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Paper Mario Bloopers: A Painful Day in the Paper World is the tenth episode to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on June 25, 2011.


Mario gets hurt quite a lot but there's really no story to this.


At Mario's house, Parakarry yells that Mario owes him a tip and flies off. Luigi comes out and mumbles to himself why Mario is too lazy to get the mail. He goes back inside and alerts Mario of the letter they just received. Mario wants to read, but Luigi tells him he can't even read his alphabet, as the letter is read out by Luigi, and it is from Peach. She is having a huge party and if the brothers don't come, Luigi will be dead the next day. She also reminds them to not "mess up the party." Luigi comments that the letter seemed threatening, Mario only being concerned if it is a gay party. He and Luigi go through a pipe outside and go to town, Mario already tired. Mario just wants to skip the trip and go get some mushrooms, but Luigi reminds him of Peach's anger. Mario also tells him how he knew Luigi would be killed.

After some time, they end up at the castle, and Luigi reminds him he mustn't mess up the party. Mario comments about how the party is already looking "gay" and isn't pleased. He wants to liven the mood. A few minutes later, Mario is dancing around the castle, with different music and hues. Luigi tells him he messed it up, and Peach will be furious. Mario tells Luigi he doesn't know what fun is, and then wonders about the colors, if he was on drugs again or if it was meant to happen. He then says to "rock until the castle blows up" and it actually blows up.

Mario then says he didn't mean for it to actually blow up, and wonders what the damage is, asking Toad. Because of the music and the colors messing it up, it comes to 1,000,000,000 coins. Mario isn't pleased with the price, but just says he'll pay it later.

He walks out and wonders what the magician is up to. Mario says hi to Merlin (the magician's name) and he offers to tell Mario his future, to which Mario agrees to. A disco ball comes down and lights shine brightly around. Merlin realizes the last time that shininess happened, something happened, but right as he is about to say it, an explosion happens.

After some time, Mario ends up elsewhere and explains how that didn't end well. He ends up at a train station and wonders what the track is for. An announcement comes that a train is now leaving Toad Town, as Mario realizes he'll get run over. He does get run over and ends up in some clouds.

Mario thinks he's dead, and wonders where part of his nose went. He wants to go back down and decides to fall through the sky. He wakes up in a room, next to Toad, who tells him he took quite a fall. Mario groans in pain about his head, and Toad recommends he gets life insurance, which Mario doesn't want to do.

He wanders through town, wondering what else to do. He asks a young female Toad if she is single, who proceeds to punch him. He wakes up in the same room, where Toad explains that the lady outside didn't like Mario flirting with her. Mario didn't mean it as if he was flirting, and runs out again. He decides to go to the post office and asks if there is new mail for him. The Paratroopa at the desk says they do, and it's from somebody called, as he says, "Luige" meaning Luigi. Mario gets the letter and reads it.

Luigi tells him that a guy came to their house and stole Mario's coins, but let Luigi keep his. The Paratroopa comments how it is nice that his brother wrote to him, Mario just wanting to go home.

When he gets home, he goes to bed and sleeps.

Peach visits at one point and asks him for the money, and he shrugs her off. She then tells him to say goodbye to Luigi and racks up a gun. Luigi is supposedly killed, and Mario dies along with him, Luigi remarking at this.



  • This is the first video of SMG4 that mainly takes place in the video game Paper Mario on Nintendo 64.
  • Despite that Princess Peach was mentioned a lot, she never actually physically appeared. However, she can be seen on the title card.
  • The K64 Train from Mario Kart 64 makes a cameo appearance.

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