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Mama-mia, and I thought I was the last human...

—New Super Duper Mario Plus Ultra, SMG4: The Weegee Uprising

New Super Duper Mario Plus Ultra (NSDMPU for short) was a descendant of Mario in a future that has been taken over by Luigi Dolls.


Like Mario, NSDMPU loved spaghetti, which was how Luigi was able to tell that he was related to his brother. However, unlike his ancestor, who was mentally retarded, he is much smarter, and makes elaborate plans. He is shown to be willing to sacrifice himself to save his grandfather and his friends from the Weegees, not unlike how Luigi himself would try to sacrifice himself to save Mario.


At some point during the Weegee Doll Invasion, Mario survived the usurpation of the Mushroom Kingdom by the sentient Weegee Dolls led by Defective Weegee. At some point, after this, he had a child, which gave birth to several other generations of Marios, with New Super Duper Mario Plus Ultra being the latest of them, although he was somewhat upset at the thought of being the last living human in a planet filled to the brim with Weegees.

After his grandfather's brother, Luigi and his friends, Fishy Boopkins and Shroomy, were freed after being frozen in a freezer for 500 years and were discovered by the Weegees, NSDMPU saved them by knocking the Weegees out with Bullet Bills and fled in his car. He is very happy to see his "Grandpa Luigi", and takes him and the others to his hideout. Here, NSDMPU demonstrates his love for spaghetti, just like his ancestor. He also tells the trio about how Professor E. Gadd's descendants tried to build a time machine, and while they succeeded, the Weegees attacked and killed them, as well as infesting E. Gadd Labs. By making a very elaborate plan, they succeeded in getting inside the lab and distract the Weegees. Upon activating the time machine, however, all the Weegees overhear the commotion. While Luigi and his friends set the time back to 500 years before the invasion, NSDMPU held the Weegees off, allowing the others to escape back to 2019. Before leaving, Luigi bids farewell to his grandson before the latter was overpowered and presumably killed by the Weegees.

After Shroomy destroyed the Defective Weegee that caused the invasion, the future timeline was erased, taking NSDMPU along with it.


  • He is a parody of Ellen Ripley from Alien franchise.
  • NSDMPU's voice is rougher and deeper than his ancestor.
  • NSDMPU is the seventh character whose death was taken seriously, the first six being King Bob-omb, his son, Pete, Clone Mario, Desti and Francis.
  • Although New Super Duper Mario Plus Ultra refers Luigi as his grandfather, Luigi is actually his great-uncle, since NSDMPU was Mario's great grandson and Mario was the older brother of Luigi.
  • It is unknown which woman Mario got intimate with to even conceive a child and therefore lead to the 5 new generations of Marios (and therefore NSDMPU) to even exist. It might have possibly been Princess Peach, considering their history, but since they dislike each other sometimes in the main timeline and even ended their relationship, it makes her a plausible choice.
  • NSDMPU's existence is what allowed the SMG4 series to continue on, as if he didn't exist Luigi, Shroomy, and Fishy Boopkins would never been able to time travel back to stop the events of SMG4: The Weegee Uprising.

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