New Super Mario World is a game by Nintendo in the SMG4Verse.




Console: Nintendo Switch

Buttons: Start, Control Stick (Unknown)

Controllers: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Update

Mario updated the models in the game so some changes were made.

The Update - Progress

While updating the game there were some things Mario didn't like when he was changing this, Example the background.

Backgrounds: Landscape, Welcome to the rice field motherfucker.

The Update - Changes

These are the changes that were made in the update:

Background: Fire

Character: Cave Man King Boi

The Update - Characters

  • Cave Man King Boi

"Nintendo" Direct

On the "Nintendo" Direct the game was featured and we got to see even more changes!

"Nintendo" Direct - Name

The Name of the game was changed to New Super Flappycraft Party Modern Warfare & Knuckles 3D.

Funky Mode

On the "Nintendo" Direct it's seen that they added a New Funky Mode.

"Nintendo" Direct - Characters

  • Bad Guy

"Nintendo" Direct - Music

A worse version of the Mario theme, Worse version of Megalovania.

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