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Starting from April 21, 2021, the SMG4 channel had begun a series of livestreams with Lizzie Freeman, playing her character Meggy Spletzer.


After Meggy's Q&A video, Luke began livestreaming with Lizzie Freeman, playing Meggy. The livestreams started when Meggy was still in Port Aurora. She made the first live stream in the Mushroom Kingdom on August 12, 2021 with Wolfychu.

When it comes to the livestreaming, Meggy does different things. Most of the streams have her play video games, but sometimes she also does a reaction livestream. In the meantime, she is also happy to answer questions, mostly from those who give her donations. As usual with livestreams, the names of the viewers with what they have written in the chat run alongside the livestream videos. Regular viewers have white-colored letters while channel members have green-colored letters. And whenever a donation was made, a "Woomy" that was spoken by Meggy is linked with a Meggy icon.

Some of the live streams were unlisted or private after a few hours of the release, but thanks to archives, some of the streams could be restored.

The model used for Meggy for her livestreams is usually her RTX model as seen in SMG4: The Quest for RTX.



  • A different software is used to for Meggy's animation, usually a motion-capture software that records Freeman's facial movements.