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Super Minecraft 64 Bloopers: Mineswap is about Mario and Steve having their body shapes swapped which was caused from a Machine blowing up. This is Smg4's fifth Minecraft blooper, the last four being World of Craftmine, Herobrine, The Nether, and Befriend the End and the following episodes are Castle Creepers, Legend of Steve, Meet the Steve, the Ssenmodnar short series, "Moments with Steve" & "The Epic & Wily Adventures of Captain Steve", and the short films "Steve Uses The Computer?" & "A Day in the Big City".


Super mario 64 bloopers mineswap by supermariofan54321-d6qwiq1

Mario partied around a bunch of pigs at the start of the episode. Later, SMG4 went out to find the portal back to the castle while Steve blew a part world to shreds. Later that night, it started raining. SMG4, Mario and Steve went to find shelter and found a cave. Inside the cave, they came across an old, psycho hobo, and ran away while screaming like a girl. The scientist guy told the hobo to go back to his room. As they walk to the secret room, they came across the machine, when Mario tried to find the button "MAKE SPAGHETTI", while Steve was hypnotised by the machine and tried to break it, as it looked like chocolate to him. Unfortunately, the machine exploded. After it did, the two, Steve and Mario realized that they got their body shapes swapped. They went to ask the Scientist if he could transform them back, but he just refused, acted like a dick, and flew away like a total jackass. As their friends finally came back home. Mario's Blocky Situations can't do anything:

  • Open doors
  • Flush the toilet
  • Eat Spaghetti

SMG4 came back to Minecraft to fix the machine that exploded, but it was being guarded by the same old, psychopath hobo, SMG4 came up a plan to dress Mario as 'Maria', but the hobo ran away by the machine and flew off. Mario flew after the machine on a flying pig called "The ULKTRA* Piggy-Plane O9 Mark XIV" with modified Ubuntu QOB Technology Engine 4, and managed to stop him, but also ended up destroying the machine in the process, making Mario say: "Mamaf**ker!" after he realized that he's going to be a Minecrafter forever and Steve is going to be a Super Mario 64 character forever...



  • When Mario destroyed the machine and couldn't return back to his old body, somewhat in the next bloopers, Mario and Steve have their bodies back to normal, that means that this blooper is non canon.
  • the skin Mario uses is actually the same skin created by dshaynie only to match Mario's colours in fact the skin was made out of Mario's superstar saga sprite.
  • ULKTRA is short for "United League of Kooky Technology-making Riddick Anusfaces"

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