fell asleep) and then Luigi on his computer, watching a video of some naked people doing the Harlem Shake; he notices Luke and gets worried. He tries to explain it was in the suggestions before starting to cry. Luke just silently goes out of the room. He notices Toad in the toilet and asks him to get out, Toad refusing because his "people are calling him." Luke pulls out a sword and warns Toad to not make him come in there, Toad instantly bolting out in fear.

He finds more chaos as the Old Man Hobo is revealed to have come through and is in the bath asking for shampoo. Waluigi runs past behind Luke, who follows him to find his living room is overrun by Toad, Waluigi, Mario and a flaming Peach. He goes to the kitchen to find Po cooking Tubby Custard, and the Shy Guy toasting toast. Bowser runs behind him, and goes outside and wears a skirt and a bra. It is revealed that Lakitu came through as well, Luke not pleased, but gets even more nervous when he notices a car coming to park, and that the driver is his brother Kevin Lerdwichagul (who was thought to be his friend during the time of the video). After saying hi to his brother, Luke tells everybody to hide in his room, by using whatever means possible to get them in there so they aren't seen by Kevin.

Once they are all in his room, Luke spends a while blocking the door. They have a talk, Luke saying it's good and he's fine, Kevin just nodding right as noises from the room become audible. Toad escapes from the room and says hello, Luke thinking to disguise him as a talking plush. Toad starts insulting right as Luke decides to throw him back into the room. Kevin, confused, just says he was here to pick something up, and says goodbye. Luke tells them once he gets back in the room that they aren't meant to be there, so they should stop messing around, Bowser tells him they won't and that he's just jealous of their sexiness. Luke gives in and lets them mess around, on the condition that they keep themselves hidden from the public view.

Mario and Luigi go to watching the TV, which they watch Hotel Mario on, both confused. The Shy Guy goes back to the toaster, while Bowser tries to propose to Peach via karaoke, which fails, and Waluigi bothers Luke while he's eating. Toad, the Old Man Hobo and Po are outside having a miniature tea party. Luigi comes out and notices the trio, who quickly start acting "into character" and act crazy.

Much later, Luke asks Mario how he got there, Mario only remembering the events at the beginning of the video. Luke realizes it's something to do with Project64 and Mario says he tried to turn it off but it went "cuckoo crazy" as he refers to the portal. Luke decides to try something as he opens the program. He tells Mario to stand back, and does a few things as the portal opens. The two grin at each other, as Mario is held inside the portal by Luke. Mario proceeds to scare many citizens (some from popular videos) and does this repeatedly for a long time. Luke decides he's had enough and throws Mario back out, as he lands at the wall with a bra. Luke is confused, as Mario tries to explain himself. Mario almost jumps back in, Luke grabbing him right as Mario sees the castle and ponders what he'll do. Luke decides to get everybody only to find they're causing chaos in his street. He decides there's only one thing to do, and dances, which attracts them all and he leads them to his room again.

After a short goodbye, Luke leads them to the portal, and soon only Mario is left. Luke says goodbye, then Mario says goodbye as well, but only calls him "an asian guy he doesn't know", due to him not believing SMG4 in the beginning. Luke is then relieved he doesn't have to deal with them again and walks out. Suddenly, Steve then became revealed to have come through and didn't get sent back, and starts typing on the keyboard as the portal reopens. Luke stands out on his porch when suddenly the portal brings the entire castle into the real world, crushing everything around his house. Luke facepalms, and the episode ends.

After the credits play Luke is shown to wonder what he's doing with his life. At the very end it is revealed this blooper is "brought to you by Old Man Body Lotion".



  • In the video thumbnail, Mario and the gang are standing behind Luke Lerdwichagul in his house.
  • This is SMG4's longest blooper since Ssenmodnar 2, from October 2012.
  • This blooper is considered his 200th video, however, it's his 199th video technically available. This is because the video "WELCOME TO SMG4'S MAGICAL LAND OF RETARDEDNESS" is currently unlisted and it is unviewable. As a result, YouTube disregards it and it is not included in the total count.
  • This is the only video of SMG4's where he only appears as Luke in its entirety.
  • This is the third time that we see Lakitu in Garry's Mod, the first being "The Blooper Competition" and the second being "Retarded64: Mario for Hire.".
  • This is the second time that we see Peach in a Mario Party 3 model, the first being "SM64 guides: Toadsworth's How to - Princess".
  • This is the third time that Mario is talking through voice at the same time and saying the same thing in text. The first time was briefly in the video "Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island", and the second time was in "A SM64 parody: Number 1 (Bob-omb battlefield remix)".
  • Kevin refers to SMG4 as "Luke". This confirms his name, which was revealed previously as "Luke Lerdwichagul", to be true.
  • A similar video to this is The Adventures of Mario and Luigi - Ep. 4 where voice is used.
  • The Error Screen on the computer says "SSSMMMMOOOKKKKEEEE WWWEEEDDD EEEVVERY DAY"
  • There is a hidden Patrick Star plush
  • As Mario talks to SMG4 you can see Kevin on the computer screen in one part.
  • Toad was for the most part voiced by Marhfg in this blooper.


  • When Rocks flies into the portal, his left half is still stuck in it at the end. Also, Luigi still has a shocked face when he goes into the portal.
  • When Waluigi rushes into the bathroom, he is then shown in the family room spazzing out on the couch. It is unknown how he got there.
  • During the scene where the guy punches the computer, the date at the bottom says 2006. This doesn't make sense, since the blooper was made in 2014.
    • It could had been possible when Mario time traveled 8 years prior in the portal.
  • When Luigi tries explaining to Luke what he was watching, Wario disappears from the latter's bed.
  • Steve can be seen in the thumbnail for the video as though he was with the other characters, but he isn't seen in the video until the very end, after everyone leaves.

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