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Peach's Castle (or the Mushroom Castle, also known as the Pingas Residence) is the main location of SMG4's bloopers. It is the official residence of the monarch of the Mushroom Kingdom, and the primary residence of SMG4, Peach Toadstool and Toad, as well as the main clubhouse of the gang. It has been present in a majority of bloopers and games, and is especially used in older videos.


Peach's Castle takes on the form of its Super Mario 64 variation. The exterior is made of grey bricks, with four towers at each corner. At the front of the castle is a bridge leading to the double doors to enter the castle. Above them is a stained glass window of Princess Peach. In the center of the castle is a large, two-tiered tower. The castle is roofed with red shingles. Many windows also appear on various walls in the castle.

The interior of the castle has light, cream walls. The flooring consists of both checkerboard tile and red carpet, the latter being used for most stairs, pathways, and side-rooms. The doors to the individual rooms are made of dark-brown wood.

The castle's appearance often changes from time to time. A Gmod version of the castle has a larger building connected to it and the courtyard is located in the left rather than behind. The "complete remake" map has the castle take its version from the game, Super Mario Odyssey.

According to its first appearance in the game Super Mario 64, the castle was completed on June 23, 1996.


Castle Grounds

The area within the vicinity of the castle is known as the Castle Grounds, where the castle was built right next to a waterfall and a lake. Near the lake contains a cannon, where it has the power to launch people into space. The area is accessible on the Royal Raceway, but entry is restricted to those that are trusted.

First Basement (B1)

The basement contains the sewers and the unused dungeons of the castle, with paintings going to Lethal Lava Land and Dire, Dire Docks and a wall leading to Shifting Sand Land. A room also leads to a sewer lake to the Hazy Maze Cave, in a rather elaborate room.

Another room goes from an underwater tunnel to the drain, where the moat can be drained. It has been drained and refilled sometimes, and when drained contains mindless clones of Toads.

It also contains a chapel where SMG4 preaches the lore of the Genesis Arc to all those who don't run screaming for the hills.

Ground Floor (GF)


The most common area shown in the series, with blue walls and a sun carpet in the middle, leading to stairs up to the first floor. There are six doors on the ground floor, with four of them heading to painting rooms and two to the basement. These painting rooms are multipurpose, for example Jolly Roger Bay's room served both as an aquarium and a ballroom, while Bob-omb Battlefield was used as an infirmary. In the Mario Does Things sub-series the Whomp's Fortress room is the primary filming location as Mario's computer room.

Painting rooms included are:

Castle Courtyard

Exiting the two doors that lead to the basement and following the door furthest, leads to the castle courtyard, containing the Star Fountain, with the inscription "L is Real 2401" written.

First Floor (1F)

The first floor of the foyer includes three doors.

  • The door to the left goes to a painting of Peach.
  • The middle door lies stairs to the second floor.
  • The door to the right leads to SMG4's room, and also the security room which controls the castle's defence systems. It is implied that SMG4 lives in Peach's Castle due to being employed as a security guard, but mostly spends his time looking at memes on the internet.

Second Floor (2F)

The second floor is a roundabout hall, containing paintings Tall, Tall Mountain and Wet-Dry World. There are also painting rooms containing Snowman's Land and Tiny Huge Island. There are steps that lead to the third floor.

Third Floor (3F)

Clock Room

Also the throne hall, that is where the throne of the monarch of the Mushroom Kingdom is placed in front of a century-old grandfather clock, an heirloom of the Toadstool family. Stairs lead up to the the main tower.

Fourth Floor and Roof (4F)

Basically the floor of where the main tower of the castle stands, with an exit to the outside, to the roof.

Notable residents


See article: Mario

While he does have his own house, as shown in many cases, Mario is more commonly seen at the castle. Mario even eats and sleeps at the castle, as shown on numerous occasions. The most likely reason for Mario's common overnight stay is laziness, as he may just not want to go back home.


See article: Luigi

While not as commonly seen as his brother, Luigi is also a common resident of the castle. Luigi likely stays at the house when not at the castle and when Mario is adventuring, usually spending his time drinking tea, as stated in SM64: Meet the Luigi


See article: Toad

Toad may be the most commonly seen character in the entire castle, as he usually appears in the corner in the main room. He doesn't move very much from that specific spot, so Toad is usually caught up in the shenanigans that occur in the castle.

He has attempted to leave the castle many, many times, but he has been thwarted by Mario each time, except in SMG4 Christmas 2019: Mario Alone.


See article: SMG4

As he does not seem to have any other residence in the bloopers, SMG4 is the main resident of the castle. SMG4 usually spends most of his time cooped up in the right room after the stairs, as his desktop and other editing equipment are commonly shown in that room. Other objects also appear in this room, most commonly a toilet.

Presumably, he was responsible for setting up a defense system that they could use to defend themselves from the Teletubbies during the Purge.


See article: Steve

While not staying for long periods of time, Steve commonly castle-crashes at seemingly random occasions, soon following with his signature "Hi guys!" line.

Princess Peach

See article: Peach Toadstool

Compared to other main characters, Peach ironically appears very little in the castle. She more commonly appears during or after an incident occurs, such as when the castle burned down in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Hotel Mario.


See article: Bowser

Bowser is at some of the bloopers in the castle, but mostly to steal Peach.

Fishy Boopkins

See article: Fishy Boopkins

Fishy Boopkins sometimes pays the castle a visit. During Mario and the T-Pose Virus, he was seen playing cards with Meggy and Bob.

Meggy Spletzer

See article: Meggy Spletzer

Sometimes, Meggy pays the castle a visit. There is a secret sewer tunnel that connects the castle to Inkopolis.

Chica the Chicken

See article: Chica the Chicken

Chica has been staying at the castle since R64: Return to Freddy's Spaghettria as revealed in SM64: The SMG4 QNA (400K subs :D).


See article: Melony

After being used by Mario as a replacement for Meggy, Melony hung around the castle and was frequently found sleeping on hedges on the castle grounds. She has since moved into Axol's former apartment.


Bowser's Usurping

The NEW Bowser's Castle

Bowser, during the events of SM64: The Adventures Of Mario And Luigi Ep 2 and Episode 3, temporarily usurped the castle and turned it into a second Bowser's Castle for him to reign in. The usurped castle would receive a massive appearance change from it's original state. The ground became a military green with green "spinny shy guys" standing guard and torches at the shoreline.

The castle itself uses dark shades of grey along with windows with black outlines and orange insides. The castle's glass pane showing Princess Peach has also been replaced with a giant Bowser crest that apparently allows Bowser to broadcast on it in order to taunt the brothers. Bowser's usurping of the castle lasted until SM64: The Adventures Of Mario And Luigi Ep 3 with the castle and it's grounds presumably being fixed sometime before SM64: The Adventures Of Mario And Luigi Ep 4.

Grand Dad's Usurping

When Mario lets Grand Dad out of the bootleg dimension in SM64: THE BOOTLEG DIMENSION, he turns a bunch of characters and the castle into a ton of bootlegs and a glitchy design respectively but Mario turns it back.

Toad's Destruction

Toad decided to blow it up when he became the president of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario's Usurping

In SMG4: Mario The Supreme Leader, Peach leaves Toadsworth in charge of the kingdom while she went on holiday. His authority was symbolised by peach giving him her crown. Mario later came and his new pet rock opens up a portal, sending Toadsworth away, dropping the crown. Mario picks up the crown and wears it, proclaiming himself the new king, and as he was wearing the crown all the Toads in the castle begin obeying him. From then on Mario sits on Peach's throne. Mario is initially a good ruler, but soon becomes corrupted with power and his reign descends into tyranny. Eventually, Peach returns and takes back the crown.

Snitch Productions' Usurping

SMG3's Castle

When SMG3 sent the SMG4's Gang to the Internet Graveyard, he turned the castle into his own personal lair to make his own video and try to leave the same life as his doppelgänger. Though the castle was restored once SMG3 was sent to the Internet Graveyard and thus putting an end to the Youtube Arc. It is unknow how Peach was affected when the castle was owned by SMG3 at that time.

SMG0s USB in front of the castle

SMG0's Repose

Near the end of SMG4: The Day HE Arrived., SMG0 flies towards the castle in his USB, where it floats high up in front of the castle. It is completely invulnerable to any attack and it is yet to be seen what his plan is or why he decided to park his USB in front of the castle.

As the situation lingered on, the Mushroom Kingdom Armed Forces were called in to get rid of it, using their mini-nuclear bomb. As a result, the blast from the bomb destroyed the castle, but the USB remained unharmed. Later on, A possessed Axol gathers all the Guardian Pods to the mysteriously-rebuilt castle, and as the SMGs break out of SMG3's USB, Mario is left floating in the air close to SMG0/Axol.

SMG0 uses the guardian pods on Mario to make him SMG0's avatar and create a new universe, but he is interrupted halfway through the process by Swagmaster. SMG3 & 4 take Mario into the castle to hide him, but SMG0 quickly follows them and finds SMG4 with a chest. He assumes Mario is within it and forces SMG4 to hand it over to him, but it turns out SMG3 was inside the box and he shoots SMG0 in the face. teh rest of the gang enters the castle, and Melony tries to reach out to Axol but fails. Meanwhile, the SMGs sneak outside the castle. Eventually, SMG0/Axol and Melony end up outside the castle, where Melony is about to kill Axol, but she can't bring herself to do it. Fortunately, the SMGs use their guardian pods to try and free Axol. While they try to free him, Melony is brought inside to the edge of Axol's consciousness, where Axol uses his manga to confess to liking Melony. Unfortunately, this is interrupted by SMG0 regaining complete control over Axol's consciousness, and he is so enraged that he is able to create a giant force that knocks the SMGs off their guardian pods, ending the process to free Axol. SMG0 brings chains out of the castle and uses them to chain the entire gang, and he is able to find Mario, allowing him to resume the process of creating a new universe. Finally, he uses some of Mario's power to reach his final form as Axol, becoming giant.

What happens next is decided in WOTFI 2021, where SMG0 attempts to crush SMG1 & 2, but he is distracted by SMG3 & 4 using their meme powers. SMG1 and 2 free the entire gang and distract 0 by fighting him on top of the castle so that the others can chase Mario into the vortex in the sky where the new universe was being created in order to save him. After passing a bunch of challenges, they come face to face with SMG0 where they succeed in freeing Mario and killing SMG0, though at the cost of Axol's life. Peace is then finally restored and the Guardian Pods are removed from the SMG4 universe from the real world.

Notable moments it's destroyed/damaged:

  • Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Who let the Chomp out?: Peach had accidentally left the meatloaf on the oven too long during the events of this episode. This led to a massive fire, which ends in collapse. In the reanimated version, Burgy had crashed into the top tower, making it go down with it.
  • SM64: Retarded Recap 2015: In the 10th Ssenmodnar, Mario had forced his head to crash the castle faster.
  • SMG4: Mario and the Anime Challenge: Bob's Kamehameha had apparently hit the castle & he blamed it on Goku. This had became one of the pivotal moments of the story.
  • SMG4: Doomsday but Mario is Okay: The army had to nuke SMG0's pod while it's close to the castle. Peach is against this, only to be taken down & had the castle blew up.
  • SMG4: To Become A God: Peach's box of nukes had dropped, causing a strange explosion inside of the castle that left no damage...


  • The castle has burned down on many, many separate occasions, but is usually repaired by the time of the next blooper. The arson is almost always committed by Mario.
  • The exact worth of the castle is currently unknown, but the damages for the castle burning to the ground were 2 billion coins, a price not even the princess could afford. However, it was still rebuilt in a later episode.
  • It's revealed in the video "SM64 Bloopers: Can the Villager come out to play?" that the castle was built on the top of an old mansion to which it's connected by the ventilation system. The mansion may connect with the Forgotten Door.
  • Although usually portrayed as SMG4's room, the room on the right has served a number of purposes over the years. These include a bathroom, a general computer room, and Mario's sleeping quarters.
  • This is the most common location that SM64 machinimists use in their bloopers.
  • There is a door that can be used to reach the roof, as shown in SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus.
  • It has a bootlegged counterpart in the Kushroom Mingdom.
  • Peach's Castle was in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Smart(ass) Mario referred to as the Pingas Residence, when SMG4 answers the door to a smart version of Mario, who touched a crystal which erased him of his stupidity and memory.
  • Bowser usually appears, and destroys the castle, kidnapping Peach. But on recent bloopers, he goes less & less frequently on kidnapping her, seeing he spends time with his kids.


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