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The Creature or Mutated Toad Block was a character or characters (depending on your view) who made his/its/their debut in SMG4: Stupid Mario Maker 2 as the main antagonist.


He/It/They has/have a squashed head, the body of a ? Block, the legs of a Bob-omb, and has several other enemies from the Mario franchise jammed into his/it/their sides.


He/It/They were/was created after Mario attempted to bring back a Toad he accidentally deleted, only for the Toad to be reborn as a amalgamation of a bunch of random Mario Maker elements. He/It/They seeked revenge on Mario for turning him into The Creature by taking the Nintendo Switch for himself/themselves. Mario and Luigi follows him only to get attacked on his way by The Creatures creations. Finally Mario and Luigi reaching the final hell-hole level that The Creature had created, Luigi tries it only to completely fail. When Mario tries to clear the level he succeeds and manages to kill The Creature by redirecting a Bullet Bill.


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