The Mushroom Mall is a mall debuting in SM64: Mario gets a Nintendo Switch!.


It is first seen with Mario running to get a Nintendo Switch.

It is seen again in SMG4: AREA 64 when Mario tries to find Bowser a birthday gift.

Later, it appears as the opening setting of SMG4: Mario VS Donkey Kong.

Luigi is seen here trying to choose which tie he should wear, before being attacked by Mario's stampede of bulls. Later, Mario is sent here by Fishy Boopkins with a slingshot, where his other four victims are waiting for him.

Sometime later, the old building of the mall was closed down, and relocated to a newer building in New Exton. The old building later would be repurposed into a convention centre, as seen in SMG4: The Mario Convention!.

The old building returns in SMG4: Lord Of The Memes, now called the Mall Of Moria, where Mario, Bob Bobowski, Fishy Boopkins and Luigi go to escape Mario Head's Kermit soldiers.



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