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Matt is a Mii character from the 2006 game Wii Sports. He is a minor character in the SMG4 series, first appearing in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020.

Unlike Wii Sports, where he simply is an avatar that players can play the game with, Matt was apparently a normal child who had his dreams of going to Brazil crushed by his neglectful father, who forced him to work hard and train in his skills instead. As a result of that extreme training, he became immensely strong, durable, and fast (being able to outrun even Sonic the Hedgehog), as well gaining flight and teleportation abilities, becoming a "Demi-God".


In SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020, Rob and Bob are challenged to defeat Matt. They managed to handle him for a while until a corn vendor appear and distract Rob giving Matt the opportunity to obliterate his adversaries.

In SMG4: Into the Dark Web, when Mario and the rest of the gang walk in the Dark Web, Mario spotted Matt standing in an alley taking a creepy pose. Later, when the gang stole a VPN, Mario and Axol deflect a missile from the VPN seller, causing it to hit Matt. Matt then proceed to beat the seller.

In SMG4: Stupid Mario Golf, he is the final obstacle SMG4 and Mario faces. He managed to defeat anyone brutally, but before he could kill SMG4 by throwing him into lava, SMG4 stated that he just wanted to go to Brazil. Via flashback, Matt's origins are revealed, which show him living a sad life as his father prevented him from even going to Brazil and forced him to train and become the sport god he is today. Upon remembering this, he betrays his employer Jeeves and thus give the Brazil tickets to SMG4 and Mario before flying into the sky.


Matt is an Apex legend. His boxing and sword fighting skills were foretold eons ago. His hair is too scared to be on his face. Matt is almighty and all-seeing as the ruler of Wuhu Island, but he still respects others religions and beliefs. Unless they oppose him, in which case he kills them instantly. He also suffers from small man syndrome but that’s ok since he’s so badass anyway. He substitutes all sugar for pure cocaine.Despite that however,he wanted to go to brazil,he felt empathy in SMG4: Stupid Mario Golf when Smg4 said he just wanted to go to brazil.

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  • According to the statistics in SMG4: Stupid Mario Golf, Matt is the strongest and most unbeatable character in the SMG4 universe.
  • His appearance in Wotfi 2020 uses a custom model, however his next appearances uses the Wii Party model as Wii Party models have realistic hands instead of using balls as hands.
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