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It was aired on September 15/16th, 2021


Meggy watches the Genesis Arc in preperation for the WOTFI 2021 grand finale!


Videos that are cut together


  • This is the first livestream in which Meggy reacts to several SMG4 videos.
  • This is the 3rd live stream that can illogically take place.
  • Although Meggy since 2017 and their new model in 2019 has been introduced on said year, on this cover picture she put her hands in front of her mouth in horror for the first time (in thumbnail).
  • Apparently, Meggy also thinks that Shrek is an anime, continuing the gag where SMG4 claims that "Everyone knows that Shrek is DEFINITELY an anime."
  • After watching the first episode, Meggy realized Axol was acting out of character when he said "Japanese Comics" instead of Manga and that he seemed off for a while.
  • This time, at the beginning of the livestream, plays timeless music instead of Animal Crossing.
  • This time Meggy watches a cut video on VLC player.
  • Meggy has promised that the rap battle in WOTFI 2021 will be "Awesome".
  • A mechanical throbbing sound could be heard in the background.

The Offical Coverpicture