Not to be confused with titular show.

These people have replaced their limbs just so they can boost their gaming performance. Can you imagine that?

—Male Citizen

A Meta Runner is a professional gamer who has had one of their limbs replaced with a cybernetic attachment to achieve greater feats of gaming prowess. Due to video games being the main culture of Silica City, they are considered big-name celebrities to the point that just having a cybernetic arm marks one as a Meta Runner.


By entering commands on their cybernetic limb, a Meta Runner significantly increases the rate at which they process information, boosting their reaction time beyond that of a normal human. This allows them to perform feats that would normally be impossible without computer assistance, such as entering commands on extremely narrow frame openings.

Among Meta Runners, Tari is unique in that she can warp her consciousness inside the game itself. By doing so, she gains insights and can react to situations even faster than normal Meta Runners.

Known Meta Runners

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