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Mushrooms & Morons: Quest for the Spaghetti of Power is the forty-eighth episode of Season 7 and the TBA overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is also the first episode of the Mushrooms & Morons series. It was aired on December 2, 2017.


Mario the Fighter, Luigi the Ranger, Bowser the Cleric and Toad the Wizard go on an epic journey in the medieval era in search for the Spaghetti of Power!


The video begins with Bowser, Toad, Luigi, and Mario traversing a medieval land. Luigi then happily declared that they found a town but then noticed that the town was beneath them. Mario wanted to give up but Luigi said they were too close to the town to give up. Bowser asked how would they get down with Mario trying to get Toad to cast them a spell. Toad did so but the spell was to set Mario's head on fire, causing him to scream in pain before Bowser cast a healing spell to put out the fire, much to Mario's relief. Luigi then had an idea. He did parkour to get onto one of the town's building roofs before firing an arrow. Mario was impressed but said he found something even better, a helicopter.

Turned out they were playing a board game with SMG4 as the game master. He told Mario he could not spawn in helicopters, although Mario complained that the rules allowed him to spawn anything. SMG4 then corrected him saying that it was only within reason. Luigi then pleaded with SMG4 to have Mario use the helicopter and Bowser reminding him that he had to go in half an hour to kidnap Peach Toadstool. SMG4 relented and allowed the usage of the helicopter to keep the story going.

Once inside the town, Bowser asked what were they doing, which Luigi replied they were trying to find the Spaghetti of Power, which was claimed to bring ultimate might and sexiness. He told the group to split where Mario suddenly tried getting random citizen's attention and burning Morshu in his furnace before meeting Heavy Weapons Guy, a Dovahkiin in the town. Mario insulted him and in response, walked back axed in his face. Toad said he was going to the inn to inquire there and asked if they would like to stay with the genius. Bowser and Luigi looked at Mario who was checking Giga-Bowser's mouth, causing them to go after Toad.

Inside the inn, Toad got the Clerk's attention, who welcomed him to his shop. Toad asked for help for his depression and for the Spaghetti of Power, which the Clerk exclaimed that either he might have heard of it before or it was new to him.

He said that if he got some money, he would reveal the truth. Luigi suggested persuading the Clerk but Toad instead wanted to blow his head out. SMG4 then killed him off after confirming with Toad. In the game, Toad declared he was done but Bowser had an idea. He used a resurrection spell to bring back the Clerk who was understandably shocked to think he was still dead.

Bowser then pretended to be the devil to extract all the information that the Clerk about the Spaghetti of Power, including its location, the abandoned town of Castle Mushron. The Clerk also mentioned how he had never heard of anyone who last stepped into the town and also brought them to the location before asking if he could go now. Luigi said he could so the Clerk went back to the town, just to be run over by Mario in a car he found. SMG4 quickly removed the car from the game, forcing the group to head to the castle on foot.

As they went deeper into Castle Mushron, the spookiness level increased with skeletons observing the group until they reached the castle. Luigi thought it was a bad idea as monsters could be in the castle but Mario shouted "PINGAS!" very loudly. When he got no response, he indicated that it was all good to enter. Inside the castle which was well kept considering the town's state, an injured adventurer told them to quickly flee before it was too late. Mario felt sorry but actually only looted him, Luigi hated it but Mario said that the loot would be useless on a dying man. Just after he said that he got attacked by a spear. Turned out several goblins were ready to eat the group when one of them got hit by the thrown dead adventurer by Mario, who quickly indicated it was Luigi who did it, much to his protest. That only caused the battle to start.

Mario went all-out, easily attacking and killing the masses of goblins. Luigi cried as he was surrounded by two goblins before firing an arrow at them. It missed, causing them to laugh when suddenly, it ricocheted right into the head of one of the goblins, killing him. As Luigi celebrated his lucky streak, another goblin appeared to attack him, scaring Luigi. Toad saw what happened and decided to cast a spell on him, turning his face into of Mario's. The goblin was horrified to realize his face was ugly with another goblin pointing that out, causing the transformed goblin to scream in horror.

Toad then went on to say that the goblin died from his own ugliness, causing Mario to flip him off. As the fighting continued, a goblin managed to stick a sword up Mario's butt, causing him to go wild and crazy in pain, and in the process, kill all the remaining goblins. He asked Bowser to help but the Koopa King said there was no such cure. Instead, he waited until Mario was still before pulling the sword out. The group celebrated their victory except for Mario who was still in pain.

As they entered the dungeon, Mario stepped forward, just for an arrow to take out his mustache and jab it tight onto the wall. As Luigi freaked out as to how they would get past the traps, Toad had an idea. He went to get a dead goblin before throwing him through the corridor to reveal all the traps' location. That gave them the idea to gather all the bodies they could find for trap bait and easily dodge them. In the following corridors, they used such tactics to detect a laser pipe, where the spears would show up, and test how to get through a trapped door easily, although in this case, Mario also used that to play a prank on Toad by asking if there was any treasure and laughing at the outcome, just to have the Mushroom Man immediately throw a chair at him as payback.

As they reached the final corridor, Bowser declared there was only one corpse left for trap testing. Mario threw it across the entire room, just for each trap to go off. Toad, seeing the huge number of traps that awaited them, gave up and started to go back but Luigi told them they just had to remember each trap's position. Mario suddenly screamed: "EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!" and headed to the door, which naturally got him very injured. Luigi, with his archery skills, expertly dodged every trap. Mario was amazed, just to be squashed by a Thwomp meant for Luigi. Toad used his magic to zip across several traps, and Bowser used a self-healing spell to ease through the dungeon.

As they all entered the last room, Luigi asked if the group was alright and they said they were but Mario was missing his head, Bowser was severely injured, and Toad had a sword through his hat. Toad then saw the Spaghetti of Power, causing the group to be amazed. Then, the room shook. Turned out they had one final challenge, to defeat SMG4, who was the dragon guarding the treasure. Mario got everyone to defeat him. Luigi started by firing arrows but they did nothing much but allowed Mario to sneak up upon SMG4. As Luigi was cheering, Toad quickly pushed him out of the way and proceeded to cast that cut down a heavy chandelier, stunning SMG4. Mario then jumped and was about to bring his ax down when suddenly, SMG4 turned around and breathed fire on Mario, shocking Toad and Luigi.

However, Mario was fine due to Bowser healing him. Mario thanked him before bringing his ax on SMG4's back. He found it hurt and proceeded to use a gun to shoot down the group. Although the group complained, SMG4 said it was his game so they had to play by his rules. He then shot down Luigi, Bowser, and Toad and was about to shoot down Mario but not before taunting him. The group then looked at each other before Mario punched SMG4. He then said that was how they won, causing the group to celebrate and flip him off. SMG4, angry then let the group take the Spaghetti of Power. Mario asked what it would do with SMG4 saying it gave +10 to being an asshole, causing everyone to be surprised except Mario who was happy about it instead.


Main Characters

Minor Characters


  • Dragonite (appears as a playing piece on the play table)
  • Bowsur (appears as Bowser's playing piece)
  • Hobo Mario (appears as Mario's playing piece)
  • Luigi Doll (appears as Mario's playing piece)
  • Morshu (appears as the town's blacksmith)
  • Heavy Weapons Guy (appears in the town as a Dovahkiin)
  • Skeletons (appears as Castle Mushron's citizens)
  • Thwomp (appears as dungeon trap)


  • Peach (mentioned by Bowser to remind SMG4 he needed to go soon)

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  • At the end when everyone is giving SMG4 the middle finger, Luigi does the “I had no idea that’s what this machine does” thing from Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • When one of the goblins spots the heroes, he laughs like a Jockey from Left 4 Dead.

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