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Mr. Moogle is a Moogle who appears in SMG4: Final Fantasy Mario.


Upon entering the school, Mario, SMG4, and Meggy are attacked by class -1, a group consisting of three Koopa Troopas. However, Mr. Moogle breaks up the altercation before they start fighting. They comply and leave.

Mario mistakenly refers to Mr. Moogle as a "pink rat". SMG4 tries to excuse him, telling him that they are new to the school. The group are then brought to a student training course, joining class -1. Mr. Moogle has seemingly very little faith in them, as he calls them weak. This angers Meggy, and despite her efforts, he continues to belittle her throughout the course.

He assigns each of them a "specific class". He assigns Mario as a Windblade Warrior, Meggy as a Fire Gunner, and SMG4 as an Ice Magitek. He proceeds to send the three on a mission to take down Saiko Bichitaru. In exchange, he promises to open a portal for them to return home.

They successfully take down Saiko, and as promised Mr. Moogle opens a portal for them, thanking them for completing the mission. As they enter the portal with Saiko, he tells them they are welcome to visit again, but is glad they have left.

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