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I am not a FAILURE!! WE are the REAL Meme Guardians! We are so close to creating the PERFECT universe! The power of the God Box... IS SUPPOSED TO BE OURS!!!!!

—Niles to SMG0, SMG4 Movie: Revelations

My own universe with my own avatar. Nice and peaceful... Just like it used to be.

—Niles (as Zero) revealing his goals, SMG4: The Final Piece

Niles was the overarching antagonist of the SMG4 series. For most of the series, he masqueraded as his partner and friend, SMG0, after he fused with him against his will and served as the conscious, evil half of their fusion: an interdimensional virus called Zero.

He served as the unseen overarching antagonist of the first ten seasons and The YouTube Arc and the main antagonist of Season 11 and Season 12, serving as the unseen overarching antagonist of the Genesis Arc Prelude and the main antagonist of the SMG4 Cosmology Lore

Created as an artificial Super Meme Guardian created by the God Box, Niles' purpose to assist SMG0 and his avatar Fred in maintaining their universe. However, corrupted by the God Box to achieve power and perfection, he eventually killed Fred and fused with SMG0 against his will, becoming a malevolent virus who travels across the multiverse in order to create his "perfect universe". After inhabiting an abandoned cathedral within the Dark Web in the Mushroom Kingdom, he kidnapped many recolored Marios and stripped them of their souls, reducing them to faceless husks in his search for the real Mario.

Despite being defeated and presumably killed in War of the Fat Italians 2021, it was revealed in SMG4: Absolute Betrayal that he survived and infected Melony's mind. In his true form as Niles, he first appeared in SMG4: Mario Suffers Infinite Detention as a minor antagonist and was in detention with Mario, SMG4, Meggy, and Melony. Despite usually seen as picking on Melony and getting her in trouble, he had a great interest in helping her to control her deity powers in order to unleash the God Box. It was revealed in SMG4: Absolute Betrayal, that he is the consciousness of Zero and had survived his previous defeat by inhabiting Melony's mind making it so that only she could see and hear him, and eventually possessed her after revealing his true identity.

In the SMG4 Movie: REVELATIONS, Niles (Zero) finally perishes in an explosion along with SMG0, due the meme energy bomb created by SMG1 and SMG2 to destroy the God Box, while fused together, intending to find Fred in the next life.


Niles, despite being a Super Meme Guardian to his avatar Fred, has a much more detailed appearance to reference his role of being an articifially created SMG, unlike the rest of his kind. He has gray skin with black shoes and red laces. He wears black pants and a purple-gray hoodie with grey stripes. He has a red hat with white hair that fades to lilac at the bottom, covering part of his face. He also appears to have bandages on his arms.

In SMG4: Absolute Betrayal, his true form is shown to be a cyclops, seeing that he has no left eye, thus explaining why it has always been covered up by his fringe. His true eye is also the same as his fused form, only that the pupil is much thinner.

In SMG4 Movie: REVELATIONS, his appearance remains the same, albeit with his eye being positioned back to the right, with his fringe once again covering his face's left side. In some shots, his eye turns into his Zer0 eye.


Niles appeared to be coolheaded and rebellious, given how he often ends up in detention and enjoys picking on others, especially Melony due to her naivety and goody two-shoes personality, but is also sarcastic and obnoxious as he makes jokes about politics (making him an absolute anarchist) and has no problem giving openly rude opinions to others when he feels like it, such as when he tells Mario his speech in the cafeteria was terrible despite being the only one to cheer.

Despite this, he is also interested in teaching Melony about her powers due to her belief that her class isn't helping by attempting to get her mad and telling her to focus on her rage to help others, which is strangely in contrast with his usually disinterested and callous opinion of others.

However, it was later revealed that he was only helping Melony so she could properly control her powers enough to open a portal leading to the God Box and possessed her after revealing his true identity.

It was later revealed in SMG4 Movie: REVELATIONS that he was created by the God Box to aid the real SMG0 in saving his universe. However he felt something wrong as the God Box's influence worked its way into his mind and when he went to the box to try and fix the problem, it further corrupted him with its power, making him willing to harm other universes just to save his and SMG0's own and in the process also made him become incredibly cataclysmic, heinous, serious and malevolent. When his plan proved futile, he lost all hope of having the new universe he wanted for himself and SMG0, but his partner assured him it wasn't hopeless if they were simply together, freeing Niles of the box's corruption and journeyed with SMG0 into the beyond to find Fred again in the next life.

In the end, Niles was an individual with a good goal, but he went too far in trying to accomplish this. He truly did care about SMG0 and his universe, as shown in Revelations when he said he was building the "perfect universe just for them". Niles only cared about creating the perfect universe, not caring about the destruction of other universes in the process of creating it. SMG0 was able to show him that the only thing that mattered was that they were together.

Criminal Record

Being a highly destructive and dangerous being, Niles (in his Eldritch Zero form) has comitted countless, horrible crimes over his journey to create a new universe which resulted in destruction of a lot of universes whilst fused with the real SMG0.

  • Mass Omnicide: Has destroyed and corrupted other universes in the past, likely resulting in the deaths of trillions.
  • Mass Brainwashing: Forcefully turned the Mario Recolors into mindless zombies and turned Axol into his vessel in order to find and convert Mario, also brainwashed Melony to get the God Box and refuse with SMG0 again in the Revelations Arc.
  • Psychological Torture: Placed Mario, SMG4 and SMG3 within a mind torture simulation and tortured Melony with warped apparitions of her friends while possessing her.
  • Grand Theft Animarum: Stole the souls of countless Mario recolors.
  • Kidnapping: He has done this on multiple occasions:
    • He kidnapped many Mario recolors, SMG3, SMG4, and even the real Mario.
    • He trapped Mario, SMG3 and SMG4 into The Backrooms, and immediately afterwards trapped them inside of SMG3's Guardian Pod.
    • He captured the unconscious Mario and countless memes to create his new universe.
  • Attempted Murder: Despite his goal of finding a new avatar, Niles has attempted homicide on multiple occassions, especially on the Super Meme Guardians due to seeing them as "wannabee SMGs".
    • After failing to convert Spudnick, he made an attempt on SMG2's life twice.
    • He threatened to choke SMG3 and SMG4 to death if they didn't hand over Mario.
    • After mutating Axol further, he tried to crush SMG1 and SMG2 to death, only for SMG3 and SMG4 to intervene.
    • While possessing Melony, he attempted to kill SMG3 and SMG4 with her sword.


Fused With SMG0 (and Axol)

Niles (when fused with SMG0) is one of the most powerful characters, if not the most powerful character in the SMG4 series. He is the most imposing of all the villains that SMG4's Gang has ever faced, far surpassing Waluigi and SMG3 who both gained superpowers during their own arcs while causing more destruction than the rest of the villains combined. Niles and SMG0's combined powers are so great that SMG3 and SMG4 both considered him to be a god due to his corruptive power:

  • Genius-Level Intelligence: He is demonstrated to be able to turn any given situation into a strategy to initiate his goals. He is also shown to be able to know how to use the Guardian Pods with ease.
  • Zombification: Zero/Niles can turn the Mario Recolors into zombies and control them.
  • Retrocognition: Unlike SMG4 and SMG3, Zero/Niles does remember his past, and Zero/Niles can show Mario his backstory upon utterance of the word "witness".
  • Limb control: Zero/Niles is able to control limbs in his body. They are able to act under Zero's/Niles' control even when they are cut off, and retain their abilities. For example, in SMG4: The Other Universe, when Zero was holding the door up to escape from its pod, its arm was cut off in the process and was able to act independent without the main body.
  • Meme Corruption: Zero/Niles can corrupt memes, turning them blue, making them very hostile and work under his control.
  • Life-force absorption: Zero/Niles is able to absorb life-force from any being that can even kill the user that had its life-force drained away or control them.
  • Assimilation: With a simple touch, Niles is able to assimilate over any being he desires. He assimilated such beings like Axol, Melony and most importantly, the true SMG0
  • Teleportation: Zero/Niles was able to take Mario, SMG4 and SMG3 back to Dark Web in SMG4: Mario and The Backrooms even though SMG3 was in an entirely different dimension.
  • Mutation: Zero/Niles can mutate his host's body to resemble his true form. This ability was shown when Axol suddenly mutated in front of SMG4, Mario and SMG3 in SMG4: Mario and The Backrooms.
  • Duplication: As shown in SMG4: MARIOS OKAY, every time someone punches SMG0's/Niles' eye, the eye can duplicate itself. A theory is that there can be infinitely many eyes if someone punches them enough times.
  • Thought prison: He can mentally interfere with people in a world of thoughts, but there is escape from this world with the power of memes.
  • Telekinesis: Can levitate objects and throw them away.
  • Choking Telekinesis: He is able to use telekinesis while choking a person who is floating seen in SMG4: The Final Piece.

Apparition Form

Niles originally debuted as an apparition to Melony, after latching onto her following the destruction of Eldritch Ax0l. He claimed to be have great power as he "dabbled in some power training", however this was proven false as he could only make Melony do things for him while inside her mind. Even as an apparition, he is still able to use certain abilities due to existing in Melony's mindscape:

  • Possession: In SMG4: War of the Fat Italians 2021, after being seperated from SMG0, he immediately latched onto Melony to plot his return. He posed as a college student to earn her trust and was manipulating her actions unconsciously, making fight Swag and Chris without realizing it and made her sleepwalk to the Box Club Leader to make him believe Melony is his "messiah". However, unlike Axol, she was not mutated by his possession - likely due Niles' lacking the power of the God Box and having lost SMG0's power as well.
  • Intangibility: Due to existing in Melony's mind, he is capable of walking through physical obstructions such as cage bars.
  • Invisibility: As he is inside Melony's mind, he is completely non-existent to everyone besides her, allowing him to freely taunt anyone without consequence and passing the blame onto Melony if he feels like it.
  • Illusions: While Niles isn't seen performing them, it is implied that he did so to Melony by making her think he was fighting against Swag and Chris in detention when he is possessing her body. This extends to his actions, speech, and interactions with her, making it look like Melony is reacting to nothing and doing things by herself to other people's point of view. His interactions with food, objects, and tools are implied to be created by him to keep his cover within Melony's sight or not. This seems to be exclusive to only Melony, however, as he is completely inside her mind and others can't see him.

True Form

In his physical form, Niles displays great power regardless of not having SMG0's power combined with his own:

  • Fusion: With the power of the God Box, he can fuse with SMG0 to become Eldritch Zero, an extremely powerful monstrous form with his consciousness in control.
  • Dimension Creation: He was able to create the Internet Graveyard to balance the meme life cycle, with help from SMG0 and Fred.
  • Meme Manipulation: Despite being an artificial SMG created by the God Box, he still posssess the same powers as the other meme guardians and he was able to use SMG0's Guardian Pod to travel to the God Box alone, proving his status as a meme guardian.


As Eldritch Zero

  • Guardian Pods: Since his fused form with SMG0 is a virus, he is vulenrable to the power of the Guardian Pods since they each contain an anti-virus. Unfortunately, if the Guardian Pod has a limited subscription, he will eventually break free.
  • Host dependence: If the host he's possessing is killed, he and SMG0 will separate back into their true forms, as shown when Melony killed Axol.
  • Meme Manipulation: As Eldritch Zero, while meme energy can't damage him, it can push him back. His own meme powers seems to be weaker than the combined strength of two SMGs, since absorbed SMG0's power into himself rather than working together.
  • Fierce Deity: The Fierce Deity seems to be the only thing poweful enough to rival Zero at full power. With it, Melony can oppose his corruptive power and is capable of causing actual damage to him, enough that it can free others trapped inside of Zero's mindscape, something that isn't possible otherwise.



Many years before the events of Super Mario 64 Bloopers Short: The Cake Is a Lie!, SMG0 used his Guardian Pod to travel to the Great Beyond and meet with the God Box, where he asked for its help and it responded by creating an artificial meme guardian named Niles. Together with Niles, SMG0 was able to create the Internet Graveyard where the dead memes could be cleansed and thus created the meme life cycle, thus restoring peace to their universe.

However, Niles considered their universe and even himself to be "imperfect" and went to extreme and lethal actions to create the "perfect universe", which ended up with him using the God Box to kill Fred and then merge with the unwilling SMG0 to create their merged form as a virus: Zero.

After this, Zero (with Niles being in control of the combined form) used SMG0's Guardian Pod and landed in Toytoy Kingdom, where he finds and attacks SMG1 and SMG2 before he turns his attention to their avatar: Spudnick. Seeing an opportunity, Zero grabs Spudnick and attempts to convert him into his avatar but ends up accidentally killing him instead from the strain, causing the good part (the real SMG0) to plea "HELP..." in despair. Out of anger, Niles tries to attack the other two but SMG1 manages to distract him while SMG2 evacuates all the citizens of their universe into SMG1's Guardian Pod while the former uses Zero's own to trap him with the antivirus. However, Zero's arm (still holding Niles' consciousness) is able to escape and follow them into the next universe.

What happened following this is unknown, but at some point he managed to lose One and Two's trail and hide in an abandoned cathedral inside the Dark Web. After learning what game this new universe was based from, he would spend the next ten years searching for Mario, with the intent of making him his new avatar and began kidnapping the Mario Recolors until he found the real Mario. He was also the reason why Shadow Meggy came to be, as she caused the negative emotions to build-up within her in the first place, and the trip to Port Aurora came to be, in the attempt to defuse the negative emotions within her.

SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special

Niles/Zero first impacts the plot at the party by locking SMG3 out of the Internet Graveyard, thus causing all the memes he took with him to the party to become corrupted, forcing the gang to fight them, where they lose inevitably. While most of the gang managed to escape after the fight, Mario, SMG4, SMG3, X and FM are abducted and taken to an abandoned cathedral.

At the cathedral, SMG4, SMG3 and Mario see FM and X being turned into lifeless husks by Zero, and found other lifeless Mario recolors on the cathedral floor. Desperate, they managed to escape from the cathedral, before Mario was then captured by Zero. Trying to find any form of communication, SMG4 and SMG3 ventured into the Dark Web valley, later stealing live-stream equipment for any contact.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang managed to escape the castle with the help of SMG1 and SMG2, where they were trying to get SMG4's attention to warn them about Zero, and that they had escaped before Zero followed them. SMG1 and SMG2 proceeded to tell how the only way to defeat it is by using a Guardian Pod, the USB that both SMG4 and SMG3 used to arrive in the Mushroom Kingdom. SMG4 realized that he threw his away by mistake, so he claimed that he didn't know where it was. SMG3 then suggested that they use his Guardian Pod, which was still stuck in the field it landed in.

However, SMG4 and SMG3 were kidnapped again, and SMG2 advised them to keep their avatar safe. Back at the cathedral, Zero began to absorbed Mario's life energy, causing SMG4 and SMG3 to shriek in pain. Fortunately, the gang managed to rescue them and with their help, SMG1 and SMG2 contained Zero once and for all. Zero, being contained, produced a black hole sucking SMG1 and SMG2, and Mario, their avatar, was freed.

Soon, the Mario recolors are brought back to life, now living in the established township of Bloopersville. With peace returned, SMG4, along with help from FM and X, decides to form the "Meme Machine" (which is just the three stacked on top of each other, with FM holding a boom mic and SMG4 holding a camera) to cleanse the corrupt memes before giving them back to SMG3.

However, in the epilogue before the credits, the Guardian Pod containing Zero had its anti-virus subscription expired, causing a disturbance in the cathedral, implying Zero's return.

SMG4: SMG4 Goes Insane

Zero makes a short appearance (and a few mentions) in SMG4: SMG4 Goes Insane, where it had been revealed by Princess Peach that for the past two episodes, SMG4 had not come out of the basement after the events occurring in the 10th year anniversary, most specifically implied to be Zero itself had driven SMG4 to insanity. Mario, after being asked by Peach, ventures down into the basement to see SMG4 making some sort of conspiracy theory board about "the Avatar", and on one of the pictures, Zero is seen in the middle with writing engraved on the board.

Near the end of the episode, a gigantic eye (which is later revealed to be a form of Zero) appears behind the crowd and attempts to corrupt Mario & SMG4 using green binary. After Mario encourages SMG4 by saying "dying is gay", where Zero becomes immediately overpowered before being thrown out by SMG4's innermost spirit.

SMG4: Into the Dark Web

Zero makes another appearance at the very end of the video, where its eye drone appears right behind SMG3's guardian pod. When Bob Bobowski ignored the expired anti-virus subscription, Zero's eye (still controlled by Niles) follows Bob before ominously looking at the viewer before uttering the word "witness", hinting at Zero returning in another episode.

SMG4: The Other Universe

After SMG4 and Mario discovered the truth of what happened, at the end, Zero's eye can be seen controlling the USB's system into sending his USB, where his full body is kept, across the deserted world of the Toytoy Kingdom supposedly to the Mushroom Kingdom.

SMG4: The Day HE Arrived.

After the events of The Other Universe, SMG0’s Guardian Pod enters the Mushroom Kingdom, where it crash lands into a field. Zero's eye proxy then forced Professor E. Gadd at knifepoint to build a cloning machine, which creates a mass-production of Shrek clones. After one of these clones kidnapped Mario, SMG4 and Axol gave chase. The Shrek clone was headed to Zero's Guardian Pod, and proceeded to use SMG4 to gain access and open the door. After Professor E. Gadd screamed for help, Zero's eye rushed to get inside the Guardian Pod, only to be crushed by Mario's foot.

However, since the Guardian Pod door was left open, Niles' consciousness returned to his main Zero form. He attempted to pull Mario into the Guardian Pod, but quick intervention from SMG4 and Axol prevented Niles from having his way. SMG4 debated with Mario and Axol about ways to get rid of the USB. However, Axol soon pointed out the Guardian Pod was gone and SMG4 noticed that Niles/Zero was trying to flank them and rushed at Mario. SMG4 luckily pushed Mario out of the way, however this put Axol in line of Zero's attack, resulting in him getting trapped inside instead of Mario. Realizing that he got the wrong guy, Niles decides to take advantage of this situation and tapped Axol's forehead, making his eyes go blank.

Meanwhile on the outside, Mario and SMG4 were trying desperately to pry the Guardian Pod open, when all of a sudden it rose up into the air. The Guardian Pod then threw Axol out, and travelled to the top of Peach's Castle. Unsure of what to do, Mario and SMG4 brought Axol back to the castle while everyone else gathered out front to see SMG0's Guardian Pod floating above the castle, shocking everyone. However, Axol suddenly appeared beside them as if nothing had happened. When questioned on what happened, he claimed he didn't remember and said he had to get back to his "japanese comics" and walked away with an unnatural look in his eyes.

SMG4: Doomsday but Mario is Okay

Not trusting the USB, SMG4 orders the gang to take shelter in an underground bunker to keep Mario safe. Meanwhile, Chris and Swagmaster proceed to try and destroy the USB with a nuke, but Princess Peach prevents them from doing so because this would also blow up her castle. Swagmaster manages to kick Peach into a cannon, where she was launched into the sky. When the nuke blew up, the castle was destroyed, but the USB wasn't apparently due to its immunity. Axol, and then Mario were also transported into a toilet with a green glow and binary coming out of it, hinting that Zero had used Axol to kidnap Mario.

SMG4: Mario and The Backrooms

Upon being transported through the toilet, Mario woke up to find himself inside a series of backrooms, set up by Niles to try to get him to the Dark Web. After the avatar encountered SMG4 and SMG3, who also ended up in the area after being sucked through the toilet, Niles/Zero presumably sent SCP-682 into the area to force the three into an elevator, taking them to the cathedral where they fought him in SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special.

Through his control of Axol, Niles welcomed the SMGs and Mario while letting them know that the backrooms were simply a way to get them to the "main event." Despite the axolotl's resistance, Niles/Zeero was able to fully possess Axol and use him to throw SMG4 at SMG3's USB, located inside the cathedral at the time. Subsequently, SMG4 was sucked into the device alongside SMG3 and Mario as the Niles-controlled Axol grinned maniacally.


Zero's eyes tortures Mario, SMG4, SMG3 in a mind torture simulation and when they break free, Zero finally gets ahold of Mario.

SMG4: The Final Piece

Zero/Niles held Mario hostage against the guardians, whilst transforming deeper, until he was forced to face off against the force of the gang. Eventually, he managed to gather all of the meme energy to build his "perfect universe" for himself and SMG0. He then mutated Axol further into a gigantic form without any legs, closely resembling Niles' true Eldritch Zero form.

SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2021

Zero, still in Axol's body, brings Mario to the portal in the sky, and SMG1 and SMG2 keep Zero busy while SMG4, SMG3 and the rest of the gang go into the portal to save Mario. However, SMG4 falls into one of the portals, transporting him to a peaceful and calm universe that Zero talked about in the previous blooper. However, Zero has made a evil Mario clone to battle the SMG4 gang in many diverse challenges. After completing all of the challenges, the gang arrives at the center of Niles/Zero's new universe and notice Mario being used as the core for this new reality.

SMG4 rushes to save him but a huge shadow blocks him and SMG4 looks up in horror to see the true form of Niles and SMG0's fusion: Eldritch Zero. Still in control of their fusion, Niles laughs at SMG4's attempt as he reverts to his Eldritch Ax0l form and then uses Mario's crystal to create Shadow Mario and orders it to destroy them all. Everyone becomes hopeless on how they can defeat Zero but Melony encourages everyone to fight and thus the battle begins.

Melony is able to break Mario out of his crystal with Saiko and Meggy's help, causing the new universe to collapse. Enraged, Niles orders the corrupted memes to attack them but SMG3 and SMG4 use their meme powers to empower their avatar and before Zero can stop them, SMG1 and SMG2 arrive to hold him back while Mario awakens and absorbs the meme energy, turning him into a gigantic form with his SMGs on his shoulders.

With the gang's help, Mario is able to hold Ax0l in place while Melony goes inside of Niles' mindscape where he finds the real Axol. Desperately trying to free him, Axol tells Melony its no use and back outside, Zero tries to break loose. Realizing that they will all die if Zero regains control, Axol asks Melony to kill him as this will take Zero with him. Heartbroken, Melony refuses before she responds to Axol's question of being his girlfriend with a "yes". After kissing him, Axol thanks her for the adventure and Melony very reluctantly does what he asks of her.

Outside, Eldritch Ax0l screams in agony as he disintergrate killing Axol and, supposedly, Zero as well. While everyone celebrates and Melony breaks the news to them all, nobody notices that Zero wasn't destroyed but simply split back between his two halves: Niles and the real SMG0. The true SMG0 flies off and ends up inside of a remnant of his old universe. Angered that he lost SMG0, Niles decides to infect Melony and use her to plan his return...

SMG4: Mario has a BBQ but he's not invited

While Zero did not appear at all in the episode, he was briefly mentioned by SMG4 when he said that the whole gang was fighting "a literal god".

SMG4: If Mario Was In... Nickelodeon

SMG0 makes a non-physical cameo as an Among Us Crewmate replacing one of Jimmy Neutron's 0s.

SMG4: To Become A God

Melony was practicing her sword skills on some wooden Eldritch Ax0l dummies. He also referenced by a Coca-Cola poster named "Zero" causing Melony to destroy it.


Zero makes a cameo appearance (in his Ax0l form) on the thumbnail of WOTFI 2021. He is once again referenced by Melony, who after watching an episode of Sesame Street with the word "zero" said in it, she throws her computer away, as it reminds her of Zero.

SMG4: Mario Suffers Infinite Detention

Having possessed Melony's mind at the end of the Genesis Arc, Niles finally appears in detention pretending to be a student with Mario, Meggy, SMG4, and Melony. After noticing Melony, Niles throws a softball at her, much to her annoyance.

Later when Mario attempts to escape detention and is chased by Swagmaster, Mario is captured while Niles keeps harassing Melony. After making Swag think Melony keeps throwing paper airplanes at him to get her into trouble, Swagmaster attempts to attack her.

When Niles encouraged Melony to fight back and saw how weak she was, he taught her how to control her powers by focusing her energy as he did so by freeing Mario to help fight back.

After seeing how Mario and his friends were placed on janitorial duty until graduation, Niles was shown laughing at them and called them suckers.

SMG4 Christmas Special 2021

Niles is seen watching a Christmas musical at Omnia Academy. After Mario crashes on Soldier, he was the only person in the audience that wasn't shown with a shocked expression (in fact, he's quite amused).

SMG4: Mario Waits For The Bus

Eldritch Zero makes a cameo in framed images which were targets as part of a throwing game in the "One-eyed Monster Carnival."

SMG4: All Mario Wants Is Absolute 𝓟 𝓞 𝓦 𝓔 𝓡

Niles mainly serves as a background character here, only to annoy people, sarcastically asking for people to vote him because he has zero experience. The only "impact" he has in the video is to call Melony a baby so that she would get mad enough to run over Swag.

SMG4: Mario's Bus Trip

Niles once again joins Mario and the gang on the bus trip, bullying Melony for the first half of the trip. As Melony tries to save Bob and Boopkins from falling off the bus, he tells her to use her deity powers. Later, while the gang is attacked by a group of bears, he tells Melony to focus and use her powers again, and this time she is successful. After that, he revealed his real name to Melony and told her that he wants to help her, teaching her his first lesson to expect the unexpected after shocking her with a joy buzzer when putting his hand out for a handshake.

SMG4: Mario and The God Box

Niles helps Melony train her deity powers. He shows a slightly more sympathetic side to her before quickly backpedaling on his words and telling her to do 100 push-ups. As he's telling her to visualize her deity form, he notices that he's about to be hit by a meme bullet and panics, but is saved by Melony who instinctively activated her deity mode. Niles congratulates her and remarks that it just took him being in "mortal peril" for her to tap into her abilities.

Later, he tells Melony to activate her deity mode again while she's fighting the Box Club. After that nearly resulted in Melony seriously hurting SMG3, Niles found Melony alone and reassured her that she's getting stronger and that her "fish boyfriend" would be proud. Melony can only respond with a despondent "maybe."

SMG4: Absolute Betrayal

Niles appears in a cage along with SMG4's Gang after Melony wakes up after being taken by the Box Club. Melony called him out, and the rest of the gang are completely confused as to who she is calling. At that moment Melony realizes that Niles exists only in her mind as he wickedly smiles and walks through the cage towards her. When Melony asks Niles who he is, he responds by lifting his bangs to reveal he only has one eye which then shifts to the center of his fact and turns red with a white "slashed zero" pupil, revealing that Niles is Zero, having survived his previous defeat.

Melony is enraged that she was tricked by her archnemesis and transforms into her deity form only to be possessed by Niles. He uses her deity powers to open a portal to The Great Beyond and gets on the spaceship, which the Box Club leader made using SMG3 and SMG4's meme converting ability. Niles and the Box Club leader fly through the portal to the God Box.


Niles, who possessed Melony, travelled to, opened, and entered the God Box using Melony's deity powers to search for his other half: the real SMG0. After a spaceship battle with SMG3, SMG4 and Mario, the two meme guardians used the anti-meme energy to create a powerful yet unstable bomb, which blew all of them up, causing them all to crash land in a remnant of the Mage universe, where SMG0 ended up.

When Melony was struggling to regain control of her possessed body, even resisting a series of nightmares that Niles sent towards her, she stumbled across a computer that began playing the backstory of SMG0 and Niles.

It was revealed that Niles was originally created by the God Box to help SMG0 with his corrupted memes, the two of them creating the Internet Graveyard together. After that, the latter sought the magical box himself. Despite their initial friendship, Niles felt that something was wrong with himself. Thus, he craved immense power so that he could create the perfect universe for himself and SMG0. The God Box granted him powers, and he ended up killing Fred, SMG0's avatar. Despite SMG0's pleas, Niles assured them they would create the perfect universe together as the Gox Box struck them both and merged the two into a corrupted form, with Niles being the dominant half: Eldritch Zero.

Later, after reaching the remannt of SMG0's old universe, Melony managed to reclaim her deity powers from and resist possession by Niles. He reverted to his physical form and was able to successfully fuse with SMG0 yet again. With his powers as Eldritch Zero back, Niles began to fight SMG3, SMG4, Mario, and Melony as they prepared to escape the God Box. Although the two SMGs and Mario were able to fix their craft with help from Terrance and escape SMG0's remnant universe, Niles gave chase and eventually destroyed the ship by throwing a broken universe remnant at it. Afterwards, SMG3 sacrificed Terrance to turn Mario into a giant Mario Head using meme energy, allowing himself, SMG4 and Mario to defeat the anti-memes and leave the God Box. Melony delivered a couple blows that weakened Niles' control of SMG0.

Freed from his chains, SMG0 found Niles inside of the mindscape as he was desperately trying to stop the others from escaping. SMG0 pleaded for him to let them leave but Niles angrily claimed that they were the real meme guardians and that he would fix it all for them. Just as Niles was about to drag SMG4 and the others into certain doom with them, SMG0 got in the way and forced Eldritch Zero to stop his attack. Realizing that this was the end, Niles claimed that he and SMG0 were supposed to be together in their new universe but SMG0 assured Niles that just being together was enough, finally bringing peace to Niles and by extension, Zero. As the two journeyed to find Fred again in the next life, Zero allowed the others to escape while it fell back into the God Box where it was destroyed, thus ending the threat of the God Box once and for all.


  • He is voiced by Michael Kovach who also voices N in Murder Drones.
  • His body shape and size almost resemble that of Axol.
  • Before his name was revealed, many assumed that he was originally Kaizo Koorumaniru but according to FM/Cube, this character is not Kaizo.
  • In SMG4: All Mario Wants Is Absolute 𝓟 𝓞 𝓦 𝓔 𝓡 he said: "No vote for me! I have zero experience!", which could be interpreted as criticism towards politicians in general.
    • Some fans interpreted him saying zero in the sentence above as a reference to SMG0, which did turn out to be true.
  • He's apparently fine with eating whatever comes out of the trash, as he's perfectly happy to eat an old boot that came into his tray. This makes him similar to SMG1 and SMG2 as they all have very poor standards for food as the latter two considered eating out of the dumpster as a "buffet".
  • Niles is easily the darkest villain in the series, due to the fact that unlike Francis, he possesses very few comedic moments and also commits far more heinous crimes in multiple omnicides, a length which only Ztar managed to get even slightly close to and even then Ztar has comedic moments as well. He had his first comedic moment in SMG4: MARIOS OKAY MARIOS OKAY MARIOS OKAY MARIOS OKAY MARIOS OKAY MARIOS OKAY MARIOS OKAY, where he first shared the comedic moment while the main characters are mind-controlled, and that he was slowly corrupted into a power-hungry maniac.
  • He's the only major character whose club is unknown. That's because he's technically nonexistent due to residing in Melony's mind, so he doesn't actually have a club.
  • At first, he's only consistently had direct interactions with Melony, as the other characters barely acknowledge his presence.
    • This has led some to theorize that he is only in Melony's imagination, as he has never been acknowledged as existing by other characters, and there is only one time so far (when Niles blames Melony to Swagmaster) where someone other than Melony may have noticed his presence, although some people still think that it was actually just Melony throwing things at Swag absentmindedly. This theory along with Niles being related to 0 were both proven true in SMG4: Absolute Betrayal as it was revealed that Niles was in fact only visible to Melony, He also removed the hair on his face revealing him to only have one eye that became a red eye with a 0 shaped pupil.
  • Strangely, Niles shares a few similarities with SMG0 (leading to many fans theorizing that he is related to SMG0 in some way). Similarities and interesting trivia include:
    • His hands have three digits, similar to the hands of SMG0.
    • The first part of "Niles" is "nil", which is a synonym for zero.
    • Only one eye is visible as his hair covers the area where his left eye should be.
    • Nothing is known about his backstory or motivations, and he has only interacted with Melony - the one who defeated, and possibly killed, SMG0.
    • He somehow knows much about Melony and her powers, despite her being a new student at Omnia Academy.
      • He also knows about SMG3 and that he is an idiot, which seemingly makes little sense as he should not know about SMG3.
      • He also knows about Axol and that he was Melony's boyfriend, which also makes little sense.
    • It was revealed in SMG4 Movie: REVELATIONS that Niles is God Box's creation.
    • Given that he did encounter SMG4's gang, Melony and SMG3 a few times and did possess Axol whilst in his Zer0 form, it would make sense.
  • He is the third OC to have his name originally hidden and later revealed. The first two were SMG1 and SMG2 as 2 hobos.
  • He is the second character to not appear in a thumbnail, the first was Francis.
  • He is inspired by Agent Smith from The Matrix franchise. He also appears to take inspiration of Volo from Pokémon Legends: Arceus and Cyrus from Pokémon Diamond, Pokémon Pearl, their Switch remakes, and Pokémon Platinum, due to their desires to create a perfect better universe.
  • In SMG4 Movie: REVELATIONS, he's revealed to be an artificial Super Meme Guardian made by the God Box, making him the only SMG to have a proper name.
    • He is also the only SMG to not have a number in his name since he is artificial, though his name is a pun on Nil, a synonym for Zero.
  • Niles is the fifteenth character who’s death was taken seriously, after King Bob-omb, his son, Pete, Clone Mario, Desti, Francis, New Super Duper Mario Plus Ultra, Greg The Alien, Spudnick, Axol, Box Club Leader, Fred, Terrance and SMG0.
  • In his concept art, a note detailing his eye shifting towards the center of his face reads "eye changing to SMG0," a nod to the false foreshadowing suggesting that he is SMG0.
  • His model was made public on April 19, 2022.
    • The file name of his model, "fakezero_pm", is a reference to his role in tricking the audience into thinking he is SMG0, which of course garnered controversy.


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