“you stupid jews! I'm coming to rape you all!!”
―Metal Mario in Crystal Funhouse
I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on.
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Metal Mario is a metal version of Mario who lives underground in a cave.

Smg4 Metal mario

Metal Mario sleeping.

He also appears in the main Mario series.


He only has three appearences, his first being in the race for the golden overalls, where the overalls fell inside his house in the underground, thanks to SMG4's Pikachu, who repeatedly shot Mario, causing the overalls to fall out of his hand, and when Mario and SMG4 arrived, he fought them for it on Super Smash Bros. He then kept it forever, and it was all SMG4's fault that he got a Pikachu (which was one of some big mistakes he'd done; the biggest one was throwing a story book out a window on SMG3, leading to the main plot of Bad Stars). He later appeared in Crystal funhouse where he yelled at SMG4 and the crew for stealing his rock collection so EpicYoshiFan chucks a rat at him. Later they throw a pickaxe at him.


  • He collects rocks for an unknown reason.
  • He has a boat that looks like a tank.

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