Mr Squidge

Mr. Squidge is a pet Blooper, owned by Ben.

His current debut and only appearance was in the blooper "SM64 Bloopers: The Pirate Plumbers".  Cap'n LardButtMarioLuigi, and Ben set off to find a lost squid monster which got ideologically mixed up with Mr. Squidge. He usually attaches onto Luigi's face and sucks on it, refusing to let go.


When Mario and Luigi went to X and Ben's house, to forcefully fix their toilet, Luigi stumbled across Mr. Squidge in a tank. Luigi was amused by him. Ben suddenly appeared and said not to go near Mr. Squidge or else he would rape him. When Mario shoved a Bob-omb in the toilet, the force of the explosion sent Mario flying into Mr. Squidge's tank, causing it to tilt. Mr. Squidge used this opportunity to leap out of his tank onto Luigi's face. Mario manages to pry Mr. Sqidge off of Luigi's face, but the Blooper then jumps down the now unclogged toilet.

Ben then walks by the empty tank and demands to know what happened to his "Fishy Fishy." Luigi then panics, but Mario says that Ben won't hurt them. Ben then crashes through the bathroom door with a chainsaw. The Mario Bros. then escape through the toilet, with Ben following them. After being saved by Cap'n LardButt, the brothers, along with Ben, search for the missing Mr. Sqidge. Using Luigi as bait, Mario fishes out tons of bloopers, with Ben denying them all.

After showing LardButt his butt, Mario almost gets flung off the ship by the giant squid monster. The beast then fires a blooper at Ben, whom he recognizes as his missing squid. Ben then jumps into the giant squid's mouth, only for the squid to die because "Ben tasted gross" Ben, now reunited with his pet, returns home. Mr. Squidge has not been seen since.


  • Despite Mr. Squidge being male, Ben calls him "his wife"
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