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    Stitch is one of two titular main protagonists of Lilo & Stitch franchise.

    History (just about Villainous Acts)

    Lilo & Stitch

    He was designed to be evil. Jumba Jookiba said that Stitch needs to destroy towns, and was happy when he heard that Stitch crashed on Earth, and that he will try to use his destructive powers on Earthlings.

    He stole police spaceship to escape from galactic federation who wanted to destroy him because of his evilness.

    He laughed evilly several times.

    He attemped to kill frog with space gun.

    He frightened dogs to their death.

    He caused rampage and destruction in Lilo's house.

    He sadistically tormented and frightened people who were photographing him.

    He threw book on Cobra Bubbles and hit his head.

    Stitch Has A Glitch

    In his dream, he destroyed everything on his way (even hurt his lovely Lilo).

    He made rampage and destruction in Lilo's house.

    He made rampage and destruction in Hula School, he viciously attacked hula girls and their teacher (maybe tried to kill them) and destroyed whole school.

    Lilo & Stitch: The Series

    In episode 627, he was supercilious, because he thought he's special and no one can beat him. During the dinner, he thought that he needs special treatment, because he is special. He threw salad out of dish on the floor, and put it on his head When Pleakley said that they will never give him anything if he don't say "please", Stitch threw dish full of mashed potatoes on his head. When Jumba told that Stitch started to act like blue peacock, he gonna mad and threw plate with beet in his head. That maed Jumba mad and caused him to make experiment 627, who is much stronger and more dangerous than Stitch. Later, Stitch became sad because he understood he isn't that special at all, but Lilo and him found out how to defeat 627. 

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  • Ultraman Belial Arc

    Length: 15 episodes

    Main Characters: SMG4& Ultraman Zero

    Villian: Ultraman Belial: The Evil, Corrupted Ultraman. He was once killed by his son, Geed, But somehow he was transported into SMG4's universe... And He destroys Area 51 as he finds a Imit-Belial created by Aliens residing at that place...Alongside with his Giga Battlenizer! It was also revealed that Belial is the only thing that the Armageddon empire fears, even Nul feared his name!!!

    Story: Belial, the Dead Evil Ultraman was spotted at SMG4's Universe... and He was the one who caused all of the previous Arcs for his revival! Now, Belial has found his new body at Area 51 as he destroys it to destroy the SMG4verse! Can the Gang stop him and save the universe?

    Tone: Seriously Dark, since Belial Kills Boopkin's dad and destroys Inkopolis killing all inklings and octolings to extinction, leaving Meggy the only survivor.

    Finale: SMG4 and Ultraman Zero defeats Belial with his soul completely dead.

    Ep 1. Revival of Belial

    Ep 2. Zero appears!

    Ep 3. SMG3 joins Belial

    Ep 4. SMG4: Kaiju catastrophe

    Ep 5. Strong Corona

    Ep 6. If Mario was in.... Granny

    Ep 7. Chimeraberus

    Ep 8. Inkopolis down

    Ep 9. Meggy's melaochy

    Ep 10. Joe's Sacrifice

    Ep 11. If Mario was in... Granny 2

    Ep 12. Return of Geed

    Ep 13. Zero Beyond

    Ep 14. Atrocious

    Ep 15. End of all Catastrophe

    Quotes(Ep 8.)

    Belial: So, human girl....? How much do you love your species?

    Meggy: Wait, what?

    Belial: I missed my battlenizer so much...SO LET'S TRY IT ON SOME MOVING TARGETS!!!!

    Ultraman Geed OST - Belial - Attack (M-30) - Extended-0

    Ultraman Geed OST - Belial - Attack (M-30) - Extended-0

    Belial then charges up Belial deathscythe and destroys the buildings then sees the inklings running and screaming. They try to fight back, but Belial uses Geno thunder and kills them in fear.


    He then fires Deathcium rays at inklings and killing them all, Meggy sees this and becomes horrified.

    Saiko: YOU'RE A MONSTER!!!!

    Belial: Monster!? I'm no monster...I'M A DEMON!!!!

    Belial then sees Sam and Kenji then picks them up and rips thier heads off.

    Meggy: No!

    Belial: Hmmm... come to think of it, the universe isn't going to conquer itself and I'm not having fun with enemies that won't fight back!

    He then summons the super dimensional eradication bomb.

    Zero: We have to go!

    Meggy: But-

    Zero: NOW!!!

    Zero grabs everyone and Teleports, Meggy then sees Inkopolis destroyed as Belial sees her.

    Belial: Be grateful that I letted you live, HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!

    Meggy then starts to cry as Belial keeps laughing. Meggy looks at the place where once Inkopolis stood.

    Meggy: My.. My home... My friends... My family... IT'S.. GONE...

    Tari: How.. How could he do such a thing?!

    Mario: MamaF*cker..!

    Axol: Belial... HE'LL PAY FOR THIS...!

    Meggy gets enraged as Zero clenches his fists.

    Meggy/Zero: BELIAL!!!!!!

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  • Thank you for updating my pages on Team Killer Ink.

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  • Your arc ideas are turely creative and amazing! I think they also inspired me to create my own arc ideas! 

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  • The Spirit Arc: Meggy was revealed that she wasn't Inkling nor Human, But a god-like being called "Spirits" and She gains forgotten memories as she gains her God-like Powers. 

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