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Miles Prower, nicknamed Tails, is a fox who is Sonic The Hedgehog's best friend. He appears twice in "Sonic the Derphog: Eggventure (GET IT!?)", the first time after Sonic shoots Omochao, the second time while Sonic is falling in an attempt to commit suicide, and the third time when Eggbot 2.0 is teleporting to the Sonic World.

He also appears in "Sonic the Derphog: Showdown of the Idiots" when Sonic tells Eggman to be like him. This makes Tails go into "Senpade".


  • The only quote of Tails in Sonic the Derphog references PewDiePie moments when PewDiePie says "NOTICE ME SENPAI!".
  • Sonic is Tails' Senpai as shown in Showdown of the Idiots.

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