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A long time ago, in a galaxy full of
hobos, far, far away...

—The opening phrase

Mushroom Wars: That Space Series? is a miniseries of videos created by SuperMarioGlitchy4. This series a parody of the Star Wars saga. The overall plot is an adaptation and retelling of A New Hope.


Act I: The Saga Begins

15994, the princess set out to go infiltrate the planet
weegee and ...then stuff happend

—, The opening monologue

It's the year 15994, and Princess Leia Organa (played by Peach and simply called "princess") sets out to infiltrate the Death Star (also called Planet Weegee or the Weegee Star)", a huge space station under the command of the evil Darth Vader (played by Toad), who arrives in the station to find tourists (consisting of the Happy Mask Salesman from The Legend of Zelda, Zero from Mega Man, Chell from Portal, Finn the Human from Adventure Time, a terrorist, and Tinky Winky) have somehow found their way into the station. After Vader kills HMS (who was the tour guide) Organa is caught, although she manages to distract the guards long enough for R2-D2, carrying a distress message, to flee.

Cut to the planet of Tattoine, where we see Luke Skywalker (played by Mario and called Gaywalker) dancing naked for money. After failing, he heads to his home. Back on the Death Star, while trying to find a way out, R2 runs into C-3PO (played by Luigi and called L3GI), and the two escape in a pod. They crash land in front of Skywalker's house, where a damaged R2 displays the message. The next day, Skywalker and Threepio (who had peed in the wall only to be caught by Skywalker) find that R2 his gone, but they find his tracks. They go out to find him and are eventually attacked by a group of wild Tattooine residents (played by Teletubbies). Suddenly, a strange man saves them. The man brings them back to his house, and says his name is Obi-Wan Kenobi (played by SMG4 and called Hobo-Wan), and that he knew Skywalker's father Anakin (also called Gaywalker), who had been previously his friend during the Jedi order but fell to the dark side. After seeing Organa's message, Kenobi says he must train Skywalker in the ways of the force.

Act II: The Calm Before the Battle

The space invading continues...mario, hobo and the other peeps now need to somehow save the princess. but how? :o

—The second act begins

So as expected, Skywalker is failing his Jedi training. Kenobi ends up running out of live Teletubbies to use as practice dummies, and Skywalker says he isn't ready to save the princess and that he needs to go back to his farm, only to find that the Teletubbies burned it down. Back on the Death Star, Vader is interrogating Organa, however, she distracts Vader with a sandwich.

Back at Tatooine, the gang comes to a town in search of a pilot. Kenobi takes them to a gay bar, where he goes to find pilots. Skywalker, meanwhile, takes some drugs and becomes indistinguishable from the rest of the crowd. After Kenobi plays Baby, Skywalker has a seizure and the gang takes him to their pilots, Han Solo (played by Waluigi and called Han Yolo) and Chewbacca (played by Bowser and called Chewbowsar). Kenobi tells them they need to hit Organa's home planet before they can get to the Death Star. Meanwhile outside, R2 and Threepio run into a trooper then say on the Death Star. Skywalker gets him angry, and the trooper chases them with an RPG. They fly off in the Millenium Falcon, but the trooper shoots a rocket at them. Kenobi then grabs R2's head and uses it as a deflector shield against the rocket. The rocket bounces back and kills the trooper.

Meanwhile, Vader is getting pretty desperate to get the info Organa has. The gang arrives at the location of Organa's home planet, but it miraculously has disappeared. They get a transmission from the Death Star saying that Vader has destroyed the planet, threatening them if they don't surrender. The transmission then gets highjacked by Robotnik from Sonic The Hedgehog showing off some pretty revealing (and disgusting) Yoga moves.


finally the last part and it has cookies!!!

—The end

Sometime later, Skywalker has a nightmare of Vader trying to persuade him to the dark side with the promise that it has cookies. Skywalker wakes up to find Vader is spamming the ship's transmission receiver with a repeating annoying time. Solo, gone crazy, destroys it and collapses. Suddenly, the ship is struck by a tractor beam and begins to be slowly pulled into the station. Kenobi pulls Skywalker aside and tells him there's only one thing he needs to know, how to use the force. He is about to tell him what to do, but the receiver suddenly sparks back to life as the song, now playing even faster starts blaring. Kenobi screams in agony, and Skywalker takes it as how to use the force. The ship crashes into the landing bay, and the gang finds they are surrounded by troopers, albeit oblivious troopers, but still troopers. They send out a bomb with a mask that somehow fools the troopers into thinking it was one of their own. Suddenly, Steve, for some reason pretending to be a trooper, accidentally kicks the bomb away after his disguise falls apart. The bomb lands near Chewbacca's stash of bombs and the landing bay explodes, lighting all the troopers on fire. Vader is informed about it but doesn't seem to care since the trooper's incompetence usually causes their deaths anyway. Meanwhile, Organa, in her cell with an old man in drag, is yelling for help. The old man tells the princess to "use the force", only for her to find her cell door had been unlocked the whole time.

The gang splits up, except for R2 and Threepio, who are told to clean the ship. Skywalker and Kenobi confront Vader, who turns out to be on the toilet. Organa then finds R2 and Threepio, but she completely ignores Threepio and runs to R2. Fed up, Threepio throws Organa into the vacuum of space.

Back to Skywalker and Kenobi, the two and Vader confront each other and prepare to fight. Vader finds his lightsaber isn't working, only to realize he's holding it the wrong way as it slices into his head. Vader flees and Kenobi and Skywalker give chase. After evading them, Vader starts the station's self-destruct. Kenobi tells everyone to get on the ship and finds that Chewie and Solo rescued the old man in drag. As the Death Star begins to fall apart, Vader activates forcefields, blocking the gang's escape. As the doors begin to seal, Skywalker runs off to disable the shields. He gets into the control room and smashes the panels, only for the self destruct countdown to shorten to five minutes.

Skywalker is then ambushed by Vader, who decides the two should duel. He gives Skywalker one last offer to join the dark side, again promising cookies, but this just gets Skywalker angry. Attacking Skywalker again, he reveals he is, in fact, his father. He then gets Skywalker in a chokehold. Skywalker then remembers the force, still thinking all he needed to do was scream. He does so, and Vader loses control and is struck by his own lightsaber. Skywalker then finds the control room again and disables the shield, flying off with the gang as the Death Star explodes (with Vader pulling out a cookie and calling the gang "suckers" before seemingly dying in the explosion at the last second). Kenobi offers to bring the old man in drag to Earth, and he happily obliges. He then takes out a cookie and laughs maniacally, implying he is one with the dark side as the episode abruptly ends.

Differences from the movie

  • Rather than sending Rebel spies to steal the Death Star plans, Leia does this herself.
  • Skywalker has no uncle and aunt.
  • In the movie, the Death Star is destroyed thanks to Skywalker shooting a laser blast at the exhaust port where the core is located. In this parody, Vader instead sets the Death Star to explode to get the gang killed, and Skywalker accidentally shortens the time to 5 minutes.
  • Skywalker and Solo never disguise themselves as Stormtroopers to infiltrate the Death Star.
  • In this parody, Kenobi never died and became one with the Force during his fight with Vader.
  • In the movie, the Empire are the ones to destroy Skywalker's farm, but in this parody, the wild Tatooine residents played by Teletubbies burn it down.
  • Vader tells Skywalker he is his father immediately after Skywalker shortens the Death Star's self-destruct countdown, whereas in the trilogy, he did it in The Empire Strikes Back during his fight with Skywalker.
  • The ship Han Solo owns is the Millennium Falcon but in the parady the ship Waluigi (Han Yolo) owns is a Low Altitude Assault Transport from the Clone Wars series in the same saga.


  • Luigi (as C3PO) (called L3GI)
  • R2-D2 (as himself)
  • Toad (as Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker) (simply Vader, real name Toad Gaywalker)
  • Princess Peach (as Leia Organa) (simply called "Princess")
  • Mario (as Luke Skywalker) (called Mario Gaywalker)
  • SuperMarioGlitchy4 (Obi Wan "Ben" Kenobi) (called Hobo-Wan-Konobo)
  • Waluigi (as Han Solo) (called Han Yolo)
  • Bowser (as Chewbacca) (called Chewbowsa)

Other Characters


  • The three-part structure is likely a reference to the original three films of the Star Wars trilogy. The overall story is mainly based on A New Hope, with elements from The Empire Strikes Back thrown into the mix.
  • The Weegee Star is a parody of the Death Star.
  • The series could also be a reference to the 1987 film Spaceballs, an official parody of Star Wars that was primarily comedic. Albeit, this series more directly adapts the plot of A New Hope.

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