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Moments With Steve is a series of skits starring Steve himself, created by SMG4. They only appear in Ssenmodnar videos, starting with Ssenmodnar 4. In each episode, it covers Steve's life, varying from real to unreal. Since Ssenmodnar 4, it is thrown into every Ssenmodnar episode appearing at some random point, although there are other skits starring Steve himself in Ssenmodnar and Ssenmodnar 2, which are possibly the predecessors to the creation of this series.


Moments With Steve March 2015 2

Another Moments With Steve Title Screen (with Steve partially blocking the title)

This is a list of the episodes, with their respective descriptions.

  • Episode 1 (seen in Ssenmodnar 4): Steve pretends to be a helicopter. He soars in the sky, but gets shot down by a missile launched by two guys.
  • Episode 2 (seen in Ssenmodnar 5): Steve approaches the monster piano, kills it, and begins playing it madly, and rides it into the sky.
  • Episode 3 (seen in Ssenmodnar 6): Steve wanders around Hazy Maze Cave, when he sees Dorrie. It then cuts to Mario jumping on to Dorrie's back, only to see Steve has replaced her head with his own. Steve/Dorrie screams that he is a Stegosaurus, and Mario says "Oh, what the fu-". Then, Steve/Dorrie spars through the clouds as Mario screams while "Starships" by Nicki Minaj plays in the background.
  • Episode 4 (seen in Ssenmodnar 6.64): Steve is happily dancing around the castle grounds, when he bumps into an angry FM and X, who begin scolding him for his constant up-beat attitude, only to be interrupted by the Steve-Dorrie Hybrid from Ssenmodnar 6, which comes soaring out of the sky and takes the stunned FM and X away, as Steve mocks them with his cheery "Bye guys!"
  • Episode 5 (seen in Ssenmodnar 7): Steve goes around helping people as a superhero known as "Captain Steve". This includes punching a Koopa into oblivion when the Koopa was torturing a Goomba.
  • Episode 6 (seen in Ssenmodnar 8): Steve goes to the city to do many things, like meeting and scaring people.
  • Episode 7 (seen in Ssenmodnar 9): Steve humps a female Steve, but a snide remark from Mario causes Steve's perception of reality to turn back to normal, and the girl is revealed to be a Goomba, much to Steve's dismay. He is then shown to have contacted Goomba herpes, causing him to partially become a goomba.
  • Episode 8 (seen in Ssenmodnar 10): Steve becomes a presidential candidate. He starts out by burning the Mushroom Kingdom Tax Department and Bank, injuring an innocent bystander in the process. Things only go so well from there. The skit ends with Steve dropping a Banzai Bill on Toad's house, resulting in a nuclear explosion.
  • Episode 9 (seen in Ssenmodnar 0): How to get the ladehs with Steve: Rosalina and Toadette talks about the former`s date with Steve where Steve sings "Show Me Your Genitals" by Jon Lajoie. Then, Rosalina asks if Steve wants to be the father of her babies and Steve dons MLG sunglasses and says "Like a boss!"
  • Episode 10 (seen in Ssenmodnar 11): A Day in the Life of Steve: This episode covers Steve's life. In the morning, Steve scares Geofcraze634 by jumping out of a trash pit. He then chooses a shirt to wear, which all look the same. He then walks in a weird way, and while a person is not looking, steals his/her child. At SevenEleven, a person is giving Steve for $85. Steve, however, takes the burger and gives him the baby he stole. He is then on the highway, sliding on a car flipped upside down, which makes a Yoshi wonder what is going on. Steve apparently crashes the car into a building. The cop asks Steve if he did it. Steve says no, and then teleports himself to a castle, where a throwback shows Steve naked in front of bullies. He then teleports again. He says hi to SMG4. SMG4 says hi back. Another teleport takes him to PORTAL. Where he wears a helmet. A person wearing a orange outfit sees him. Steve says hi and asks if he can help. The person only says hi to him. A million teleports later, Steve is back where he started, the trash pit where he scared Geofcraze634. He then goes to sleep, officially ending his day.
  • Episode 11 (seen in Ssenmodnar Deluxe): Steve is doing his usual touring thing. He then finds a pig with a gun about to shoot a red cow with mushrooms. Steve walks up to the cow and stares at the mushroom, thinking that it is a lollipop. Steve eats the mushroom, then he starts to hallucinate. He falls flat on the ground. In the hallucination, Steve is in Super Smash Bros competing with Mario. He gets so excited that he accidentally shoots Mario, who attacks him for doing so. Steve then tells Mario, "Come at me bro!" He then dances and shows it to Mario. The challenger is so affected by Steve's dance moves that it actually defeats him. Steve wins! Back at his own land, Steve is shaking wildly, with the mushroom cow asking if he is dead.
  • Episode 12 (seen in Ssenmodnar 12): Steve is shown pulling prank calls on three different people. He manages to escape from the first two (with the second one yelling a quote from John Cena, with John Cena himself appears along with the screen exploding), but the third threatens to come to "his f*cking house" and kill him with his Deagle. As a result, Steve gets nervous as someone walks up to his house right after that. As he opens the door, however, Kiddy Kong is seen selling cookies. Nevertheless, Steve shoots the ape and sends him flying in the air while on fire.

Predecessors to The Series

This is a list of possible Ssenmodnar skits that probably inspired Moments With Steve.

  • And Now Steve's Guide to Playing Minecraft (from Ssenmodnar): As stated in the title, this is Steve's Guide to playing Minecraft: normally he only puts a block on the ground.
  • Steve Plays the Computer(?) (from Ssenmodnar 2): Steve tries to click the mouse, but, since he has no fingers, he ends up punching it. Then he types in random gibberish into Google, gets no response. Then he tries to play Minecraft but the computer crashes. Steve throws the computer at the wall and shouts: "ITS F**KING WINDOWS 98!"


  • The beginning of the overworld theme from Super Mario Bros will always be heard on the title screen of this series.
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