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The No-Textures are the main antagonists of the episode, SMG4: TEXTURES NOT FOUND.


In their normal forms, the clones have a purple and black texture all over their bodies and they all resemble their counterparts.

In their texture forms, the clones look just like their counterparts except the only difference is that they have black eyes (the untextured Bob clone, however, looks like he has no eyes due to his face covered by his hood).


The SMG4's Gang and Anti-Cast clones decided to turn on their creator and lock him away for abandoning them in the trash. They wished to have textures of their own, so they stole the textures from their counterparts and locked them away as well.

They appear to have the memories of their counterparts to some extent, as Fishy Boopkins' clone was able to isolate JubJub Boopkins by pretending to be his brother.


During the events of The YouTube Arc, SMG3 paid Professor E. Gadd to make these clones to use them in his YouTube videos. He wanted a backup plan in case his Anti-Cast ever betrayed him.

Professor E. Gadd succeeded, but when the clones were almost completed, he discovered that SMG3 was unable to pay him due to his banishment to Internet Graveyard by Susan Wojcicki. Frustrated by this and feeling scammed he decided to abandon the project. However, the clones, wishing to have textures and angered at Professor E. Gadd for abandoning them, locked him away and proceeded to steal the textures of the real SMG4's Gang and Anti-Cast.

They succeeded in stealing the textures of all members of the SMG4's Gang and the Anti-Cast except for Whimpu. With the help of Professor E. Gadd, they were able to restore everyone's textures and erase the clones for good.


  • Curiously, E. Gadd did not create clones of Weegee Doll, Melony or Shroomy. It is possible he wasn’t able to finish them in time or SMG3 told E. Gadd to not make clones of them.
    • If the latter reason is true, it's likely because SMG3 held high regards to Weegee Doll and Melony to the point he doesn't think they'll betray him and he thinks Shroomy (who was Anti-Shroomy at that time) is too chaotic to have a clone.
  • The way they look is a parody of missing textures in a Source Engine game, (like Garry's Mod, the program to animate the series) as textures that haven't loaded will appear as a pink and black texture if it's from a game (most infamously, Counter-Strike: Source) that has not been installed.

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