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Not to be confused with The Devil or Kirby's Mom.
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John H. Schnatter or more commonly known as Papa John is a minor character who served as the main antagonist of the episode, SMG4: Mario Runs Out Of Toilet Paper. He is revealed to be the Devil in the SMG4 universe, where he lives in Pizza Hell.




  • A picture of him appears on team pizza's base in SMG4: Food Wars.
  • Papa John refers to himself as Satan, even though there is already a Satan character.
  • His weakness is toilet paper.
  • Papa John is the fourth villain to be based on a real person, the first three being Scatman John, Justin Bieber, and Susan Wojcicki.
  • Despite his grudge against Mario for opposing him, he seems to have forgiven Mario by the time of the events of SMG4: If Mario Was In... Poppy Playtime
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