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Oneshot Wren is a minor but pivotal character in SMG4, debuting in SMG4: Mario Babies, as well as being the unseen overarching protagonist of Season 9 and The Anime Arc.


A legendary Splatfest champion, he defeated an unnamed green Inkling team and saved a young Meggy Spletzer, who was unknowingly about to get splatted from behind when she rushed to meet him. Due to her bravery, Wren gave his beanie and headphones to her before leaving, inspiring the young orange-haired Inkling to become like him. He only appeared in the flashback as his current status in the present time is unknown.





  • Oneshot Wren giving his Beanie to Meggy is a reference to One Piece when Shanks gave his Strawhat to Luffy and promise to return it when he becomes the Pirate King, it’s also a reference to Surf’s Up when Big Z gave his shell necklace to Cody.
  • His name being "One-Shot" Wren could also be a pun that he was only a one-time character and isn't planned on making any appearances.
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