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Meta Runner is an Australian computer-animated cyberpunk drama web-series created by Kevin and Luke Lerdwichagul, and produced by Glitch Productions and funded by Screen Australia for GLITCH. The series is in a separate canon to SMG4, machinima series on Luke's YouTube channel of the same name.

The series follows an amnesiac cyborg girl named Tari in a world where society revolves around video games, speedrunning & esports as she discovers she has the uncanny ability to warp into video games. A cartoonier version of Tari was introduced in SMG4/Super Mario 64 Bloopers as a new major character to promote this show and get her familiar with the viewers prior to its announcement and release. A cartoony counterpart of Belle was introduced in the YouTube Arc as a counterpart to Tari.

The first episode of Meta Runner was released on July 25, 2019 on the SMG4 channel.

Season 2 was announced in SMG4: A Totally Normal S̷͍͖͉̙͚͎̑̃̿͑̆̇̚͠M̸͇͇̦̮̌̿Ğ̴̫̗̖͎͔̳4̶̞͇̰̎̀́̚ Episode and premiered on October 16, 2020 on the GLITCH channel. Season 3 is in current development. It was teased on November 29th, 2021.

Season 3 was announced and teased on November 29, 2021 on the GLITCH channel, it has been confirmed to be the final season of Meta Runner, slated for release on July 22nd, 2022.


In a futuristic world, society is now centered around video games, serving as not just entertainment, but also jobs in live streaming and lifestyle. Among the gamers are “Meta Runners”, a group of gaming individuals who replace their limbs with cybernetic arms that allow them to boost their gaming performance.

The series tells the story of Tari, a Meta Runner who was the subject of an experiment called Project Blue led by former scientist, Dr. Sheridan, who was commissioned by the TAS Corp. organization. In a sudden accident causing an explosion, Dr. Sheridan was apparently killed along with a former Meta Runner, Lucinia, inside the laboratory. After waking up in the now abandoned and wrecked establishment, Tari finds herself in Silica City with no memory of what happened except for a few flashbacks. After witnessing a speedrunning tournament of Ultra Jump Mania performed by Belle Fontiere, Tari decides to play the game for herself, but she suddenly gets teleported into the game where she befriends Theo. Intrigued by Tari’s newfound ability, the head of TAS Corp., Lucks plans to use her to benefit his organization.

Tari and Theo get sucked out of the game and try to escape, but Tari gets captured while Theo escapes and is found by another meta runner, Lamar Williams, who rescues and takes both of them to a hidden base in a ramen restaurant where they meet up with two other meta runners, Sofia Porter and Masa Shimamoto. Together the three are a small undercover group called the MD-5 who've been trying to expose all to TAS Corp. by exposing the corporation's cruel actions to the public, but to no avail. The MD-5 then invites Tari to join them, citing that with her help, they'll finally be able to put an end to Lucks' evil affairs once and for all.


Main Characters

Image Name Voice Actor Description First Appearance
Meta Runner final season.jpg
Tari Celeste Notley-Smith The protagonist of the series. She is a shy, insecure and amnesiac Meta Runner and a skilled video game player with the unusual ability to warp into the video games she plays. She is trying to avoid the sinister company TAS Corp.. Tari is revealed to be an AI program from Project Blue, with her name actually being T.A.R.I. (Turbo Artificial Rapid Intelligence). META RUNNER - Season 1 Episode 1: Wrong Warp
Theo Robyn Barry-Cotter The deuteragonist of the series. He is the main playable character of Ultra Jump Mania. He encountered Tari after she stumbles upon his video game world, Ultra Jump Mania, and later brought him to life in the outside world. META RUNNER - Season 1 Episode 1: Wrong Warp
Masa S2.png
Masa Shimamoto Brendan Barry-Cotter The tritagonist of the series. He is a calm, composed, and mostly serious friend of Tari who leads MD-5. He was once a team captain of TAS Corp. before he got decommissioned after trying to hack into Lucks’ private server. Since then, he has been at war with his former boss. META RUNNER - Season 1 Episode 4: Sequence Break
Belle Season 2.png
Belle Fontiere Jessica Fallico The anti-heroine of the series and secondary antagonist of Season 1. She is a Meta Runner who was the star of TAS Corp. until she defected to MD-5 in Season 2. She was best friends with Lucinia Porter and seeks to avenge her possible death. META RUNNER - Season 1 Episode 1: Wrong Warp
MR3 Lucinia Teaser.jpg
Lucinia Porter Amber Lee Connors The posthumous overarching protagonist of the series. She is Sheridan's assistant who also worked on Project Blue and likely created Tari. She was theorised to have gone missing after the explosion and was a good friend of Belle and also a sister of Sofia. META RUNNER - Season 1 Episode 1: Wrong Warp


Image Name Voice Actor Description Debut
Dr Sheridan Season 3 Profile.png
Dr. Sheridan Anthony Sardinha The true main antagonist of the series. He is an ex-TASCorp. scientist who worked with his assistant Lucinia to create Project Blue and stop him being fired. He had survived the explosion and currently plotting a revenge on Tari. META RUNNER - Season 1 Episode 1: Wrong Warp
Lucks S2.png
Derek Lucks David J.G. Doyle The initial main antagonist of the series, serving as the main antagonist of the first two seasons and the posthumous antagonist in the upcoming final season. He is the CEO of TAS Corp. and is obsessed with Tari, due to her unexpected ability. He is willing to perform unethical actions for his company. He is also Masa’s arch-nemesis. META RUNNER - Season 1 Episode 1: Wrong Warp
Meta Runner Evelyn (2).png
Evelyn Claythorne Elsie Lovelock The overall secondary antagonist of the series, specifically being the secondary antagonist of the second season. She is a member of the Claythorne Family of Great Britain who aims to move to TAS Corp.'s main lineup so that she can have all the attention from the audience. She is also the current rival of Tari and a Meta Runner of TAS Corp.. META RUNNER Season 2 - EP 1: Hard Reset
TAScorp. Worker Image.png
TAS Corp. Workers N/A The employees of TAS Corp. which includes mercenaries and scientists. They follow Lucks' orders without hesitation. META RUNNER - Season 1 Episode 2: Out Of Bounds

Supporting Characters

Image Name Voice Actor Description Debut
Sofia S3 Profile.png
Sofia Porter Hayley Nelson A cheerful and upbeat girl who is one of Tari's friends, the sister of Lucinia Porter and also a member of MD-5. META RUNNER - Season 1 Episode 4: Sequence Break
Lamar S3 Profile.png
Lamar Williams Anthony Sardinha An easygoing otaku with waifu pillows and a friend of Tari's who is an African descent member of MD-5. META RUNNER - Season 1 Episode 3: Bad Split

Recurring Characters

Image Name Voice Actor Description Debut
Bot Boys Kevin Lerdwichagul and Luke Lerdwichagul Common robots found across Silica City, usually with a particular job or function. These professions include showing off a 180-degree gaming chair, runing the gaming store in TAS Corp., making Raman, or even competing in underground fights. META RUNNER - Season 1 Episode 1: Wrong Warp
Another New character in Meta Runner.png
Marco Jason Marnocha A man who is an old friend of Sofia and who runs a gameshow of the game Turbo Crash 9. META RUNNER Season 2 - EP 3: Unreal Engines

Minor Characters

Image Name Voice Actor Description Debut
Bo Elsie Lovelock The mascot for TASCorp. She is usually relegated to cameo appearances.
Elder Tomato David J.G. Doyle The Game Guide of Ultra Jump Mania (Game). META RUNNER - Season 1 Episode 2: Out Of Bounds
Satsuki-Chan Amber Lee Connors A girl from Nova Explorers who Tari has to date in order to get her assistance. META RUNNER Season 2 - EP 4: Transfer Student

YouTube Guest Stars

  • Female Pedestrian (voiced by Kathleen Belsten)
  • Male Pedestrian (voiced by TheOdd1sOut)
  • Announcer (episode 1) (voiced by Elliot Watkins)
  • Announcer (episode 8) (voiced by Ross O'Donovan)
  • Tempest Competitor 1 (voiced by Brodey Rogan "Bazza Gazza" de Meur)
  • Tempest Competitor 2 (voiced by Nathan William Clifford "Crayator" Ryan)
  • TheOdd1sOut
  • Arin Hanson
  • Kizuna AI - An AI-controlled guide in the dating simulator Pocket Gakusei, who helps Tari navigate through the game.


Meta Runner features a wide variety of video games that Tari plays (usually by transporting herself within the game). These usually pay homage to a certain genre of games.

  • Ultra Jump Mania: A game where a boy named Theo travels through levels across an island known as SimpleFlip Island. He uses coconuts and other fruit-based weapons to attack enemies and reach the goal. The game is an homage to the platformer genre of games. Tari plays this game in the episodes Wrong Warp and Out of Bounds, while she and Belle play a corrupted version of the game made by Lucks in Hack and Slash, Friendly Fire, Nightmare Mode and Fatal Error.
  • Battle Blaze: A game where you use various weapons to shoot your opponents around the map. The game is an homage to the first-person shooter genre of games. Tari plays this game with Masa in the episode Aimbot.
  • Tempest: A game where wizard-like characters use magic spells to eliminate their opponents all around a giant map. The game is an homage to the battle royale genre of games. Tari plays this game with Masa, Lamar, and Theo as part of her plan in No Clip, One Shot, The Run, and Shutdown.
  • Fast Food Fight: A game featuring TheOdd1sOut and Arin Hanson fighting over their favorite brand of sandwich. Makes a cameo in META RUNNER - Season 1 Episode 4: Sequence Break and a non-canon role in Fast Food Fight (Ft. TheOdd1sOut & Arin Hanson) - Meta Runner Special.
  • War Tech Fighters: A game where war mechs fight in space with swords and shields. The game seems to pay homage to the 2D fighting genre of games. Masa is briefly seen playing this game in Hard Reset.
  • Turbo Crash 9: A game where players use vehicles to eliminate other players around the map. Players can tag-team, so one player can control the vehicle while the other controls the weapons. It seems to pay homage to the battle royale and racing genres of games. Masa and Lamar play this game against Marco to win a new Meta Runner arm in Unreal Engines.
  • Pocket Gakusei: A dating simulator where Tari acts as a student in a school and must go out with a girl to gain her trust. The game is an homage to the dating simulator genre of games. Tari uses this game to plan her escape with Lamar, Sofia, and Masa in Transfer Student and Heart to Heart.
  • Hidden Heroes: A game where cyborgs use swords, bows, and other weapons to defeat hordes of ninja-like cyborgs in a Japanese setting. The game is an homage to the hack-and-slash genre of games. Tari, Lamar, and Masa use this game as part of Tari's plan to escape in Hack and Slash, Friendly Fire, and Soft Lock.
  • Skybreakers An open world FPS adventure game which Tari is stated to be spending her time in Season 3.

There are a host of other games that are mentioned or implied through background or dialogue inferences. These games are:

  • Dragon Kart: This is mentioned by Belle during Season 1 of Meta Runner firstly at Sequence Break. Also was shown in the billboards at Wrong Warp.
  • Drifters: This was shown in the billboards and background at Wrong Warp.
  • Nova Explorers: This game was implied throughout the first two seasons as it has a crossover with Pocket Gakusei and was partly shown in the ads in Wrong Warp.
  • Light Rider: This game was shown briefly alongside with five other games by the street in Wrong Warp.
  • Mr. Mero: This game was shown briefly alongside with five other games by the street in Wrong Warp.
  • Borderworlds: This game was shown at billboards prominently in Wrong Warp.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

  • Opening Theme:
  • Ending Theme:


Animated Shorts

No. In Series Title Card Title Airdate
1 Meta Runner First Look Thumbnail.jpg "Tari's First Game Warp" March 14, 2019
A short clip from our upcoming animated series Meta Runner! Tari warps into the 3D Platformer; "Ultra Jump Mania". She meets the game character Theo and... has a hard time getting use to platforming mechanics.
2 Tari's Live Stream Thumbnail.jpg "Tari's Live Stream" May 30, 2019
We made an animated short where Tari tries to stream a game for you but everything goes wrong.
3 Fast Food Fight.jpg "Fast Food Fight" October 19, 2019
An animation about action, drama and hamburgers.

Season 1

Season 1 would premiere on July 25, 2019 and end on October 10 of the same year. It consists of 10 episodes. The season's plot follows Tari as she, along with her friend Theo, is being pursued by TAS Corp. and joining a group of meta runners who plan to take down the evil organization.

On August 28, 2020, the season was made into a special movie cut called Meta Runner New Game+ and was shown on the GLITCH channel.

No. In Series No. In Season Title Card Title Airdate
1 1 Meta Runner Episode 1.jpg "Wrong Warp" July 25, 2019
Tari wakes up in Silica City and discovers what it's like to be in a world obsessed with video games...
2 2 Meta Runner episode 2.jpg "Out Of Bounds" August 1, 2019
Tari has warped into the video game; Ultra Jump Mania! With the guidance of Theo, what trials will Tari face in a game where terror looms around every corner?
3 3 Meta Runner Season 1 Ep3 thumbnail.jpg "Bad Split" August 8, 2019
On the run from Belle, Lucks & TAS Corp, Tari finds herself in a place like no other.
4 4 MetaRunnerS1E4.jpg "Sequence Break" August 15, 2019
Tari gets her driving game skills on as she faces off with TAS Corp in this high octane fuelled episode of Meta Runner.
5 5 MetaRunnerS1E5.jpg "Aimbot" August 22, 2019
Tari battles her way through an FPS game to prove herself to the new mysterious group that call themselves MD-5.
6 6 MetaRunnerS1E6.jpg "Game Plan" August 29, 2019
Tari and MD-5 plan their attack on TAS-Corp using some... interesting methods. Meanwhile, Belle discovers some shocking evidence about Project Blue.
7 7 MetaRunnerS1E7.jpg "No Clip" September 19, 2019
Meta Runner is back! And in this brand new episode Tari and MD-5 practice slinging spells and executing a game breaking glitch in the magical battle royale game - Tempest!
8 8 MetaRunnerS1E8.jpg "One Shot" September 26, 2019
Competition day is here for Tari and MD-5. It's time to gear up, sling spells and execute the glitch!
9 9 MetaRunnerS1E9.jpg "The Run" October 3, 2019
Stakes are high as Tari and MD-5 make their way up The Mountain in Tempest. Will they be able to defeat this group of mysterious assailants in time to execute the glitch?
10 10 MetaRunnerS1Finale.jpg "Shutdown" October 10, 2019
The final battle with Tari and Belle in Tempest has now begun!

Season 2

Season 2 premiered on October 16, 2020 on the GLITCH channel. It was made with higher quality animation and slight changes to characters and environments.

Season 2 takes place six months after the Season 1 finale as Tari tries to work her way up to shut down TASCorp once and for all.[1] It is slated to move from the SMG4 channel to the new GLITCH channel for the second season premiere.

No. In Series No. In Season Title Card Title Airdate
11 1 Meta Runner S2 Episode 1.jpg "Hard Reset" October 16, 2020
Meta Runner Season 2 is almost here.💙 Taking place 6 months after the shocking events of Season 1, we catch up on what everyone is up to.
12 2 Meta Runner S2 Episode 2.jpg "Firewall" October 23, 2020
Theo causes trouble for Lucks as Tari continues her life inside TAS Corp's walls.
13 3 Meta Runner S2 Episode 3.jpg "Unreal Engines" October 30, 2020
MD-5 travel to Silica City's most dangerous part of town to find Masa a new Meta Runner arm. Only doing so comes with a price.
14 4 Meta Runner S2 Episode 4.jpg "Transfer Student" November 6, 2020
Tari attempts to track down MD-5 and goes into a game where... she has to date people?!?
15 5 Meta Runner S2 Episode 5.jpg "Heart to Heart" November 13, 2020
Tari and MD-5 finally reunite... but under the strangest circumstances.
16 6 Meta Runner S2 Episode 6.jpg "Hack and Slash" November 20, 2020
Tari makes her big Meta Runner debut in one of the most action packed games she's played yet.
17 7 Meta Runner S2 Episode 7.jpg "Friendly Fire" November 27, 2020
Tari and Evelyn continue smashing their way through hoards of enemies in a 2 vs 50 match when things take a terrible turn.
18 8 Meta Runner S2 Episode 8.jpg "Soft Lock" December 4, 2020
Plans are thrown out the window and Tari is forced to make a decision. Meanwhile we learn more about Lucinia's mysterious past.
19 9 Meta Runner S2 Episode 9.jpg "Nightmare Mode" December 11, 2020
Tari and Theo finally reunite and together trek through a harrowing nightmare.
20 10 Meta Runner S2 Finale.jpg "Fatal Error" December 18, 2020
Thank you all so much for watching the show. We hope you enjoy the final episode of Season 2 💙.

Season 3

You're adopted.jpg

You're adopted.

Information on this article is of an upcoming/unreleased blooper. Its content may contain spoilers. The article will be expanded when the blooper is released.

Season 3 and the final season of Meta Runner was confirmed by Luke in SMG4: Cooking with Mario & Bowser: World Tour in the SMG4 channel. In the start of the video, he says the sales of the Season 2 merchandise will fund the making of Season 3. Season 3 would premiere on July 22nd, 2022.

The final season of Glitch Productions’ highly successful animated series picks up right where it left off as MD-5 grapple with the repercussions of TAS-Corp's downfall and the discoveries they have made into their own lives. Follow Tari in this eight-part series as she delves deeper into the conspiracies of her past while competing for the survival of both her friends and herself.

No. In Series No. In Season Title Card Title Airdate
21 1 TBA July 22, 2022
22 2 TBA TBA
23 3 TBA TBA
24 4 TBA TBA
25 5 TBA TBA
26 6 TBA TBA
27 7 TBA TBA
28 8 TBA TBA


1 Meta Runner Reads Memes.jpg "Meta Runner Voice Actors Read Memes" September 12, 2019
Four Meta Runner voice actors read memes.
2 Meta Runner Reads Memes 2.jpg "Tari Says UwU and Other Memes" November 28, 2019
Four Meta Runner voice actors read memes again.


  • Luke revealed that while Tari is the main character, this series takes place in a different universe, outside of SMG4's continuity.
  • When one of the Meta Runners take up their keyboard like thing on their robotic arm, one of the symbols is the logo for Glitch Productions.
  • One of the billboards has a picture of a character resembling Saiko's band symbol on it.
  • The series is animated using both Maya and Unreal Engine.
  • Meta Runner was originally known as Project Blue in its development. This is in reference to the mysterious experiment by Dr. Sheridan that supposedly created Tari.
  • The first episode features cameos of Axol and Tari's SMG4 incarnation in a virtual reality mirror.
  • The Movie Cut of Season 1’s thumbnail changed from Tari and her Tempest design in a blue futuristic hologram background to just Tari in a sunset background of Silica City.
  • This series is rated TV-14 by IMDb,[2] unlike the bloopers, which are rated TV-MA.
  • On New Years Eve of 2021 AJ DiSpirito confirmed that he'll be working on Meta Runner Season 3's soundtrack in 2022.



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