“I can smell you...”
―Morgan's pseudo-catchphrase

Morgan Freeman is an actor, producer and narrator. In SMG4's videos, he is a gag character that (technically) first appeared in (Retarded64:) Mario and the retarded spaghetti factory, however, this was only his voice.

His actual character first appeared in Guards N' Retards: the butt ninja. He is best known for uttering both sensical and non-sensical phrases (most commonly "titty sprinkles") and then randomly exploding. He currently holds a grudge against Chris, because he attacked Morgan thinking he was "The Butt Ninja".


  • Everybody wants to smell like......titty sprinkles...(explodes)
  • "Everyone Poops", as read by Morgan Freeman, and frankly, I just don't give a sh*t (explodes)
  • Titty [sic] sprinkles...(explodes)
  • I can smell you...(explodes)
  • Mmhmm, I do love me some...titty sprinkles


  • Most of Morgan's quotes were spoken by YouTuber Robert Thompson.
  • Morgan's model is "May Day" from GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64 (with his face put on).

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