The Octoposse is a team consisting of Octolings with their leader being Desti. The minions all look exactly the same, right down to the gear and skin color. They wear an all-black outfit, with black face masks, black shorts, black sleeveless shirts, black gloves, black belts, and black boots. They also have blue tentacles and fair skin. It's unknown if they're triplets or clones of each other.


The Octoposse is a team of three or more Octolings who work for Desti. It is unknown where they are from, but it is likely that they hail from Inkopolis, the same as Desti. They seem to be defensive of their leader, as shown by them pulling out their weapons when Meggy confronted her for shooting Mario square in the face.


They are all exactly identical (minus the weapons). They have dark slate grey tentacles and purple colored ink, like Desti. The dark tentacle color is reminiscent of Elite Octolings from Splatoon; only difference being that the Octoposse does not have the strands of seaweed attached to their heads as Elite Octolings do. They also have somewhat pale skin. They all wear the exact same gear: Octoling Goggles, Octoling Armor, and Octoling Boots. They even have the black fingerless gloves that the Octoling models have by default on Garry's Mod and Source Filmmaker. They also carry around a variety of weapons, with the most prominent being Shooters and Splatlings.


Octoling with Splatling

A member, firing a Heavy Splatling.

Not much of their personality (or would it be personalities?), as they do not show many facial expressions except for their mouths. They also do not have their own lines for each, since only Octoling sounds and random audio clips are used. However, what we know about them is that they enjoyed chasing Mario around the Deepsea Metro, especially when one member with a Bento Splatterscope trapped him by placing a Splash Wall in the doorway. They also seem really salty when things do not go their way. Another bit of personality we see is when one with a Sloshing Machine is utterly confused when Mario stripped down in front of her and put his clothes in the weapon. Afterwards, she proceeded to puke.


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