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now in order to become plumbers, we need to go through training.

—, Mr. Toad

Mr. Toad is Toad in teacher's job only appearing in "Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Plumber Academy for Idiots", who serves as the main antagonist of the blooper. He teaches Plumbers how to fix pipes; but they always tend to fail. He hates Mario a lot. He only has four students: Mario, SMG4, a person who is just dozing (off) all the time and a student who just plays Tick Tack Toe and always loses.


  • He knows how to speak Japanese because he wrote his name in Japanese.
  • However, just because he wrote "his name" (see below) in Japanese doesn't really mean he can speak Japanese and he might have just been writing sone random Japanese crap on the board (again, see below).
  • Mr. Toad is not to be confused with a character from the novel and Disney movie adaptation Ichabod Crane and Mr. Toad. However, he may be a send-up of him.
  • The word はなく、そのノー translated into romaji meaning Hanaku, Sononoo, meaning Rather, That no

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