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Reason: Being disliked as a character post-"Final Hours"/her human transformation due to being given focus along with her own adventure series, divisive characterization, characterization in Mario X Meggy ships, and the fandom's opinions on her being split proceeding the Anime Arc.

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You just got REKT by the upcoming star, Meggy !

—Meggy right after shooting Mario in SMG4: If Mario Was In... Splatoon

Meggy Spletzer is one of the two deuteragonists (alongside Luigi) of the SMG4 series and the main protagonist of its spin-off Sunset Paradise.

She is a highly competitive athlete in SMG4's Gang who protects herself and her friends from danger. Originally the citizen of Inkopolis, Meggy was obsessed with winning the Splatfest, the top Inkling sports competition. Although she started on poor terms with Mario when she escaped from a paint can she was trapped in, they quickly become good friends when he participates in the Splatfest with her. As of SMG4: Meggy Moves In, she has moved into the Mushroom Kingdom, now residing in Belmont, Mushroom City, joining SMG4's Gang as one of its most competent and level-headed members. Meggy also plays a central role in the Anime Arc, during the 2nd part, she was kidnapped by Francis and reconciled with her rival Desti, who was later killed by Sephiroth.

The arc ends with her being transformed into a human after she is drained of her ink by The Ink Zuccer 2000, affecting her appearance in all subsequent episodes. During the Anime Arc Post-Arc, Meggy practiced for the final Splatfest to honor Desti, while finding difficulty in being human. Eventually, in SMG4 Movie: Meggy's Destiny, she and her Splat Squad successfully defeat Team Killer Ink, earning the trophy at long last. She is currently moving on from her old days of training, starting to spend more time with the friends she made. She was a police officer in the Mushroom Kingdom and the partner of Hal Monitor but retired from it as revealed in SMG4: Mario VS Youtubers.

Due to the events of SMG4: Deleted, she was sent to the Internet Graveyard due to Melony altering the events of her debut in SMG4: If Mario Was In... Splatoon, having Mario forget what happened during the events. However, she and the rest of her friends were rescued by Mario in SMG4: A Normal S̷͍͖͉̙͚͎̑̃̿͑̆̇̚͠M̸͇͇̦̮̌̿Ğ̴̫̗̖͎͔̳4̶̞͇̰̎̀́̚ Episode. As a result of the events in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020, her voice was changed by the YouTube Remote, courtesy of SMG3, now being voiced by Lizzie Freeman (from 2020 to 2022) and later Elsie Lovelock (as of 2022), affecting her voice in all subsequent episodes. In Season 10, while still a major character, her roles, and appearances slightly decreased which demoted her a bit to a supporting character due to the presence of new characters like Hal Monitor and JubJub Boopkins and older returning characters like SMG3 and Steve, but her appearances skyrocketed since November after SMG4: Cooking with Mario & Bowser: World Tour. As of My New Adventure., Meggy had temporarily left the gang in Season 11 to vacation in Port Aurora to figure out what to do next in life.

Despite this, she still has appeared in some of the SMG4 episodes via phone/discord calls and live streams. Also, more photos of her childhood were discovered via Mario reading her diary in Mario's Bed and Breakfast and Mario Babies. She later returned to the gang in the episode She's Back! Meggy stars as the main protagonist of a new series called Sunset Paradise. The pilot premiered on the GLITCH channel on March 26, 2021 (as confirmed in My New Adventure.), while the 10-episode season premiered on June 4th, 2021, and ended on July 30th, 2021.

This makes Meggy the first character in the SMG4 series to receive a proper spin-off series, as Tari was initially created as a teaser for Meta Runner before its release.


She serves as the deuteragonist of the modern era. She is the tritagonist of Seasons 7 & 8, a major character in The Waluigi Arc, a supporting character in The Rapper Bob Arc, the main protagonist of Season 9, The Anime Arc, and The Anime Arc Aftermath, the titular main protagonist of SMG4 Movie: Meggy's Destiny: An SMG4 Movie, a major character in Season 10, The YouTube Arc and Season 11, the main protagonist of the Sunset Paradise Prelude, a cameo character in SMG4 Movie: 10th Anniversary Special and a major character in The Genesis Arc, Season 12 and The Revelations Arc.


Meggy is a female human, formerly an Inkling, who originates from Inkopolis. She is an active competitor in local Turf War battles and dreams of becoming a successful athlete. As such, she refers to herself as an "upcoming star." For that, she tries too hard and gets into lots of fiascoes when trying to be too competitive.

Sometime prior to SMG4: If Mario Was In... Splatoon in Inkopolis, a Splatfest battle took place between a squad and the legendary Oneshot Wren, who splatted them. Watching from the grandstand, a toddler Meggy Spletzer rushed to meet him, only to be unknowingly saved when Wren kicked an Inkling who was about to splat him. Impressed by her bravery, he gave her his beanie, and telling her that she would be champion one day. This inspired the toddler Meggy to become just like him.

One day, Meggy was jumping around in her Inkling form and mistakenly jumped inside a orange paint can that was taken away by the Mushroom Kingdom Paint transfer co. while completely unaware, and eventually freed by Mario. Later, she dragged him into Inkopolis, where Mario joined her team, the Splat Squad to participate in the Turf War.

From that day forward, Meggy has appeared in many episodes, often residing in the Mushroom Kingdom and hanging out with Mario, SMG4 and Co., and has thus become a recurring major protagonist. At the end of The Anime Arc, Meggy was transformed from an Inkling into a human after getting all of her ink extracted by The Ink Zuccer 2000.

After she calmed down from all these disasters happened when she transformed into a human and won the last Splatfest, she goes on a vacation to Port Aurora as her own show, Sunset Paradise. She then returned back to the Mushroom Kingdom after the show finished.



Meggy's debut appearance

Meggy's original appearance until SMG4: Final Hours

As an Inkling girl, Meggy has long orange tentacles, orange ink color, light skin, and pink/purple eyes (in her debut appearance, her eyes were green). Unlike other Inklings, she usually wears three pieces of head equipment as opposed to only one. They are the Studio Headphones, Pilot Goggles and the Short Beanie.

The rest of her gear set contains the Zink Layered LS and the Octoling Boots. The Studio Headphones is the only gear piece that appears to be retained throughout her other appearances where she wears different gear sets, although it has been removed once in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018 because of Mario. She usually uses the Splattershot, specifically the design from the original Splatoon, as her weapon of choice. However, she is shown using multiple main, sub and special ink weapons as well, the majority of which also comes from the original Splatoon.


Meggy's current appearance

In SMG4: Final Hours, Meggy's form changed, owing to the fact that an excessive amount of ink was extracted by The Ink Zuccer 2000 (leaving less ink to compose her body), changing her from an Inkling into a human girl. She now has freckles and red-brown eyes, her tentacle hair has become normal orange hair, and her body is thinner and somewhat taller. However, Meggy retains her outfit and accessories, even her Inkling gear, though with noticeable differences. Her shirt now features a design of a girl with flowing hair and wearing headphones, and her shorts are dark grey and somewhat longer, as well as her boots. She is no longer vulnerable to water, but also can no longer turn into a squid.

Her beanie and headphones have been worn by Mario in SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus, Bob Bobowski in SMG4: The Splatfest Incident, Siren Head in SMG4: Mario VS Siren Head, and JubJub Boopkins in SMG4: Meggy's Part-Time Job.

Meggy's default appearance in Sunset Paradise

Meggy’s early appearance in Sunset Paradise

Her appearance in Sunset Paradise is noticeably different, with her model having a more cartoonish look than her SMG4 counterpart. She has a simplified hairdo, and also sports a vacation outfit that she acquires on Port Aurora, consisting of an orange and white t-shirt with the logo of Sunset Paradise on the front, as well as red sneakers with white socks. The irises in her eyes are now black instead of reddish brown. She wore her outfit from SMG4 in SUNSET PARADISE - EP 1: PILOT and in If Friday Night Funkin Was 3D - ANIMATION

Meggy's appearance as the college student

In her college uniform, she wears a T-shirt with a squid logo and orange and white clothes similar to the T-shirt she wore in Port Aurora but completely different overall, a long sleeve black coat with two large buttons, a pair of black baggy shorts, white sneakers, and black socks. Her hairstyle has been changed as well, with her bangs hanging more loosely over her eyes and her ponytail is tied near the bottom half of her head.


Meggy is a jock who enjoys playing sports and going on adventures with Mario and the others. Her main sport of interest being a Turf War, in which her goal is to become the top athlete. She is very competitive as she is willing to take on any challenge that is thrown at her and also has a thirst for victory. An example is in The Mario Channel: MARIO'S CHALLENGE as she seems to care about winning than about the actual prize Mario is offering. She also wanted to win the Splatfest as she was focused on training for it hard and is determined on winning it as she finally gets to do in SMG4 Movie: Meggy's Destiny. She also seems to really like winning challenges as she tries her hardest to try to win them. She also appears to have a strong sense of justice as she graduated as a lawyer in university, and has a desire to fight crime after winning Splatfest.

She is brave, independent, level headed, competitive, enthusiastic, determined, caring, friendly, spunky, energetic, confident, competent, and smart.

Meggy is typically smarter than most characters and is typically levelheaded. An example being SMG4: Mario University where she is the only one who didn't go to university for money and instead thought of a job. Later, when she has to defend Mario because he is blamed for messing up the university, she suspected the flaws in Waluigi's tape, and managed to get the fact that the shady person threw away the spaghetti and managed to find out SMG4 ate the food, and doesn't go after SMG4, unlike the others. Another example being SMG4: The Mario Mafia, where she is unimpressed at Mario revealing he sprayed "pingas" at Bowser's car, only asking him "Really, Mario? Pingas?". SMG4: Final Fantasy Mario reveals her to be a quick thinker as well, as she uses SMG4 and Mario's powers to defeat Saiko. In SMG4: Smart Mario, where she, along with Luigi and Tari, simply tried to talk to Mario instead of beating him up like SMG4, Bob, and everyone else in the crowd. Another example being SMG4: Little Penguin Lost where she chastises Mario for kicking the penguin, and tells Mario before going the hill, that it's too dangerous, but Mario refused to listen and did so anyway.

However, just like every character she has a retarded side and can be trigger-happy, as shown in SMG4: Final Fantasy Mario where she goes trigger-happy when she sees Bob with a target on his t-shirt, eventually losing her sanity and shot it a lot of times. This action eventually gets her, Mario, and SMG4 noticed. Another example is in SMG4: Mario and the Bob Mansion... where she goes trigger-happy again when Bowser says the word "paint", causing her to go crazy yet again and throw a lot of ink bombs and paint all over the kitchen trying to paint the turkey as Bowser instructed, while Bowser is looking at her annoyed, eventually sending the kitchen and later the entire mansion on fire (albeit accidentally). In SMG4: Studying for Exams...But you're friends with Mario, this retarded side is also shown as she drank a bunch of energy drinks and learn through the night, thanks to her stressing out over the exam. If Meggy had been smarter, she would not have done that and taken more care of her sanity and slept.

Meggy is also very determined as she never gives up on her dreams and goals. She never gave up on winning Splatfest and was persistent on winning one. Desti notes that this is why she picked Meggy as her rival. Whenever she gets knocked down, she will always get back up.

However, she can go overboard over her Splatfest training, showing her to be over competitive. For example, in SMG4: If Mario Was In... Splatoon 2 after she met Desti for the first time, she wanted to train extra harder. Mario was reluctant to do so, but she was persistent in doing so. After getting into a huge fight with him, she became sad and said that if Mario wouldn't take Splatfest seriously just like her, then he can go leave. Another example is in SMG4: Meggy's Bootcamp where this is taken to the extremes unlike last time. She had a harsh, strict, and bossy mentor-like personality in the first few minutes. She set up hard training obstacles and yelled at her friends for not trying. She does apologize for this behavior, however.

Meggy can have a stubborn side to her too, most prominently in SMG4 Movie: Meggy's Destiny where she refuses the Ink Boi 3000, Professor E. Gadd gave her as a way to compensate for her human form. Due to thinking she doesn't need it, this has almost caused her to lose the Splatfest. Throughout the movie, she refuses to accept the fact that she needed the Ink Boi, even when others like Mario tell her to do so. She even throws the Ink Boi in the trash just because she thinks she doesn't need it. However, she grew out of it after making peace with her Inkling self. Another example being SMG4: Mario And... The Well, where Mario asks her about when she got the truck (she took it from Swagmaster6969696969, in which Swagmaster stole the fire truck from the government). Meggy refused to answer, lying about herself always being a firefighter, until Saiko Bichitaru bluntly tells them they stole it, in response, Meggy stomped her foot on top of the firetruck, saying that they "borrowed" it.

Meggy can also be helpful and loyal as she is willing to and tries to help her friends in any way, proving her to be a formidable opponent. She also tends to help Mario when he needs a lawyer or to get him out of trouble. This is shown in SMG4: Mario's Big Chungus Hunt where she tries to get the Chungus Tribe to not eat Mario, it eventually succeeds, but Mario is not grateful and sticks the middle finger at her instead.

Meggy appears to be aware of her own abilities and seems to have knack of taunting anyone who believes she's cheating although she isn't, usually by making taunting gestures. An example is in The Mario Channel: MARIO'S CHALLENGE where she shoots the bullseye and succeeds, thus earning a pass. This annoys Heavy to the point of trying to shoot the target multiple times only to get disqualified shortly afterwards. She does seem to enjoy stupidity-based jokes as she finds Mario's stupidity to be hilarious.

Despite usually enjoying his stupidity, she is usually more critical/acts aggressively when a situation is serious. As shown in SMG4: The Mario Mafia, where she was the only one to not laugh at Mario after he claimed he sprayed Bowser's car with the word "Pingas" on it, only saying "Seriously, Mario?! Pingas?" This is also shown in SMG4: Mario and The Diss Track, where she glares at Mario twice when he suggests to hit Bob with a baseball bat after dissing the gang. This is also shown in SMG4: Little Penguin Lost, where she angrily yells at Mario after he ordered pizza instead of calling for help. This side of hers is more prominent in SMG4: Studying for Exams...But you're friends with Mario, where throughout the entire episode, she rages at Mario whenever he interrupts her studying, and sees Mario as a districation, constantly getting angry at everything he does. This is also shown through its sequel episode, SMG4: Mario Goes To College, where Mario annoys her and everyone else throughout the episode with the Box Club, and it is more prevalent where while her training someone, he knocks down the person, and tells her to join the Box Club, Meggy is shown to be angered by this, and throws him to a trash can outside. Also shown in SMG4: If Mario Was Spiderman, where she rages in the background during one of the scenes where Mario acts like Spiderman.

Meggy also tends to feel sorry whenever she offends somebody/or is too strict to someone. An example being SMG4: If Mario Was In... Splatoon 2 where she trains for Splatfest with Mario harshly, and after Mario said "F-fine. I didn’t want to do this stupid crap anyways." She likely got really emotional, and after finding Mario, she says "Mario! I've been looking everywhere for you!" meaning she tried to find Mario desperately afterwards. Then right after Mario leaves, Meggy is desperate to ask Mario if he was going to stay on her team, from which both walk away to get lunch, showing her to get really concerned about losing Mario as a friend. An example is in SMG4: Meggy's Bootcamp where she harshly yells at her friends for failing the training for Splatfest, only to feel remorse afterwards when she realizes that she was being too harsh on them. She heartly apologizes to them for being "mean" to them and that winning Splatfest won't be important to her when she loses her friends along the way. This causes her to train her teammates with easier courses and a more friendly and supportive attitude. SMG4: Officer Meggy shows a somewhat inverted variation. She does show a dis AMOGUS!!!!! gust for Hal Monitor's ways to punish criminals (torture for example) and thinking it would be too far. Later on however, she is easily convinced by Hal Monitor that there's nothing wrong with that because it's "for justice". Overall, she does seem to a bit more willing to dialogue with criminals and is less prone to physical violence than him. For example, when she confronts the Shy Guy Leader on why he stole a bunch of monitors before taking action to arrest him, instead of just immediately giving out a punishment without further ado. However, in Sunset Paradise it is shown that she is more than likely to resort to violence when someone ticks her off. Another example is in SMG4: Meggy's Part-Time Job where she gets mad at JubJub Boopkins for being naughty and catching him in a cage, but then feels remorse for it due to her lack of babysitting experience.

Meggy can have an aggressive side at times, an example being SMG4 Christmas 2017: The XMAS Discovery where she becomes enraged at the realization that she had been scammed. Then Waluigi pops in front of her, and she uppercuts him to the roof. Wario gets scared and tries to run away, but she tries to catch him by using Christmas stars as shurikens in which he dodges. Later on, however Mario thought Wario was Santa Claus and catches him, causing Meggy to tie him up under a tunnel (off-screen). Another example being in SMG4: Food Wars where she tries to attack Mario by using a chainsaw because he knocked the candy off the ground. Another example being SMG4 Christmas Special 2020 where she becomes extremely angry at Fishy Boopkins and tries to burn his anime collection replacing it with normal Christmas decorations instead, Boopkins tries to fight back with using anime instead, in which they have a fight over which decoration is better, with both realizing they went too far and deciding to use both instead. this side is further shown in the revelations arc, when she becomes agitated my Mario's antics and subsequently attacks him.

Meggy seems to have an insecure and sensitive side to her, as she hates losing and loses her confidence whenever her best efforts fail or prove to not be good enough, however she seems to gain back her confidence fairly quickly thanks to Mario's confusing but well-intentioned advice.

Her sensitive side shows more in The Anime Arc where in SMG4: Meggy's Bootcamp where she cries and calls herself a failure and a disappointment and claims to be "losing sight of who she is" before bursting into tears. Like with the first instance above, Mario comforts her. In SMG4: Final Hours where she cries again where she believes that Desti died because of her and if she had been a little faster or a little better then she wouldn't have died. She then proceeds to cry afterwards, and her friends comfort her.

She became even more insecure to the point of having a self-loathing for herself, due to events such as Desti's death, her becoming a human, and her not being able to find a job she's good at, to the point where it created Shadow Meggy.

Outside of The Anime Arc, she shows this. Where, in SMG4: There's Something Up With Meggy... she goes crazy after Desti's death and proceeds to cry silently and says that she has no motivation to train. In SMG4 Movie: Meggy's Destiny she seems to be really insecure about Splatfest and cries heavily whenever she believed she lost Splatfest. Axol then proceeds to comfort her and says that it's okay and to have fun. Later on, when the Squid Sisters notify her that the other team was cheating, she gains her confidence back.

It returned a year later in SMG4: Mario VS Youtubers where Mario refuses to let her be her boxing coach, she becomes disheartened about it, and spends the entire episode trying to get him to accept her training. In the very next episode, SMG4: The Pursuit of Happiness where she becomes depressed even more after failing at all of her jobs. After receiving a ticket from SMG4 and crew, she gains back her confidence and takes a vacation, kickstarting Sunset Paradise.


Click on "Show History" to see a full list of Meggy Spletzer History.

SMG4: If Mario Was In... Splatoon

According to her given age in Meggy Answers Your Questions..., she was likely born in the early 2000s.

Prior to her debut episode, a Splatfest battle took place between a squad and the legendary Oneshot Wren, who splatted them. Watching from the grandstand, a toddler Meggy Spletzer rushed to meet him, only to be unknowingly saved when Wren kicked an Inkling who was about to splat her. Impressed by her bravery, he gave her his beanie, and tells her that she would be champion one day. This inspired the toddler Meggy to become just like him.

Over time, she had made a lot of Inkling friends and of course, trained with them. It was only during training at Snapper Canal that she was accidentally caught in a paint can by unaware Piantas who were transporting paint to the Mushroom Kingdom, who placed her paint can in the basement of Peach's Castle. She would only be freed by Mario when he was finding paint for his castle renovation. Afterwards, she returns home to Inkopolis, dragging Mario as he hangs on with her down a nearby drain. Upon returning, Meggy attacks Mario with a Splatshot, believing that he was the one who trapped her in the can of paint. She then quickly runs off to train.

Mario eventually runs into Meggy again when he sees her walk down an alleyway. After watching her team, the Splat Squad, during their training, he asks if he can join them, only for Meggy to turn him down due to his lack of experience and their lack of an opening on their team. However, Meggy is eventually forced to let Mario in after his attempts to impress her leave one of her teammates, Heavy Squid injured.

While Mario still proves to be inexperienced, he starts to show more commitment to practicing after seeing how serious Meggy is towards winning the Turf War. As such, the two slowly bond as they work together during the rest of the session.

The next day, the Turf War begins, and Mario and Meggy both work to best their competition. While Mario still struggles with following Meggy's lead, he manages to come around once he starts to use his own skill set that seemingly majorly helps the team. Eventually, the Splats Squad's rival team, the Ink Brigade, come out victorious in the end, leaving Meggy distraught. Nevertheless, Mario manages to comfort her with his simple-minded humor and logic, and she resolves to keep working to get better. The two eventually part ways as Mario heads home, with Meggy now considering him her friend.

The Mario Channel: MARIO'S CHALLENGE

She appears as one of the many competitors that go through Mario's tower. She proves to be extremely skilled in most of the challenges (particularly the Slope, the Bullseye, and the Gauntlet), even making it all the way to the semi-finals. However, like everyone else, she ultimately loses the competition to Shroomy. However, she was in the lead in the Gauntlet, so she arguably came in second place.

SMG4: War of the Fat Italians 2017

Meggy serves as one of the challenges for SMG4 and Mario in a one-on-one Splatoon shootout, where either one must land a hit on her in order to win. However, this proves to be difficult as her attacks frequently overwhelm them. SMG4 loses the match when he lunges out on an unexpecting Meggy, only to get hit by an oncoming subway train. Mario attempts to fake her out by pretending to surrender then shooting at her when she's not looking. However, Meggy dodges the attack, proving her to not be as gullible. She then shoots him, making Mario lose the match as well.

Meggy later participates in the rap battle, siding with Mario and Fishy Boopkins, while also displaying her skill at singing.

SMG4: Wild, Wild Mario

Meggy appears as a protector of the Mushroom Mesa (Likely the Sheriff’s deputy) named “Sharp-Eye Meggy.” She joins Mario in his efforts to protect the town from the infamous Wah Gang (Wario and Waluigi). She takes them to a Saloon to find more people to help them and end up causing a bar fight trying to save Shroomy from Woody. After assembling their team and starting the shootout, Meggy stops Donkey Kong from escaping by shooting a bucket. The Wah Gang is then defeated by the gang and are subsequently locked up in jail. With the threat gone, Meggy is seen walking towards the sunset with everyone and presumably played with them in the bushes.

SMG4: The Movie Audition

In this episode, she is starring in the Matrix with Mario as two police officers who are chasing Toad who is starring as a criminal. Toad starts shooting at Meggy, and then she matrix dodges the bullets that have been shot, then he spits some swear words and aims at Mario, who also tries to matrix dodge , but falls and gets shot by Toad.

SMG4: Mario University

At the beginning of the episode, SMG4 is talking to everyone about getting a collage degree and while everyone is so excited when he mentions money, everyone gets excited, except Meggy and Fishy Boopkins. While everyone rushes out the door, Meggy thinks of her dream career which is Law. In the law class, she helps Mario while Waluigi goes against him after being accused of raiding the kitchen for food. The first point is that there is no clear evidence but... Waluigi OBJECTS! Showing Kermit The Frog video evidence of a Mario-shaped man rummaging through the kitchen, Meggy gets shocked after seeing this but then Meggy sees a flaw and points out that Mario would never leave a piece of Spaghetti on the floor and not eat it and Meggy accuses SMG4 of being the only Mario-shaped person on campus (SMG4 is eating a hamburger at the time) and was right. At the end she gets her degree (just like everyone else) and does not chase SMG4 when he says they need jobs.

SMG4 Christmas 2017: The XMAS Discovery

Meggy knocks and comes into the door unexpectedly and shot Mario, telling him he better be prepared for next year's Splatfest and asked him to train with her. Mario tells her that he can't because of a special holiday which led Meggy to think if they are having guests coming over or working for a "fat red hobo" as she does not know anything about Santa, until Luigi tells her they are celebrating Christmas. The squid then replies she never heard about Christmas claiming they never celebrate it in Inkopolis. Mario and co then show Meggy the true meaning of Christmas afterwards and now she knows what Christmas is all about.

SMG4: New Year, New Mario

In this episode, she stands up for Mario after he got mocked for his new year resolution of losing weight, claiming that they all had their own new year resolution. She later reappears in the last segment learning to be a better cook with Mario's help (as she only ate instant noodles due to her busy training). Ultimately, although it doesn't help her (the food made was a disaster), it ended on a funny note when Meggy asks Mario if he wanted to also eat instant noodles.

SMG4: Stupid Mario Sports Mix

In this episode, Peach is sad because the Mushroom Kingdom's sports team is rubbish, so she pick s the main cast of characters to be the sports team. Meggy takes part in several sports, showing her talents. In Swimming, she is first seen trying to swim, but since she is an inkling she drowns. She then respawns and Bowser offers her a floatie, much to her disappointment. Next is archery which she does amazingly well because of her amazing aiming skills, impressing Link by shooting several bullseyes in quick succession. Next she plays baseball, with her team consisting of SMG4, Shroomy and Luigi. When batting, she effortlessly hits a pitch from Waluigi extremely far, further than any other batter. This allows her enough time that she moonwalks to the home plate, presumably winning. unfortunately, Peach refuses to acknowledge these successes at the end, and replaces the cast with Teletubbies.

SMG4: The Mario Mafia

In this episode Meggy seems to be Mario's right hand man and she wanted to call the mafia group Super Woomy Brigade instead of the Super Awesome Mega Mafia Group. Later on Mario learns that Bowser's minion poured Mario's Spaghetti on the floor for not giving Bowser any birthday presents and sprays "Pingas " onto his car, which Meggy finds stupid. Bowser attacks and Meggy wonders how Bowser found them, but one of them is a double agent and is working for Bowser. When Meggy gets interrogated by Mario, she doesn't care, and when Mario tries to speak her squid language, she gets confused.

SMG4: The Smash 5 Trials

Meggy was teleported by Master Hand for her to have a chance to be in the next Smash Bros. Game.

She was challenged to Board The Platforms, thinking she wants to do some fighting, but then Mario tells her all she need to do is jump from platform to platform, confused at first but Meggy thinks it's easy, she makes a running start and attempts to jump multiple times but failed, saddened that she won't be in the next smash game, Mario decided to grab her hand and throw her far enough to land on a platform, Meggy then asked Mario to do that again which Mario decides to do so, while Master Hand, meanwhile, says its illegal, but he allows it anyway. After boarding all the platforms, Meggy has completed the challenge and can be in the next smash game and then faints from all the throwing Mario did.

She is later seen near the end of the video, hyped about the name of the next Smash Game, which reveals to be a port of Super Smash Bros. From Wii U/3DS plus DLC, which caused her expression to look shocked with her eye twitching.

SMG4: Final Fantasy Mario

Meggy is forced along with Mario and SMG4 to be part of Mr. Moogle's training. Her skill is gun usage, but despite her impressive accuracy she only marginally impresses Mr. Moogle. As the group goes on missions, Meggy becomes bored and frustrated that she isn't able to shoot things for fear of making noise. But later, in a hallway, Meggy spots Bob in a shirt with a target. This is too much for her to resist and she shot Bob repeatedly with her gun. Mario and SMG4 got mad at her for doing so, as her actions caused Wario (who was with Bob) to sound an alarm. Later in the episode, the 3 encounter Saiko, still mad over the events of SMG4: Doki Doki Mario Club, who is the leader of the enemy, and they work together to fight her. This is Meggy's first time meeting Saiko, and she shows her skill by working with the others to shoot Saiko's projectiles back at her and defeat her. At the end, she is allowed to return home with the others, with Dumbledore wishing they never come back.

SMG4: Mario waits for pizza

Meggy appears sitting on a couch next to Fishy Boopkins watching anime, having a big fear over it with a shocked expression, after Mario and SMG4 destroyed the TV, she is relieved that is not shown anymore.

When Bowser asked for toppings, she wanted a Vegify pizza. After their pizza was ordered, they decide to think of something else to do, with Fishy Boopkins replying they should watch anime on his dvd player but then Meggy says they should save it for another occasion (despite she hates anime), as the door opens Bob came along and asks about watching anime with Fishy Boopkins, he agrees but then Meggy grabs his dvd player saying she doesn't want to see it, with Bob and Fishy Boopkins asking why, she fake sneezed and throws away his dvd player and saying they can't watch anime now, thats until Fishy Boopkins show many more dvd players of anime which caused her to be shocked and get dragged away from him and Bob.

She is later seen very annoyed and bored, burying her face while Fishy Boopkins and Bob are addicted to anime, she then heard a noise and decides to check it out, only to be briefly be stopped by Fishy Boopkins begging her to stay and held onto her boot, and Bob trying to defend the door but was later slapped away and kicking back Fishy Boopkins into the room saying she just not into it, as soon she comes back to check, Meggy is shocked that there is fire everywhere and a mess.

With Bowser getting briefly mad, and then crying over all the mess, Mario and co (with exception of Bob but then helps by force) decide to clean his house up for him, afterwards the pizza finally came with Mario getting the pizza, as soon he was about to hand them over, Mario ate all the pizza in one bite which caused everyone to be shocked and annoyed and Mario laying on the floor in pain.

SMG4: Mario Preschool

Meggy appears to teach children how to paint, which she goes to extreme measures of using one of her painting weapons, only to be briefly stopped by Fishy Boopkins. He then says they should do finger painting instead, with which the children agree, but Meggy is not so happy about it.

Fishy Boopkins then shows his painting (which shows him shipping himself to Hatsune Miku) to Meggy to see if she likes it, but Meggy is completely shocked and disgusted about it and saying if that is a thing they're doing.

She and Boopkins were later arrested (though Boopkins was to blame about it).

SMG4: If Mario Was In... Splatoon 2

Mario and Meggy are training for the next Splatfest, after their training ends, a mysterious octoling appears in front of them, Meggy asks who is she and the octoling replies her name: Desti, which then Meggy doesn't know about her name, afterwards Desti shot Mario with one of her weapons with Meggy getting angered by Desti and saying "looking for a fight?" and immediately became enemies. Then Desti walks away after telling her that she will be winning splatfest.

With Meggy aggravated about her new enemy, she and Mario begin on training to the next level, follow by flying, hitting each other off a high place, reflexes and testing for a technical nuke, with Mario replying he doesn't want to keep on doing this and take a break, after a brief conservation, Meggy tells Mario if he doesn't take it seriously then he shouldn't worry about it, which left her sad and walks away to train by herself.

She later appears after shooting Desti away from Mario, wanting to apologize about before but then Mario accepts it, then afterwards Meggy and Desti have a 1v1 duel fighting for Mario and letting him choose, after a 1v1 duel they have a standoff by using their weapons face to face, until it was cut short when Mario is leaving with Meggy asking which team is he still on, with Mario replying "Team Mario" which made Meggy laugh, now claiming she is tired of training and deciding to have lunch with him.


Meggy stares and appears in shock base on what SMG4 was doing, when it was finished, she and the others freaked out with the kingdom being showed of clips chosen for the collaboration.

She appears in many of the clips of everyone's collaboration and also the first time she appears in a Ssenmodnar video.

These examples are:

  • LK Sixtyfour: A television series of her.
  • Alex Spider [スパイダー]: Alex and Meggy in a match only to be interrupted by Mario due to him blowing on a rainmaker as a horn.
  • Lizzie Ratcicle: She and the others are shocked when they have no idea what really happened after Bob was crushed by Marie.

SMG4: The Mario Hustle

Meggy reappears as one of the main characters/protagonists trying to sell the rocks SMG4 brought. She gets a crowd consisting of a Monty Mole, a Koopa Troopa, a Goomba, Shroomy, and Toadsworth, and explains to them about a new revolutionary invention that she stats, would change history. Meggy coming up with the idea of using the rock as multi-purpose sports equipment, shows many examples of how it can be used including, a hockey puck, ice skates, a bowling ball, baseball, boxing gloves, and a soccer ball. This even with the odd amount of flaws, is enough to convince everyone.

The Waluigi Arc

SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus

Meggy appears playing Yu-Gi-Oh with Fishy Boopkins and Bob Bobowski (despite thinking it was Pokemon, and not knowing the rules) when Mario and Luigi (being chased by T-Pose Zombies) break into the room. Meggy witnesses Boopkins get converted to a T-Pose zombie. After Bob's act of cowardice, she attempts to fight them off herself but soon joins their ranks. Just like all the others infected, she is returned back to normal after the 1-Up barrage by Peach Toadstool.

SMG4: The Mario Carnival

Meggy appears as one of the people in Bob Bobowski's carnival. When Mario struggles with the Duck Hunt game while trying to get 100,000 tickets for the Eggman Football (and shooting Bob for making fun of his aiming skills), he encounters Meggy and asks her to help. She accepts, and she shoots the targets with perfect accuracy, scoring Mario a lot of tickets. However, SMG4 arrives with Tari, marking the moment Meggy and Tari to meet for the first time. Meggy tells Tari to show her what she can do, and SMG4 orders Bob to raise the difficulty. Tari proves to be even more of a challenge.

Meggy, not willing to lose, orders Bob to activate her gun, and when Bob asks for the money, she angrily repeats the order, and Bob obliges. Meggy and Tari shoot the targets with the same accuracy, while at the same time scoring Mario and SMG4 even more tickets (thus causing Mario and SMG4 to say "Yeah, boiiiiiiii" in unison). Bob panics, saying that at this rate, they will clean him out of his tickets, and proclaims to have a little trick up his sleeve. As a last resort, Bob flips a switch to activate "POWER DRIVE" difficulty, which causes the targets to move at such a fast speed to cause Meggy and Tari to have difficulty keeping up.

The speed of all the targets forces Tari to activate Expert Mode, causing her to shoot all of the targets without fail, shocking Mario, SMG4, and Meggy. After Tari ends up scoring infinity points, Meggy is at first distraught at being defeated, but is then amazed by Tari's incredible skills and begs her to teach her, causing Tari to reveal a groundbreaking secret: she is a cyborg. Meggy then carries Tari off to get started on practice while Mario and SMG4 go to be the first to claim the Eggman Football for themselves.

However, it turns out the Eggman Football Mario and SMG4 wanted to get was actually 100,000,000 tickets instead of 100,000, since Bob hid the true price by saying the shelf was dusty. Bob offers Mario and SMG4 a plastic toy comb, but Mario and SMG4 started to cry. However, Meggy and Tari come back with just enough tickets to obtain the football. SMG4 asks if the tickets were for them, and Meggy agrees to give the tickets as long as SMG4 and Mario share the prize. With the Eggman Football at long last obtained, Mario and SMG4 happily leave the carnival, with Meggy following. Tari is less keen on the football, but surprisingly Bob nicely offers her a rubber duck instead, ensuring that everyone is pleased.

SMG4: The Mario Convention!

Meggy appears alongside Tari at Glitchcon 2018, bored with all the pop culture on the convention. Later, she tries to teach Tari how to aim and throw a basketball correctly but gets hit on the face by the ball on the process. Later, Tari notices Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and immediately wanted his autograph. With that being said, Meggy tried to bring him over Tari so she could meet him.

After a bit of a “fight” with Mario to get Kojima, she realized Kojima had a T-Pose mushroom and was planning to turn Mario into a T-Pose zombie. She pushed him out of the way before the Shroom exploded, sacrificing herself for Mario's safety, ending up as Patient Zero of the second outbreak of T-pose zombies and becoming a T-Pose zombie once again. Later, when Tari emerged from the bargain bin, she found, to her horror, Meggy among Waluigi's T-posing zombie army alongside Luigi and Bowser.

SMG4: Mario and the Waluigi Apocalypse

She reappears as a T-Pose Zombie again, somehow crying after being embraced by Tari.

SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018

In this episode, Mario and SMG4 are challenged to scare her. Mario uses several different techniques, but fails and is thrown into a trash can. On the other end of the spectrum, SMG4 simply has Fishy Boopkins spend time with Meggy and wins. She is returned to normal after SMG4 and Tari destroy Waluigi's staff. During the rap, she kicks a mind-controlled Bob and tells Waluigi his tyranny is coming to an end. She then appears as part of the live studio audience in the Dr. SMG3 show.

SMG4: Mario's Late!

In this episode, she appears as one of the girls along with Tari and Saiko Bichitaru who waited at the auditorium for the boys to be done dressing up. She later joked on how girls were supposed to take longer than boys.

The Rapper Bob Arc

SMG4: Mario And... The Well

She arrives in a fire truck with Saiko to save Fishy Boopkins from the well. Meggy's strategy was to fill the well with water (later confirmed by Swagmaster69696969696 to be vodka), so Boopkins can float to the top. While effective, the plan was unsuccessful, as Boopkins was too heavy to float.

SMG4: Mario and the Bob Mansion...

She appears as one of the many people Bob invited to his mansion to celebrate Thanksgiving. Bob assigned her to help cook the turkey, where after Bowser told her to paint the pre-made turkey with oil, goes a bit too ecstatic after hearing the word "Paint", and paints virtually the entire kitchen with oil. Since there was too much oil, she eventually creates a fire big enough to burn the mansion down, which it does.

SMG4: The Melancholy of Fishy Boopkins

In this episode, she takes (with Saiko and Tari) Fishy Boopkins to a Bob Rap Concert, but he ends up crying and running away. Then, Meggy and Tari take Boopkins to the Maid Cafe, which makes Boopkins happy, or at least for now. Meggy immediately regrets the decision and when she sees Heavy Weapons Guy in a maid suit, she ends up fainting.

SMG4: Mario and The Diss Track

She appears in Peach's Castle with the others when Luigi broke in to reveal the horrible news about Bob. She didn't believe it at first but was horrified to hear Bob's insults on her (calling her "Annoying Squid Girl (with a voice like screeching metal)"). She then forms a plan with the others to give him a lesson. Later, she helps get their back on Bob by being a guitarist and backup singer in Saiko singing Darkest Hour. Finally, at the end of the episode, she is seen in a bar celebrating with all her friends.

SMG4 Christmas 2018: The Most Important Thing

Meggy along with the group does not approve of Bob Bobowski's Christmas present, despite Bob reassuring her voice is almost as good as his. Now fed up, like the rest, she orders Bob to leave. However, later on, Meggy tells Bob that what he said at the mall was actually honest and kind, allowing them to forgive him.

SMG4: Mad Mario

In this episode, she makes a team with Tari and Saiko to steal internet from other people in motorcycles. They later end up helping Mario and SMG4 to recover all the internet from SMG3 after learning the truth about the internet drought.

SMG4: Mario's Big Chungus Hunt

In this episode, Meggy comes to Mario's rescue as his lawyer, and convinces Judge Chungus to allow Mario to be their salesman and saves him from being killed by the Chungus Tribe. The plan goes well until Judge Chungus fires him. Despite this, Mario doesn't say thank you. (Or him literally telling her "f*ck you" is just his way of trying to get a thanking across while in a bad mood. After all, he lost his position as a Lvl. 100 King and went back to a Lvl. 0 Crook.)

SMG4: Mario's Hell Kitchen

Meggy is on Team Spicy and put in charge of frosting. Bowser stops her from destroying his kitchen with ink a second time. Not liking that, she goes to the Time-Out zone alongside Mario. Later on, she tries saving SMG4 from the tentacle monster but is ultimately captured herself, forcing SMG4 to relent. Afterward, she follows Mario's assumption that Bowser died from how delicious their cake was, and Team Spicy was victorious. She celebrates her presumed victory with the rest of the team.

SMG4: Mario's Valentine Advice

Meggy gives romantic advice to Shroomy as he questioned whether his date was enjoying herself or not. Meggy tells Shroomy to tell his date how he feels and how nothing exciting will happen if he doesn't come out of his comfort zone. Motivated by Meggy's advice, Shroomy builds up the courage to tell his date that he couldn't take it anymore and that their relationship was going too fast for him. From this, Shroomy presumably ends his relationship with her and his date takes it well. The two then part ways peacefully as Meggy, alongside Mario and Luigi, look upon Shroomy with shock. Luigi comments on how love is complicated, Mario comments how love is dumb and Meggy facepalms herself and agrees with the two italian brothers on their sentiments.

SMG4: Super Challenge 64

Meggy`s got a challenge to cross over the water , she found a jetski and while she drove , shark attacked her , Meggy got her bazooka out and killed the shark ,but then the giant fish ate her and she re-spawned on the ground and failed the challenge.

SMG4: Mario's Prison Escape

Meggy appears along with Saiko and Tari with a truck, picking up Mario, Luigi, Bob and Fishy Boopkins as they escape the prison. She helps Luigi carry Mario into the truck, and spotted Swagmaster and Chris who were pursuing them, and unlike the others was not scared. She uses a gun to shoot Swagmaster, causing him to be unable to exclaim that his d*ck fell off, and complain that he can no longer fap. She proceeded to confront and kick Swagmaster when he caught up with them, causing him to hit the truck out of rage. She then panics alongside the others when Swag shoots a rocket at the truck, but is saved by Mario who deflected the shot with Boopkins.

The Anime Arc

Meggy is the main protagonist and plays a key role in the second half of the Anime Arc.

SMG4: Mario and the Anime Challenge

She appears at the start trying to train for Splatfest with Tari who was naturally running away. When asked to be the judge for the gang's anime battle, she gets flashbacks to SMG4: Mario waits for pizza and naturally refused, causing Tari to take her place, crossing her arms in annoyance that no one wants to train with her.

SMG4: Mario's Lemonade Stand

She appears at the beginning looking for Mario for her Splatfest training. Towards the end, she drives past the gang and, after seeing Mario runs him over. She tries to drag him off to train, but seeing that Mario was caught in a middle of a gang war, proceeds to scream in anger, calling both sides childish for fighting over a drink and insult Jeeves and Francis before taking Mario and Tari to her Splatfest training.

SMG4: Meggy's Bootcamp

In this episode, much like it's name, she aggressively tries to train Mario, Luigi and Tari to prepare for the upcoming Splatfest by giving them hard courses and drilling them like a sergeant, but when they fail, she gets angry at them. When she realises that Tari is upset and that the gang aren't deliberately failing, she gets sad and leaves to have some privacy on top of a roof of a building. When Mario, who followed her, asks her what's wrong, she admits that she hasn't won a single Splatfest and that she was mean to him and her friends, before breaking down crying. Mario comforted her by offering her the spaghetti that she bribed him with at the previous course, before Luigi and Tari appear and forgive her for her past behaviour. Meggy then trains them again by adapting the courses for eveyone's skills, which they pass much to her satisfaction.

After the training, she and her friends are ambushed by Desti and her minions, who proceed to steal their weapons and fly away in their helicopter, but not before Mario tries to stop them and fails. Meggy then announces that it's time to kick some Octoling ass.

SMG4: The Mario Showdown

Meggy, followed by Mario, Tari, and Luigi, break into Desti's hideout to get revenge. She demands that their weapons be returned, but Desti mocks them and responds by using her advanced NUT defense mechanism, sending the four flying out of the base. Meggy accuses Desti of cheating.

After getting a monster truck from Shroomy, Meggy plans to encounter Desti once again. She runs into SMG4 and his group returning from Japan. After reuniting with Saiko, she is introduced to Axol, who asks Meggy to help un-ban anime. At first she is against this, as she herself dislikes anime. She's convinced otherwise once she learns that Saiko would have to leave the Mushroom Kingdom as a result, as she believed that she only went on holiday.

Meggy, along with her friends, rush Desti while riding on Pokemon that Axol created using Inkweaver. They're able to ultimately knock down the Octoling. Cornered, Desti challenges Meggy to a 1v1, where the loser has to leave Splatfest. If Meggy wins, however, her weapons will be peacefully returned. Of course, Meggy agrees to this duel. During the countdown sequence, however, she unexpectedly throws her weapon at Desti, knocking her down. Meggy's friends quickly grab the stolen weapons and bolt out of there. Meggy taunts Desti before leaving, saying that even she isn't that stupid to accept that bet.

SMG4: Mario Saves Anime

At the start, she is seen cleaning her Splattershot when Luigi comes in with food which Meggy accepts. She is also seen when the gang comes in to hear Axol's plan. Axol recognises her as an inkling, and reveals that she can help. When he claims that he needs ink from his hometown, Inkopolis, Meggy appears to be shocked and curious. During the backstory, when Axol said that Inklings all hated anime, Meggy gets uncomfortable and says that it's probably in their DNA. She also consented to give Axol some of her ink, which caused her to become dizzy and apparently hurt while doing so. Later, Fishy Boopkins accidentally tells Francis that Inkling ink can power the pen, giving him an idea.

SMG4: The Splatfest Incident

Meggy is nowhere to be found for the Splatfest, causing her team to lose since Bob was her replacement and did nothing other than lay down. when the gang look in her apartment it is a mess with claw marks. A tell tale sign of foul play is Meggy's guns, which she would never voluntarily leave behind.

At the end of the episode, Meggy is seen inside a dark, empty room, chained to the wall. An unknown figure walks in and drops a plate of food. Meggy demands that she be released, but is ignored, the unknown figure gives her food and refreshments and then leaves the room.

SMG4: The Inkling Disappearances

Callie opens the episode by revealing that after the disappearance of Meggy, several other Inklings have gone missing, including Marie.

An anime character (Dabi) walks in and handcuffs her. She is brought outside her cell room and is horrified at the sight of many Inklings trapped inside large tubes. Meggy is dragged along until she discovers Axol, who is also chained in a prison room, meaning he didn't kidnap her either.

SMG4: Mario and the Experiment

Axol greets a very surprised Meggy, until their true kidnapper reveals himself, none other than Francis. Meggy criticizes him and asks how he could kidnap Axol, the same person who had lifted the anime ban. When Axol is chocked by Mewtwo, Meggy is horrified and pleads Francis to stop. She is taken to a large room, where Francis reveals his true ambitions, which is to use The Ink Zuccer 2000 to extract the ink from a very special inkling. Francis believes she is the only inkling strong enough to survive the machine.

Meggy is nearly dropped into The Ink Zuccer 2000, until Desti's arrival prevents that from occurring. Meggy is surprised and disheartened to see her rival kidnapped as well. Desti reveals that she is going to rescue Meggy, and is able to kick Francis away. She uses Mewtwo's shots to break her cuffs, grabs Meggy, and the two run away from them. After being unable to find the exit, the two quickly hide in a room. Meggy reveals she's unable to transform into squid-form due to the handcuffs she has. Both girls hide in the locker, and barely manage to go un-spotted by Pikachu.

Desti is able to finally remove Meggy's handcuffs. Meggy however, questions why Desti, of all people, is helping her. Desti explains that she would not want her rival killed, but instead humiliated. Meggy then promises to someday return the favour. They decide to leave the room, and Desti tells Meggy that her friends are on the way to rescue them. They're interrupted when they hear Axol's voice from the room above. The girls break through and save Axol from the tormenting Goomba and Boo.

Suddenly an alarm goes off, and several Anime Cartel goons charge at the group. Meggy and Desti bet on who's going to get more kills, before jumping right into battle. The two successfully defeat the minions but are knocked out by Super Saiyan Goku. The episode ends with her being dropped into the Ink Zuccer 2000.

SMG4: World War Mario

Meggy is now inside the Ink Zuccer 2000 having her ink extracted by Francis. This causes her extreme pain, and her eyes to go glassy. But the extraction stops when Axol helps Desti trick Mewtwo into blows up the controls with a pipe, and this also destroys Mewtwo himself. Axol and Desti say that they'll get her out, but after all 3 hear the others scream, Meggy tells them both to go save them first. Once the gang enter the room, Meggy watches their battle helplessly, and is broken down in despair after seeing Desti die.

SMG4: Final Hours

After Desti's death, Mario and co mourn over her death while Meggy is inside the tube, devastated. Seeing Tari shaking her head to no chance of Desti waking up, her rage built up against Francis and she declared if she was able to be freed, she would go on a rampage on him no matter what. As the battle goes on with Francis distracted and Axol reclaiming his InkWeaver, Meggy tells Axol to use the last of her ink to save them since he is out, Saiko says it will kill her but then Meggy claims that if Axol doesn't do it, they will all die. With brief eye to eye, Axol had no choice but to activate The Ink Zuccer 2000, to which Meggy truly agrees with this tough decision. As the machine is activated again, Meggy screams in agony with her face cracking and all the ink is taken out of her body, Francis notices in panic and orders the Super Saiyan God to blast at the tube. He is stopped at first by Saiko, but then shoots again and succeds, exploding the machine with Meggy inside. Mario panics and begins searching the rubble for Meggy, while Axol uses her ink to gain 100% again to summon Shaggy to end the final battle.

After a long battle between Shaggy and Super Saiyan God and Francis defeated, the Super Saiyan God begins to self destruct, in which Shaggy immediately grabs Mario and co with Desti's corpse and takes them to safety on the boat. Axol order Shaggy to save th inklings, which he does, but then Mario freaks out about forgetting Meggy which Shaggy quickly flies back. But just as Sheggy gets there Anime Island explodes, with everyone in shock. Once again thinking Meggy did not make it, the team briefly mourn, until Shaggy appears holding someone, who is shown to be an anime-type girl. As she speaks, her voice is Inkling, and she is revealed to be Meggy herself, much to everyone's surprise. Mario points out how she doesn't look to good and causes her to freak out and faint.

Meggy is shown at the end during Desti's funeral walking with Desti's Splattershot. Stepping in the water, confirming that she is truly human, Meggy lays the gun down and has flashbacks, making her emotional. Everyone comforted her and cheered her up with Axol stating how Desti secretly admired her all the time. After feeling better, Meggy then pushes Desti's coffin and everyone gave her a final salute goodbye, Meggy then vows to Desti to win next years Splatfest as her final wish.


Like in 2 MILLION FAN COLLABERATION SPECIAL! (SSENMODNAR), Meggy appears in one of the many collabrations by fans.

These examples are:

  • MRCATTYWOLF: She shoots one of the Master Hands but didn't go as planned.
  • The Inverted Shadow: She shoots an octoling, whom attempted to stab her from behind.
  • ArtOfVinsanity: She shoots a bunch of targets and accidently hits Mario in the process.
  • LIZZIERATCICLE: She rides a skateboard and face palms herself after seeing Callie fall and whine about her injury.
  • TheBootlegScenary: She makes a minor appearance in a photo with her, Mario and a plate of spaghetti in the form of the 'boy looking at girl' meme. The format has Mario as the boy, Meggy as the girl next to him and spaghetti being the girl that is looked at.
  • SALRYKS: She is shown to be having a dream about a turf war where she is up against an unspecified team with her team, the splat squad.
  • TEM4TEM: She makes a couple of minor appearance in an animated sequence for the song Darkest Hour.
  • Notchimochi: She makes a minor appearance in an animated scene of a Hobo Bros. video called 'Super SMG4 Party FINALE (PART 2)', where she is shown to be working behind the counter of a smooth stand and rejecting an offer from Fishy Boopkins.
  • BruceBrush: She is shown to be sitting on a bench watching a fight between Mario and an inkling named Bruce take place. However, she leaves the game along with other bystanders as SMG4 arrived with a rocket launcher in hand.
  • SleepySwirly: She makes an appearance as part of a montage alongside Fishy Boopkins, Tari, Shroomy and SMG4.
  • GAMEJACK: She is shown to be with Tari, Mario and SMG4 and sent to another world. They all end up incurring Dio's wrath there and before they are clobbered by him, the 'to be continued' meme is initiated.

SMG4: Mario Does The Chores

She is seen cleaning the floor, having a difficult time because of her new body. She also throws the mop to Mario, by accident. He asks if he can help. She said that can mop it by herself. Meggy is also questioning how she will win the Splatfest if she can't mop the floor and complains about the new human body that she isn't used to it. She also says that it would have been easier if she was still an Inkling.

She thinks of how it could have gone if she was still an inkling. However, as shown it was probably still harder for her to mop the floor, to which Mario doesn't get it.

She also falls down when she tries to move. Mario tries to make her feel better and proposes to use the Splattershots filled with water to clean the room. He shows to her how to do it. She attempts to try to clean the room like that and it seemed to be much easier. Later Meggy throws up the Splattershot, however, get hit by it on her head. Mario encourages her by aking what she is going to do after she fell down. She responds that is gong to get back up. Mario to cheer her more asked for she was fighting for. Meggy responds that she is fighting for Desti. Mario asks how she is going to do that, which her responds that is going to splatter the entire castle to train. Then she fills the Splattershot with orange juice and starts shooting around, also thanking him for helping her get motivation.

She is seen at the end still splatting the castle.

SMG4: There's Something Up With Meggy...

She is shown building a tree house close to Peach's Castle. Later Luigi asked her if she was okay and that he thought that she will be training for Splatfest. After he said these words Meggy remembered about the event that happens in SMG4: World War Mario and the promise that she will win the Splatfest in name of Desti, going crazy and kicking Luigi out of the tree house. Then he brings Mario, whom the ladder thinks is fine. Mario then destroys the tree house and Meggy falls to the ground.

Meggy then chases the brothers with a Splat Roller and then throws a Splat Bomb at them. Mario and Luigi seek refuge in the castle, but Meggy's chase continues with her entering the castle with her car. Later, Mario approaches Meggy and hopes that he will calm her down. However, he ends up getting choke held and dragged away. Meggy then continues to chase Luigi, but when Meggy sees Tari's Rubber Duck, she gives up everything she had in order to get it. Mario then arrives in a wheelchair and suggests that she must have eaten a Poison Mushroom, but not long after Mario said that, he is barraged with coins from Meggy.

Luigi then deduces that the cause of Meggy's strange behaviour was her grief for Desti and Mario supports this theory, as he mentions how she started acting strangely when she noticed a sweater that Desti had worn prior to her death. They then say that they understand why she is upset. Mario tells her she shouldn't bottle up her emotions and Tari says that they know that Desti died one month ago. However, Meggy responds that it had nothing to do with it and that it was ages ago and that she got over that. She also retorts to them to stop saying she was upset and calls them jerks. However, she then breaks down and begins crying saying that she missed Desti and the gang decide to give Meggy a moment before paying her a visit.

At Meggy's apartment, she is crying on the sofa. Tari, Mario, and Luigi come in through the door and ask her if she feels better and if she wishes to talk about her situation. Meggy reveals that she indeed missed Desti and Tari comes to her side reassuring her that they also missed Desti, but that they could miss Desti together. Meggy then mentions her promise to Desti to win the Splatfest and that she felt so down that she couln't train for it at all. She is then hugged by Tari, where she tells her to give it time and that soon, she would get back into the swing of things.

Luigi then comes in and asks Meggy how to honour Desti's sacrifice. Luigi then states that they should live their lives as best as they can and that the only way they could disappoint Desti was if they didn't live their lives 110%. Then Meggy proudly declares that she will live her life to the fullest and that she will do that by training for Splatfest. Rememinding them that they would be on her team again, training harder to make Desti proud. Meggy then happily drags them into training and Mario, refusing to train, desperately mentions that the next Splatfest was ages away. However, she didn't care as they do so anyway.

SMG4: A Day In The Life Of Everyone

She is shown playing cops and robbers with Tari and Saiko.

SMG4: The Minecraft Plague

Meggy is first seen swimming with Fishy Boopkins, as being converted into a human has completely negated her weakness to water. A while later however, a minecraft block suddenly appeared next to Boopkins. The cube then started to convert the entire Mushroom Kingdom into a Minecraft likeness. To revert its effects, Meggy, Mario, and Luigi go to get help from Steve. Steve then sends them into the world of Minecraft, along with a crafting recipe for a gun that could revert everything back to normal

In the Minecraft world, she helped make the gun by gathering materials. Eventually, Mario used it with Steve (as Captain Steve) and they all go to celebrate.

SMG4: Smart Mario

In Smart Mario, Meggy explained that the SMG4 gang brought him here when Mario woke up. Later, her favorite weapon was snapped into two, which Mario helped to fix it. After a while, she was looking for something to eat when she came across a plate of frozen spaghetti, however the plate was sucked out by Mario's Spaget Succer 3000. When she arrived at Mario's house along with the SMG4 gang, she stated that the dumb Mario don't throw tantrums like that. Eventually, she and the others made Bob smart to take down Mario. When Mario got out and became his dumb self again, they all celebrated.

SMG4: The Big Bad Bully

She and Saiko tried to help Tari to stand up to Wario. Later on, they went over to check on her to see how she dealt with Wario, just to see that Wario was already defeated by Mario and SMG4. Wanting to spare Tari from further humiliation when she saw that Wario was defeated, they all lied that it was her who did so, pleasing her.

SMG4: Little Penguin Lost

She is first seen trying to get a new game of Super Woomy Adventures from Gamestop which was closed for the holidays. After Mario angers a mother penguin after throwing her baby off the cliff, the Mother falls for Meggy. She gets kidnapped by the mother penguin, mistaken as her child, and gets stuffed into a penguin suit. Mario rescues her, and they escape down a mountain, but land on an icy lake. As they spot the baby penguin on the shore, he hits the ice with a hammer, destroying all but the ice they stand on. Mario then orders pizza, and when Spiderman comes to deliver it, she helped in locking up the penguin. Mario and Meggy were both happy until they realized they were still stuck on the lake once everyone else leaves. She could only sigh as she ate the pizza with Mario.

SMG4: The Grand Festival

She is seen enjoying her time with Tari and Saiko at the festival. She then looks up in the sky, promising to win the final Splatfest for Desti.

SMG4: Meggy Moves In

After winning the final splatfest, Meggy has decided to move out of her old home due to Inkopolis being racist towards humans. She was sad for a moment that she'll miss her old home that she grew up in, but also became happy again how close she and her friends will be.

After looking inside of her house, Mario, Luigi, Tari and Meggy began unpacking her stuff and setting places where she wanted to be, Mario checks the basement and finds a little spider then kills it, however a bigger spider emerges into him, panicing and luring it out of the basement, destroying Meggy's furniture.

After a brief battle and gaining victorious killing the spider, Meggy is in shocked that all of her furniture was destroyed, Mario, Luigi and Tari then decided to find more furniture in public, stealing it in the process based on Meggy's suggestion while she cleans up her house.

Once she was satisfied, all of her friends come over to celebrate, having a look inside of her house, they were silent at first until SMG4 compliments it, along with the others joining in to like her new house (except Bob due to him being homeless). They all begin to party, while Meggy and Axol discussed on what she will do now, suggesting she may become a firewoman, or policewoman, but then decides to let life take her somewhere in the future.

Mario then hears the doorbell with Hal Monitor asking him that reports are heard all of the furniture in public are stolen, Mario lies and then gets set on fire, while the episode ends with everyone in a group picture.

SMG4: The Totally Legit Learning Show With SMG4

When SMG4 sings a song comparing short to tall, he uses Meggy as an example of "short" and she (along with Saiko) gets so mad that she roasted SMG4 with Saiko via a flamethrower.

SMG4: Officer Meggy

Mr. Monitor Teaches Meggy the ways of the law, eventually making Meggy a licensed officer by the end of the story, but still have much to learn.

The YouTube Arc

This is the arc where Meggy appears the least, being a supporting character this time around and only having major roles in two of the nine videos in the arc.

In SMG4: Mario gets [ W o k e ], she appears ordering some food when Mario runs past playing with the Youtube Remote. He hits the captions button, causing her voice to become English, to her shock. He then switches her voice to Japanese, before leaving. She is then seen again when Mario froze time, when he plays smash bros ultimate and wins (due to the girls being frozen). He then gloats over his victory and throws the remote at them, knocking them over.

In SMG4: Deleted, Meggy was one of the characters erased by SMG3. After Melony went into the video If Mario Was In... Splatoon, Meggy followed it. Melony fell on Mario's head, knocking him out while he was getting information about the Splatfests. Meggy slapped Mario repeatedly to wake him up. He did wake up, but he didn't know anything about Splatfests, and ignored Meggy when she tried to tell him about them. Meggy was then deleted.

Meggy was chosen to be the subject of certain scenarios in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020. She was taught how to cook with the help of Tari, but it did not work out very well to the extent that Meggy injured her. Feeling disappointed, Melony gives a hint to Meggy to use the flamethrower to cook the raw chicken lying in the table and succeeded.

After the challenge, Whimpu and Fishy Boopkins tried to make Meggy watch anime, causing her to have internal screaming. However, she somehow got impressed with the anime that Whimpu made her watch. A fight eventually broke out within Whimpu and Boopkins which Meggy eventually walked out from.

After the said events, she represented SMG4's Gang in the "Who can beat Steve" scenario. Hiding in a squid, she uses a multishot crossbow to shoot him but fails and drops her bow in the process. Knowing Steve's obsession with chickens, she held one hostage, just to realize that the chickens weren't her ally. She was defeated by the army of chickens afterward.

The most significant part came to play when SMG3 attempted to kill someone (presumably SMG4) with the YouTube Remote but Mario interferes by kicking him which made SMG3 slip his finger, pressing the Caption Ray instead which hit Meggy. This caused Meggy to have a human voice, which she eventually used to her advantage to sing and tell everyone to stop fighting and point out that SMG3 has been manipulating his gang the whole time. After the battle, her new voice was not reverted back to the original, and everyone, especially Saiko, liked the change.

SMG4: Food Wars

Meggy, thanks to Tari, got introduced to Candy and fell in love with it. After Peach left for vacation, the gang decided to put out a party. Tari and Meggy were about to put candy boxes on the main table when Shroomy told them that the pizza was supposed to be placed there. This sparked a debate within those who were invited, so Mario decided to kick the candy that Meggy was holding. Fueled with rage, She brings out a chainsaw, and an all-out war begins, where her team wins.

The next day, Meggy spied on Mario's team to see what they are up to, and alerts her team. Another battle begins which caused the pizza cart to crash in the main hall, creating a giant mess. Peach comes home after having a vacation and saw the mess SMG4's Gang made, ticking her off and activating her B U F F form (which means transforming into Saxton Hale). Meggy unites with Mario, defeats the Princess, and fixes the rift between the two sides. Immediately after, Bowser brings in Chinese food, causing the two of them to look at him in rage.

SMG4: If Mario Was In Meta Runner

Meggy plays a role in Tari's weird dream as Sophia, a member of MD5 that aims to take down Bob (Lucks) and his company TASCORP by glitching their way into the servers, which didn't end well.


Meggy was at Rob's place with the gang for a Halloween party, when things unexpectedly got out of hand. Models of seemingly untextured clones of themselves appeared out of nowhere. Meggy, being the girl she always was, pushed back and managed to defeat her clone, saving both Whimpu and herself. She was at a house with Mario, Whimpu and the untextured Fishy Boopkins, hiding from their friends' clones. Mario, being so dumb, that he even attacked the untextured Boopkins, ignoring Meggy's words. Later, Mario used her as a bat for last resort, headbutting Clone Luigi's head and No-no square. She threw Whimpu out of the house and encouraged him to save the gang. Both Meggy and Mario were defeated. However, their taste of defeat didn't last long and were saved by Whimpu and E. Gadd.

SMG4: Cooking with Mario & Bowser: World Tour

Meggy is back in Inkopolis teaching Mario and Bowser how to cook the city's signature meals. Like most of the meals she cooked before, the dish she made was a disaster. Heck, she didn't even cook them yet. She replaced the dish with a cup of chicken noodles, but Bowser saw it and was disappointed. Meggy got sad, but Mario was there to cheer her up by giving her a "You tried" sticker, making her happy again.

SMG4: Mario's Mask Of Madness

Meggy was reading a newspaper when Luigi, wearing Mario's Mask of Madness, acted weirder than usual. Meggy checked him out and decided to stop him because Luigi hit Mario in his no-no square badly. The mask was removed from Luigi, so it finds a new body to infest. The mask's next target was unclear; but when Meggy was pushed out, it was clear that Axol was the next target.

Meggy tries to stop him but eventually got hit by a Beeg SMG4 Mask, turning her into a fat gurl. Fortunately, Melony got hit by an anime mask and was able to beat Axol with a slap. Given his opportunity, he saved Meggy and the others. The Mask finds Meggy as her final victim. She eventually became retarded, so the team tried to stop her and succeeded. Everything turns to normal... but due to Melony still wearing the mask she equipped, the episode ends with her saying Well... almost everything.

SMG4: Meggy's Part-Time Job

Meggy's plans of visiting Port Aurora comes to a halt when she had to pay for the properties that Mario destroyed. Meggy decided to get a part-time job as a babysitter to get money, and the first child she had to take care of was JubJub.

JubJub eventually started causing trouble in her home which eventually made her call on Shroomy for help. It worked out at first, but Meggy, the horrible cook she is, summoned a demon which in return called in Anti-Shroomy. Meggy, worried about what may happen to JubJub, defended him from Anti-Shroomy and was flushed through the toilet.

Everything was supposed to go back to normal until Anti-Shroomy somehow broke free and defeated Meggy. Turns out, it was all a misconception because Anti-Shroomy's intent was to just teach JubJub how to use a shotgun. JubJub fell asleep and Meggy succeeded in babysitting her first customer with Shroomy's help. Who's Meggy's next customer? Well, she probably had to prepare for hell for the next one, literally.

SMG4 Christmas Special 2020

She appears hanging up decorations in Peach's Castle along with Fishy Boopkins. She gets disgusted by the anime decorations Boopkins puts up, and they end up fighting each other. However, both realize that they've gone too far, and agree to have both of their decorations up.

SMG4: The Intruder...

She appears with Saiko and Fishy Boopkins. When Fishy Boopkins says that she's been looking down lately, she replies saying that she has trouble finding something that she's passionate about. Suddenly, Bob crashes into Meggy and Saiko. When Axol says that something is too powerful, she and Saiko put on a fighting pose. When a bee shows up, she along with Saiko laughs, and states that if they're too scared then they'll have to leave it up to them. She and Saiko stare at each other in a fighting pose before fighting the bee. She then attempts to squash the bee to kill it. When the bee is still alive, she calls for a special attack which is actually the Special Attack from Persona 5, when suddenly they (Meggy, Saiko, and Fishy Boopkins) suddenly fail to kill the bee they become shocked. When Fishy Boopkins asks her what they'll do now. She pulls out her phone and calls Swagmaster and Chris. She later reappears in a blocked room with the others. She is seen holding her Splattershot while looking at Saiko with a concerned face. In the ending, she along with the others cheer for SMG4 when he gets rid of the bee. However, she screams along with everyone else when a beehive falls on SMG4's head.

SMG4: The Resurrection

She appears as one of Mario's team members going to Aelion to resurrect Greg The Alien.

SMG4: Mario VS Youtubers

She appears having a co-major role in the plot, trying to help Mario win in a tournament against other YouTubers. Surprised that Mario won the tournament with his bare ahands, she left for home disheartened. She is seen having an existential crisis for not finding a passion she is good at, and finds moving on after Splatfest difficult.

SMG4: The Pursuit of Happiness

Meggy appears as the main protagonist here. Her friends find her recreating the win she got at the Splatfest. When her friends ask her that she did already win, she begins to feel insecure, and asks everyone what she is supposed to do now. While her friends talk about her needing a job, she looks at a plate of spaghetti and decides its fine and eats it, much to Mario's happiness. Saiko then tells her shortly afterwards that her friends are looking for jobs for her. Meggy acts insecure again, and says she believes she doesn't fit any of the jobs. When Shadow Meggy shows up behind her she got scared and quickly asks her friends to find her a job.

She is now seen being a chef and then puts on a cool looking pose, and then pulls up a cup of noodles, then Mario slaps them away, much to her sadness. Later, she is seen with an oven near Peach's Castle, and Mario and Luigi are scared to give her the food due to her poor cooking skills. Luigi then imagines her angrily kicking and pressing the button multiple times, before burning the forest. It then cuts to the present, and Meggy waves Luigi "hi". Meggy then attempts to turn on the oven, making Luigi even more scared, and eventually runs off with his cart, and crashes into a tree and kills himself in the process. Meggy turns the stove on correctly and says that she "nailed it". Later on when it is time to cook the meat, she then reenacts the opening to the part including the opening song BLOODY STREAM, as she tries to slice the meat like a ninja, only to accidentally slice Mario instead.

Her second job is being an online influencer, and SMG4 teaches her how to livestream. Later on, she is doing the actual livestream, and is surprised when she got $50 and is curious about the link so she clicks on it, and got surprised whatever she saw there, and SMG4 turns off the stream. She is then trying to create a meme, and posts it on Twitter, and got really sad when Swagmaster said it was cringe, and was surprised when Mario posted a tweet that has a lot of likes. She then made a BuzzFeed article about topping on a pizza and got cancelled as a result and then when she has to go to the Cancelled Dimension, much to her shock.

Her third job is being a waitress, and she tries to take SMG1 and SMG2's order. She got surprised when the two kept bugging her about the number four, and flipped the table, she then gets concerned about them getting hurt, but SMG1 and SMG2 keep bugging her about the number 4, and she screams out of there. Later she is seen trying to carry a bowl of food to the Gourmet Guy, and survived being crushed by the shy guy as a result. Meanwhile, a Karen Goomba yelled at her and everyone annoyed her so much that she burned the restaurant in rage.

Her fourth job is being a rapper, and she is seen joining Bob into the rap, and she gets pretty disgusted at the lyrics, so she came up with her own lyrics. Bob then chastises her for going against her lyrics, and gets into a rap battle with Meggy. She wins the rap battle that saying that when was that last time Bob's parents called him, much to Bob's sadness.

Her fifth and final job is being a farmer. She then tries to grow a seed using Clorox, and succeeded. Later on the corn grew and turned into a monster and runs off, she then sees a Fire Flower and burns the corn monster, but the corn monster got scared and runs off, burning the corn. She angrily said that she can't do anything right, and runs off.

She goes back to the house and throws her chalkboard out the window, and starts crying. Shadow Meggy then shows up and knows that she can't do anything right. Meggy attempted to fight her, and Shadow Meggy then disappears and Shadow Meggy then tells her she's bad at everything, and told her to give up. Meggy then wakes up, and her friends show up with a ticket to Port Aurora and it is revealed that her friends got the money she made and bought her the ticket. She is then appreciative about it, and apologizes to yelling at her friends, and got interrupted mid-sentence as SMG1 and SMG2 say the the day of reckoning is among them, and Meggy immediately wanted to go after seeing that.

My New Adventure.

Meggy is seen on a boat at the beginning, and Shadow Meggy tells her that she couldn't do anything right, much to her sadness. It cuts back to the present, and her friends watch her leave, and Tari cries, wanting Meggy to take the rest of the gang with her, Luigi then does the same. Meggy then tries to cheer them up, saying that it's just a vacation, and she'll be back before they know it. She wishes that she could take her friends with her, but then tells a speech to her friends about her purpose in life. Luigi then takes a photo and she leaves, saying goodbye to her friends, and it cuts to the boat, and she is feeling confident. The rest of the episode is her in the Sunset Paradise style.

SMG4: Mario's Bed and Breakfast

She is mentioned in the beginning where Mario looks at some loans that Bob took out under her name, and that she'll be homeless if she doesn't pay them. Mario then imagines Meggy being homeless, with Bob as her neighbor and panics. Later on, Mario looks at her baby pictures, and mocks her about it, and these are used by SMG4 to entertain the audience (the Nostalgia Critics,) who laugh about it. At the ending, Meggy calls Mario and Bob, who tell her house is fine, and mentioned her cat, scaring Mario and Bob.

SMG4: The Quest for RTX

Meggy appears in a Discord call, and waves hi to her friends, and said she missed them so much, but in mid-sentence, she starts glitching, and the computer is then broken. She appears again in the ending once the gang find a new graphics card, and got surprised when the rest of the main cast told her she is in HD (RTX). When Tari asks her how's her vacation, she tells everyone the events of the Sunset Paradise pilot. SMG4 then tells her that the fans have been missing her, much to her confusion, and suggests she stream with them.

SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special

While in Port Aurora, she comments on how she feels like she's missing something. Mario replaces her with Heavy Squid in the 10 year celebration, much to her disgust in her reaction stream.


In an alternate timeline and skit shown in this episode in which Desti survives, Meggy, while still having turned human, managed to win the final Splatfest with Desti. She unexpectedly gets impaled by the false Sephiroth that failed to kill Desti, who takes her beanie as a memento and proceeds to battle Sephiroth to avenge her fallen friend. As her death takes place in an alternate version of Meggy's Destiny, the events of The YouTube Arc haven't happened yet and thus Meggy never gained Lizzie Freeman's voice before being killed.

SMG4: She's Back!

Meggy returns back to the Mushroom Kingdom and spends time with each gang member to catch up on what happened while she was gone, with Bob revealing her home being a hotel, Saiko binging on KFC and having some secrets, Axol's crush on Melony, Tari's dentists trauma and Spanish lessons, SMG4 explaining the Genesis arc (by reading from this wiki) and Shroomy's extended family. She then talks to Mario about what her new goal in life is: to become a sports coach.

Genesis Arc

SMG4: The Day HE Arrived.

Meggy is seen alongside the rest of the SMG4 gang, outside of the castle and observing SMG0's USB.

SMG4: Doomsday but Mario is Okay

Meggy and the gang reside in an underground bunker. In the said bunker, she and Mario decide to look for food. However, they come up empty-handed and they soon fight over Fishy Boopkin's chocolate bar, where both sides are put into time-out by Saiko. Even in time-out, the two continue to fight and in the heat of the moment, Meggy bites Saiko's hand as it was carrying the chocolate. From there, chaos ensued, and the bunker slowly drifted into madness. However, amidst the chaos, Tari suddenly realises that they had forgotten Luigi and immediately alerts everyone about the mishap and puts the chaos on halt for a moment.

SMG4: The Final Piece

Meggy and the rest of the smg4 crew stand up to Zero, as to prevent him from killing Mario. However, their efforts were in vain as Zero was able to quickly subdue and apprehend the gang, as well as capture Mario. Zero then goes on to begin the process of creating his universe.

SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2021

Meggy and the rest of the smg4 crew are freed from their shackles by SMG1 and SMG2 and are then ordered by them to quickly release Mario from his crystal. SMG4 then has everyone jump into a canon and the gang is sent flying into Zero's developing universe, with Meggy declaring to Mario that they were "coming for him". Upon entering, they are then presented with challenges submitted by fans for WOFTI, where SMG4 presumes that they must beat them to get to Mario.

After beating the many challenges, the gang is then faced by Zero, who creates a shadow clone of Mario to kill them. Everyone starts to panic, but Melony snaps them out of it with some motivational words. From there, a rap battle ensues and Meggy plays a core part in the chorus. The gang is then able to defeat Shadow Mario and free the real Mario. The gang are then able to hold down Zero long enough for Melony to strike the finishing blow on Zero. However, the cost of defeating Zero was Axol's life, and so the rest of the SMG4 could do nothing as Melony grieved over him.

As the dust settled, the smg4 crew decides to visit Melony after a couple of days and alongside everyone else, Meggy tells her that she would be available if Melony ever wanted to talk. The gang then expresses to Melony how they all missed Axol and how much of an impact he had on their lives, where Meggy states that it was Axol who helped her be comfortable with who she was. Later, when asked what she was drawing, Melony states that she was trying to finish Axol's Two Piece manga. Upon being informed, the gang then decide to give suggestions on what to add to the series. When Saiko mentions adding action to the series, Meggy reveals that she enjoyed Axol's action manga. The episode then ends with the gang continuing to give suggestions to Melony.

SMG4: Mario has a BBQ but he's not invited

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SMG4: To Become A God

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SMG4: If Mario Was In.... SQUID GAME

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SMG4: Studying for Exams...But you're friends with Mario

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SMG4: Mario Does Literally Anything For Views

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Revelations Arc

SMG4: Mario Goes To College

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SMG4: If Mario Was Spiderman

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SMG4: Mario Suffers Infinite Detention

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SMG4: Absolute Betrayal

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SMG4: If Mario Was In... Sonic Movie 2

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SMG4: Welcome To Mario MartTM

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SMG4: The Mario Documentary

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SMG4: The Cursed Tapes

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Role in SMG4 Movie: Meggy's Destiny

Meggy serves as the titular main protagonist of the movie. The movie focuses on her difficulties accepting her change in species, and her refusal to use E. Gadd's 'Ink Boi,' designed to grant humans inkling abilities. Because of this, she struggles through each section of the Splatfest, often outmatched by both the other inklings and her friends due to their Ink Bois. however she still manages to keep up with help from her friends, until they lose in one of the last rounds. Meggy becomes very sad about this, and begins to realise how racist Inkopolis is, as nearly every shop or fun attraction refuses to serve humans or let them use it. Axol then convinces her to try out the Ink Boi, and with her regained confidence she led the team to win the Splatfest after Mario finds the winning team cheated. Meggy then finally makes peace with her inkling self and accepts the fact that she's a human. She felt that, since she finished Splatfest, she closed the book on that part of her life, and started a new chapter with her friends.

Sunset Paradise

Meggy serves as the protagonist of the series, helping the local deputy Auri Bori stop the baddies of Port Aurora from their evil misdoings. She hunted down the Spud Buds and captured Whisk with help from Auri. However she and her partner got falsely blamed by the Funky Force and the villains they captured were released by either Benedict, their boss, or Whisk. Benedict killed her and Auri, or so they thought. Apparently they survived in the vacuum that trapped the Spud Buds because it was made of titanium. The two were ready to get back at the criminals. They captured the Spud Buds again, got through Whisk and saved the mayor. They stole the Funky Fource's van to get to the lighthouse. The Funky Force were gonna fire their technique called the "Funky Flare", but the mayor took the hit instead. Meggy and Auri were the only ones who survived that when the mayor helped but he wasn’t so lucky. They climbed the lighthouse to finish Benedict once and for all. Once they reached the tower, Benedict stood in their way. The two got past Benedict and climbed to the top. Benedict then started shooting at Auri until Meggy arrived at the top. Benedict then charged a laser, preparing to kill Meggy. Auri then jumped into the laser, preventing it from reaching Meggy. Upon being shot, Auri falls to the ground, coughing, with Meggy crying while telling him that they're going to get through this. Auri then dies, giving Meggy even more motivation to kill Benedict. She leaps up into the air, only to be stopped by Whisk. The two girls then have a fight at the top of the lighthouse, resulting in a win for Meggy. The Phoenix Egg then hatched, reviving Auri. Meggy and Auri then make their way down the lighthouse. Meggy then spends some time with Auri at the beach, and takes a picture with him with her before she goes home the next day.


Meggy Livestreams

Meggy's appearance in Stream

Sometimes, Meggy has done streams, but mainly with a different model as she uses the RTX model from SMG4: The Quest for RTX. She also has done a Q&A and reveals that she has an addiction to noodles, and the age reveal that she was 19 years old (and also it was revealed that she was 15 at her debut). In her first stream, she answers some questions, and reacted to memes and fanart, and did a few lines of karaoke. In her reaction to the 10 Year Anniversary Special, which is her second ever stream, she is concerned about Mario and her friends, and expresses deep concern for him whenever he was corrupted by SMG0. However, she breathes a sigh or relief when it is revealed her friends are okay.

Powers and Abilities

power level: A

  • Transformation (formerly): Like all Inklings, Meggy had the ability to transform into a squid when she was over a large ink covered area of her same color. She appears to have lost this ability after her transformation into a human.
  • Martial Arts/Hand-to-hand Skill: Meggy is shown to know some form of unarmed combat. In SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus, she used her martial arts skills to fight back against the T-Pose zombies. Unfortunately, it proved futile and ends up infected anyway, as she can't take the blame. In SMG4: Wild, Wild Mario, she roundhouse/spin kicks a cowboy in a saloon who is threatening Shroomy. In SMG4 Christmas 2017: The XMAS Discovery, using full effort in rage, she was able to perform an uppercut so strong it sent Waluigi into the roof. (Waluigi would later unintentionally return the favor by making her his minion later acquiring the power of a god in SMG4: The Mario Convention!.) In SMG4: The Mario Mafia, she was able to channel her inner Johnny Lawrence and sweep Wendy’s leg before kicking her out a window. SMG4: Mario School Club revealed that she knows Karate, as she ran a Karate club for her friends. In Sunset Paradise, she beat up a shark underwater without sustaining an injury. During Meggy's Debut Stream! 🔴, she revealed that she has been practicing Taekwondo alongside Saiko Bichitaru, and is currently at a yellow belt.
  • Disarming: In SMG4: The Mario Mafia, she has no problem disarming Wendy's multiple weapons one after the other. (Even disarming 2 swords with 1 bullet)
  • Inhuman Accuracy: Meggy is shown to practically hit any target at any range. In SMG4: Final Fantasy Mario; When Meggy received her Fire gun, she successfully hit multiple targets - most of which she did while looking at her phone. In SMG4: The Mario Carnival she managed to hit large numbers of targets with extreme efficiency and accuracy, going on par with Tari before being bested by her on "power drive mode". In SMG4: Wild, Wild Mario, she hit a bucket across a small town and knocked it down to prevent DK from escaping. In SMG4: Stupid Mario Sports Mix, she hit multiple bull-eyes in the archery competition. In The Mario Channel: MARIO'S CHALLENGE; she aced Mario's bulls-eye challenge - a feat that was so amazing, Heavy attempted to prove she was cheating somehow, only to be disqualified when he used his Minigun in a fit of rage. In SMG4: New Year, New Mario; she managed to hit the stop button on a microwave from the other end of a large kitchen by accurately throwing a fork in a shuriken-fashion. The only ones who surpass her in sharpshooting are Tari and Shroomy.
  • Weapon Mastery: Ranged: Meggy is shown to have an instant mastery of nearly any ranged weapon.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Meggy has shown to be able to withstand strenuous challenges with ease. In If Mario was in... Splatoon 2, Meggy is more than able to pick up the difficulty, while Mario only wants to get some food. However, this is because Mario is one of the most unfit characters in the series. She is also capable enough to survive Francis’ Ink Zuccer 2000 long enough before it was destroyed, albeit with permanent results. She can also withstand a tank collision to a wall and survived a crushing of a giant bowl after the contents were eaten by Gourmet Guy.
  • High Intelligence: Meggy is not only athletic—she is shown to be quite smart as well. In SMG4: Mario University, she is able to quickly deduce that the culprit who trashed the campus kitchen was SMG4 and not Mario because the culprit threw a plate of spaghetti away. She was also one of the only people who didn't go to university for money. She also is shown to be a quick thinker in SMG4: Final Fantasy Mario where she used Mario and SMG4's powers in order to defeat Saiko. In SMG4: The Mario Showdown, where she and Desti go on a one-on-one duel, and where she tricks Desti by throwing her Splattershot at her and made her distracted, while she got her friends to get back her guns afterwards. (The following is only a hypothesis) However, it seems that hanging around the other idiots has had an effect on her intelligence, because she has started to increasingly have more retarded moments and quote more memes and even going "derp-eyes" once (albeit due to Tari violently shaking her in excitement), though she is still significantly more intelligent than a lot of the others, even if her IQ has dropped a little since she first met Mario.
  • Vocals: Meggy has shown off her vocal skills during the rap battles in SMG4: War of the Fat Italians 2017 and SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018. In SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020, her voice was permanently changed during the rap after SMG3 accidentally pressed the closed captions button when Mario kicked him, improving her voice in later videos.
  • Bilingualism: In SMG4 Shorts: Meggy Learns Japanese, she was taught how to speak Italian by Mario. This is debatable, as Saiko Bichitaru said Mario was only speaking gibberish.
  • Swimming: After turning human, in SMG4: The Minecraft Plague, she appears to be good at it.
  • Guns: It's not really a power, but as an Immortal, Meggy has access to a wide variety of guns.


Though Meggy has many physical abilities and is extremely agile, she also has equally as many weaknesses:

  • Water (formerly): Due to her Inkling physiology, Meggy doesn't have the ability to swim in water and will dissolve on contact with it. Since Meggy is now a human, she is no longer affected by this weakness as of SMG4: The Minecraft Plague, since she can be seen swimming.
  • Overconfidence: She tends to overestimate what she is capable of, especially in combat situations. In Stupid Mario Sports Mix, she blindly jumped into the pool in the swimming section, only to drown and die (though she respawned). In The T-Pose Virus she attempted to recklessly fight off a small group of T-Pose Zombies alone. It seemed to be going well for a few moments, but then she was completely overwhelmed and joined their ranks. In SMG4: Mario's Prison Escape, she attempted to kick Swag master 69696969696 in the face, only for him to then respond "ow that hurt you thot" "Time to teach you a lesson in ass-whooping" right before he swung at the gang's escape truck so hard he almost made it steer into a crash.
  • Anime: She has a big fear of it, though this is implied to be more a result of her upbringing in Inkopolis than personal hatred, as Axol was heavily bullied throughout his childhood for liking anime. According to 🔴 (LIVE) Meggy Plays Friday Night Funkin! (SMG4 Mods), her innate reasons for hating anime were the pointy chins and the huge eyes.
  • Poor Cooking: Like Mario, she is terrible at cooking, to the point Bowser made sure that she would not cook after what happened in Bob's house.
  • Noodle Addiction: Meggy has eaten noodles her entire life which led to her poor cooking and the fact that Tari and Saiko convinced her to quit noodles but then Axol cooked some noodles, Meggy relapsed, and SMG4's Gang had to help her with her addiction.
  • Overdosing on Energy Drinks: Trying to study for exams had gotten her and melony tired with hours left to study so they both drank litter worth of Energy Drinks which boost their energy enough to study for the entire night. Unfortunately, this ends up backfiring as they both pass out from sheer tiredness and lack of Energy drinks left. It also causes Meggy to go Full Sugar rush and ends up in a box with a pineapple and a tattoo and/or possibly Urinary Incontinence.
  • Depression (formerly): Ironically one of Meggy's greatest weaknesses is herself. She has a tendency to doubt herself and her own decisions ever since her transformation and the loss of Desti. This culminated in SMG4: The Pursuit of Happiness, in which her anxiety and trauma manifested as Shadow Meggy, kickstarting the events of Sunset Paradise, the ending of which has Meggy making peace with her demons, and moving forward with her life.
  • Mind Control: Meggy has been brainwashed before, which is clearly evident in episode Saturday Night Funkin' of Sunset Paradise which her mind was altered by the Funky Fource into attacking Auri. She only broke out of this control after the jukebox was that aided in the brainwashing was destroyed indirectly.

Criminal Record

Although she has a good moral compass, she had committed some crimes during her appearances.


Click on "Show Trivia" to see a list of Meggy Spletzer Trivia.

  • She's currently been an Inkling in 51 episodes and a human for the rest of the series.
  • She's the first female modern main character.
  • Many SMG4 fans are arguing that Meggy is now a human, just because of her current appearance, however, Inklings are composed of ink, an excessive amount of her ink was extracted (leaving less ink to compose her body) and Meggy's extraction process was interrupted by Super Saiyan God Goku, otherwise she would have died.
    • However, it has been confirmed in a Hobo Bros video that Meggy is human.
  • Even though she is in human form, Meggy had an Inkling voice until SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020 where she is voiced by Lizzie Freeman from 2020 to 2022 and later Elsie Lovelock in 2022.
  • Like Tari and Belle Fontiere, Meggy uses recycled voice clips similar to Mario and Luigi rather than constantly recording new ones. This is due to the fact that their voice actors are usually busy voicing their characters for the animated series, so it's more convenient for them to leave behind prerecorded voice lines for the SMG4 series to use.
  • Luke and Kevin made the character to celebrate Splatoon 2's release.
  • Her dream career is a lawyer. However, her goal is to become an athlete. As a result, she enrolled at the Mushroom University and got a degree in law. Meanwhile, she competed in and won the final Splatfest in SMG4 Movie: Meggy's Destiny. Her sense of justice and athleticism could provide the basis of her character trait in Sunset Paradise.
  • Her eyes are sometimes discolored in some scenes in two episodes. In "If Mario was in Splatoon", her eye color in the thumbnail and the majority of the episode was green, but was the pink/purple-ish color it is now fairly frequently in that episode as well. Her eye color also changed to various other colors but for much shorter duration. In the 2 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS SPECIAL (SSENMODNAR), Meggy's eye color is green again in one scene like it was in "If Mario Was in Splatoon", probably an error due to the creator of that scene still thinking Meggy's eye color was green because of her debut appearance, since the scenes were fan-made and not made by SMG4 with the exception of the beginning and end.
  • Meggy was the only female member of her team until SMG4: Meggy's Bootcamp revealed that her old teammates left and new replacements were made, with Tari being one of them.
  • Her shoes are sometimes depicted with the Punk Cherries instead of the Octoling Boots on some thumbnails of the videos she appears.
  • Meggy becomes the second-best rock seller in SMG4: The Mario Hustle, after Saiko Bichitaru.
  • Aside from occasional moments of teasing, Mario treats Meggy with far more respect than literally anyone else, and shows a great amount of care for her and is concerned about her well being, even going out of his way to help her when he first met her. This originally made Meggy the only friend Mario loved unconditionally until he met Tari, who became the second. Meggy, in fact, helped improve Mario's compassion towards Luigi and even Boopkins.
  • She is unable to swim in Stupid Mario Sports Mix. This is most likely a reference to Splatoon, where Inklings would dissolve if they touched water, leaving their clothes behind. However, SMG4 hasn't shown this to be the case with Meggy or any other Inklings, as Meggy is fine in the water when she's in a floaty, and she uses water in other instances as well.
    • This also occurred in SMG4: Super Challenge 64. However, it’s possible that now she is a human she’s capable of swimming. (Or at least not being erased by water.)
  • She doesn't like watching anime and has to be dragged by her feet to be made to watch some.
    • Ironically, in Meggy's Debut Stream! 🔴, she admits that she enjoys playing as Toon Link, Chrom and Ike which she refers to as "anime sword fighters".
  • Her voice seems to alternate from Callie's to Marie's and sometimes an Octoling (rival/enemy variant), possibly because SMG4 wanted to give her some variety when she talks.
  • When she was auditioning in The Smash 5 Trials, she was unable to reach the first platform and gave up (contradicting her competitive personality) due to the platforms being far, far higher than she could physically jump. Mario helped her by throwing her to each platform. Master Hand considered Mario's help illegal but allowed it anyway.
  • In SMG4: Mario and The Diss Track, during Saiko’s song, “Darkest Hour”, Meggy can be heard singing in some of the lines.
  • Unlike most recurring characters, such as Bob and Boopkins, Meggy did not reside in the Mushroom Kingdom, but in Inkopolis. This is confirmed in SMG4: Stupid Mario Tennis Aces and SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018. This could be why (story-wise) she is in fewer videos than the former two.
  • She often gets called an Octopus, despite Inklings and Octarians having evolved from two different species.
  • She has only sworn a few times throughout the series. She swears in SMG4: Final Fantasy Mario during the fight scene against Saiko where she says "Oh Sh*t" in the heat of battle, SMG4: Mario waits for pizza after she fake sneezed one of Fishy Boopkins DVD players and he said he has like 100 more of them and Meggy said "Holy Sh#t!", and SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus where she says "F**k Off" as she kicks away T-Pose Infected SMG4, SMG4: There's Something Up With Meggy... when she chases Mario and Luigi and screaming "What's up, b*tches!", and SMG4: Meggy's Part-Time Job where she says "Ah, sh*t, here we go again." when her second customer was a Demon Eye, and in SMG4 - The Resurrection, where she says "Ayy none of that sh*t" before attacking a monster, and in SMG4: Studying for Exams...But you're friends with Mario, where she says f*ck while drinking energy drinks. These instances are rare and more recent, perhaps due to her picking up habits unintentionally from Mario and the others since they swear multiple times in one episode.
    • Upon seeing this in a Hobo Bros video, Luke and Kevin claimed that Meggy doesn't swear. This evidently proves to be false especially in SUNSET PARADISE - EP 2: The Silence of the Yams, where Meggy almost swears twice, but was cut off mid-curse the first time and the scene switched perspectives the second time.
  • As seen in SMG4: Mario and the Bob Mansion..., she becomes incredibly trigger-happy when somebody says "paint".
  • She was thought to be 14 years old, since, in Splatoon, Inklings canonically gain the ability to morph into squid form by age 14; however, in Can He Guess Our SMG4 Characters!? (Akinator), Luke and Kevin Lerdwichagul played Akinator and when the program asked if she was above 18 years of age, the two paused and stated they didn't know, thereby making her age completely unknown.
    • The Hobo Theatre episode "SMG3 Prepares for WotFI 2020" implies she is under 18 years of age, as Luke threatened to call To Catch A Predator host Chris Hansen after Kevin touches Meggy inappropriately and that he will be incarcerated for it. Additionally, she has been referred to as a "loli" by Shroomy in SMG4: Mario School Club, a Toad in SMG4: Mario The Supreme Leader, and Rob the Scarecrow in SMG4: Food Wars and "kiddo" by Mr. Monitor in SMG4: Officer Meggy.
    • In a later Hobo Bros. video where Luke and Kevin read this very Wiki page, Kevin reads that her age is unknown and states that it will be kept this way. Luke almost announces her age, but the video is cut off.
    • In Meggy Answers Your Questions..., Meggy's age was finally revealed, being 15 in her debut appearance in 2017 and aging in real-time, thus currently making her 19.
      • This makes Meggy and SMG4 the only major original characters to age in real-time, as SMG4 is a real person and thus ages in real life.
  • She didn't know what Christmas was until SMG4 Christmas 2017: The XMAS Discovery, because apparently it isn't celebrated in SMG4's Inkopolis, despite in the Nintendo Canon "Squidmas" in the actual Splatoon game.
  • She's a terrible cook, even to the point of burning down a whole mansion (Bob's mansion), albeit with the aid of flamethrowers and gasoline. Mario, Bowser, Tari and Melony have all attempted to teach her how, but only Melony was successful despite being inanimate.
  • Unlike most of the people subjected to the T-pose Virus, who seemed to lose consciousness as shown by Bowser saying "What happened?" and SMG4 asking "What's going on?" at the end of SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus, showing that they had no recollection of the past several minutes when the virus was active, Meggy appeared to have some degree of consciousness, albeit perhaps very limited, while she was a T-pose zombie, as betrayed by the fact that her expression changed slightly and she shed a single tear when Tari hugged her and cried rather than attacking her mindlessly like the others would in SMG4: Mario and the Waluigi Apocalypse and how at the end of the first T-pose plague she said "that was weird", perhaps suggesting that she was aware enough to realize that being a T-pose zombie was weird. This could perhaps be due to her having higher intelligence and being much less brain-dead under normal circumstances than the majority of the other characters.
  • She and Saiko have the same singing voice actor.
    • However, this is false now that Meggy is voiced by Lizzie Freeman from 2020 to 2022 and later Elsie Lovelock as of 2022.
  • In SMG4: Mario and The Diss Track, Bob said that her voice was like screeching metal in his diss track.
  • Despite being on several video thumbnails, Meggy does not appear in any of the videos on The Awesome Mario channel.
  • In SMG4: Super Challenge 64, Meggy, when she touches the lake with her hand, gets her hand acidified to nothing but bone (and Inklings have no bones). However, in SMG4: Stupid Mario Sports Mix, she floated in a pool with a pool ring, so it is unknown if her legs were acidified by the water. It is presumably that in the SMG4 universe Inklings were supposed to be incapable of swimming. Now it is depicted as water being deadly to inklings.
  • Meggy was the newest character to appear on the SMG4 YouTube channel banner. After the events of SMG4: The Splatfest Incident, her face was burnt off, leaving a white void, and later she, Bob Bobowski, and Luigi were removed from the banner entirely following SMG4: Final Hours.

The channel banner during Part 2 of The Anime Arc, from SMG4: The Splatfest Incident to SMG4: Final Hours

  • Though Meggy's Inkling Form was never to be seen on any SMG4 banner, her debut of the new one appeared as well in the new banner from SuperMarioGlitchy4's channel following its renaming to SMG4 // Glitch Productions. The banner is often interchanged with Meta Runner advertisements. This banner was also briefly used after SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020 was uploaded, but then changed back to the current unchanged banner.

The channel banner from SMG4: A Day In The Life Of Everyone toSMG4: Bowser Loses Custody Of His Children

  • The banner was temporarily changed once again to a picture of Meggy's bedroom in February 2020, alluding to SMG4 Movie: Meggy's Destiny.

The channel banner prior to the release of SMG4 Movie: Meggy's Destiny

  • Meggy is one of the two major female characters in SMG4 who hasn't been in a relationship, the other being Tari. However the third modern female character Saiko has had a relationship experience with Fishy Boopkins in Doki Doki Mario Club, but he eventually had to dump her because of her Psychotic personally, they later became friends at the end of Mario and the Bob Mansion.
  • Starting from Mario's Lemonade Stand, Meggy now has her own car.
  • According to SMG4: Mario Saves Anime, Meggy hates ink-swimming (when she’s extracting ink from herself), since it causes her to be nauseous.
  • Meggy's surname is revealed to be Spletzer in SMG4: The Inkling Disappearances.
  • She is the second character in the SMG4 series to undergo a major physical change, in SMG4: Final Hours, after Shroomy.
    • However, while Shroomies physical change was temporary, Meggy's physical change is permanent (as revealed in 2019 Was The Biggest Year Of My Life where the SMG4 crew redesigned her).
  • Meggy can be considered as a foil to Toad. While Meggy enjoys going outside and having fun, Toad is shown to be a couch potato. While Meggy finds Mario's stupidity to be hilarious, Toad is aggravated by Mario's stupidity. And while Meggy and Mario are close friends, Toad is happy to see Mario gone when he is briefly kidnapped in the Kushroom Mingdom.
    • Just like how Sandy is a foil to Squidward when liking SpongeBob in the Cartoon, Sandy finds SpongeBob cheerful & friendly while Squidward finds him Idiotic & annoying.
  • She is implied to have a mother in SMG4: Boys vs Girls, however the identity and whereabouts of her parents are unknown.
    • Meggy Answers Your Questions... reveals that Meggy's parents are still alive, but unaware she is no longer an Inkling. It is later revealed that her father introduced her to Splatfests.
  • She has made significantly more appearances in Season 8, replacing Peach as the most prominent female character. Only SMG4, Luigi, Toad, Bowser, Bob Bobowski and Fishy Boopkins have more appearances than her.
  • Meggy is the third member to be part of the modern version of SMG4's Gang, the first two being Fishy Boopkins & Bob Bobowski.
  • Though Meggy was an Inkling, her toddler form didn’t resemble a squid but rather a younger Inkling.
  • In SMG4: The Totally Legit Learning Show With SMG4, Meggy's height is confirmed to be 5 foot 2 inches (157.48cm).
  • Melony, a watermelon in her likeness, debuted in SMG4 Christmas 2019: Mario Alone as a creation by Mario after all his friends left him. SMG3 made it a part of his gang in S̶M̶G̶4̶: I Can't Believe It's Not SMG4!.
  • In SMG4: Meggy Moves In, she is revealed to have a sexual attraction to instant noodles similar to Mario's attraction to spaghetti.
  • According to Kevin Lerdwichagul on Hobo Bros, Meggy was going to be a one-time character, but became a major character due to fan demand. Luke considers her an "accident".[1]
  • Meggy was referenced in the Meta Runner episode "Transfer Student" where Theo looks through a database and finds "Spletzer records". This may also imply a future crossover between her series and Meta Runner.
  • However, since Sunset Paradise is set in the SMG4 universe and Meta runner isn't, this means that unless Meggy somehow teleported to the Meta Runner universe from the SMG4 universe this would mean that Luke and Kevin would have to retcon the fact that Meta runner isn't in the SMG4 universe and say that is.
  • Her phone number is [[1]], as shown in SMG4: Meggy's Part-Time Job.
  • She is the first character whose character model doesn't have a colored mouth, as it is the same color as her skin. This is likely a modeling oversight and is currently shared with every other human original character created after her.
    • The updated model by John 10v10 fixes this (see below).
  • Her series was teased through several tweets made by SMG4, including several screenshots of her, though none of them revealed her face.
  • After SMG4: Cooking with Mario & Bowser: World Tour, her appearances sky-rocketed, appearing in every episode apart from three until My New Adventure. where she leaves the SMG4 cast for her new series, though as confirmed by Luke Lerdwichagul in the description of the aforementioned My New Adventure., she won't be gone for good and will return eventually.
  • While rare, she has been described as an anime character by the other characters (Mario in SMG4: Mario's Mask Of Madness and SMG4 in (LIVE) Meggy tells SMG4 about her vacation), confirming that her human design was modeled after one.
  • Meggy can commonly be compared to Kim Possible from the titular series. They are both action girls with a competitive, brave and strong personality and a kind and caring heart, both are very smart and reasonably mature, both are athletic and good at sports, both are crime-fighters, both have an immature, idiotic male best friend (Ron Stoppable for Kim and Mario for Meggy), they both have a rival (Shego for Kim and Desti for Meggy), and they are both bad at cooking. Both Meggy and Kim have common appearance traits as well, such as orange hair.
  • According to SUNSET PARADISE - EP 1: PILOT, Meggy loves ice cream. Apparently as much as Tari loves her ducks. [2]
    • Prior to the release of said episode, the cat burglar (name revealed to be Whisk shows up during the Glitch Productions intro, then was replaced by Meggy once the pilot was released. This was done to prevent viewers from knowing that Meggy was going to star in the show, despite her being teased earlier.
  • Meggy has a cat, as revealed at the ending of Mario's Amazing Bed and Breakfast.
  • Everyone finds her baby pictures hilarious.
  • Apparently, she likes eating squid as implied in SMG4: Cooking with Mario & Bowser: World Tour, despite the fact that she used to be one. When questioned about this in Meggy Answers Your Questions..., she pauses and realizes that she had never thought about it.
    • This makes her similar to Shroomy who also doesn't mind eating mushrooms despite being one.
  • On May 20th, 2021, a user known as John10v10 who made Beeg SMG4 in gmod has made a enhanced and updated model of Human Meggy, featuring a Ponytail Hairstyle and many new and improved features. The link to the addon can be found here.
  • Meggy (or at least her voice actor, Lizzie Freeman) sings the intro of Sunset Paradise.
  • She announced another livestream on June 23rd at 4pm pst in the Nintendo Direct Livestream, but for some reason she didn't do it. And Luke himself didn't make any hints either.
  • She has been abused by bad guys 3 times.
  • According to "Let’s chat... and maybe sing 🔴 [LIVE]", she once played "Doki Doki Literature Club" with Fishy Boopkins and recorded him having a mental breakdown after Monika betrayed him.
  • Meggy has cried a total of 13 times since her debut.
  • It has been officially confirmed by Luke on Twitter that Meggy will return to the SMG4 Channel on Saturday July 31st, 2021. [Link to the Twit]
  • Meggy has suffered in all 5 arcs.
  • Meggy was ranked by Luke & James as the 6th powerful "A-Tier" character in the "SMG4 Character Power Levels" tier list (following Beeg SMG4, Long SMG4, Hal Monitor, Saiko Bichitaru, & Shroomy) during the 5,100,000 Subscriber Livestream.
  • In Meggy and Wolfychu Answer The Web's Most Searched Questions, it is revealed that Meggy previously had a love interest. She mentions that he used to be on the Splat Squad. According to Meggy however, he had to move and they both ended up losing touch of one another.
  • Meggy is the first major character to have her voice actor changed. Her previous voice actor Lizzie Freeman stepped down on May 28th, 2022, with Elsie Lovelock taking her place.
  • Lizzie's resignation as voice actress for Meggy. [1] [2] [3] [4]

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