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Peach Toadstool is a major character in the first through seventh seasons of the SMG4 series, debuting in the very first video, The Cake Is A Lie. She is a royal princess and the true ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. She owns and rules her own castle, which Mario and other characters usually reside in. During the series' mid-seasons, particularly the seventh and eighth seasons, her appearances would decrease due to the emerging presences of characters like Meggy Spletzer, Saiko and Tari. She had a few major roles in the ninth season, however acting similar to Jeeves, being enraged by Mario’s idiocy when he recklessly destroys everything. She kickstarted The Anime Arc alongside Bob after he destroyed her castle in an anime-influenced stunt, causing her to ban anime.



Peach is a rather tall, slender woman with a evening pink dress and a crown in her head; as she is the princess. She has long, yellow hair and blue eyes; her clothes also have several jewels dotted around them.


Peach Toadstool is rather ditzy, bossy, and spoiled. According to "Ssenmodnar 6 (New Year's edition)", she confirmed she is a man, though this a lie. She likes to torture Mario at times, although most of the time she doesn't realize she is doing it.

Unlike her canon counterpart, who is considered incorruptible, Princess Peach has shown a violent side, such as when she attacked Mario for the chaos he caused in her castle.

Peach is very over-protective of her kingdom and hates when disasters happen to it, such as in SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus when she saved everyone after Waluigi transformed them into T-Pose Zombies. However, she can go a bit too far in protecting her kingdom, specifically in the first part of The Anime Arc where she banned anime in an effort to protect her people after Bob recklessly destroyed it due to an anime-influenced challenge he and his friends were partaking in, and she decided to unban anime when she realized that anime wasn't inherently dangerous.

Peach likes to do non-princessy stuff when she is alone in the castle. It is shown on multiple occasions that she likes being kidnapped by Bowser, usually. She is also a huge fan of gay movies, particularly Super Mario Twilight.

Recently in SMG4: Stupid Mario 3D World, it has been shown that Peach does not take orders kindly; when Mario demanded she make him a sandwich, she slapped him away. This is due to both the fact that she is the ruler of the kingdom and she believes she can't be ruled over as well as the fact that she is a woman and should not be treated in such a manner in this day and age.

She cares for the well-being of SMG4's Gang, as shown in SMG4: Boys vs Girls when she insisted that Mario and the others stop being lazy indoors and go outside to Shroomy's summer camp.

As shown in SMG4: Bowser Loses Custody Of His Children, Peach cares deeply for children, as shown in her parenting class where she gives Bowser an A on his good parenting skills and tells Mario to never have kids due to his unsafe parenting.

Powers and Abilities

Criminal Record

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  • According to Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Losing Your N64, Peach has a SNES.
  • As seen in Who Let the Chomp Out, she sucks at Super Smash Bros. and Mario Party 9.
  • Peach is one of the only four characters to appear in the very first video by SMG4 (The Cake is a Lie). The others are Mario, Lakitu, and Toad.
    • She also appears in the first scene of the video, making her the very first SMG4 character.
  • Mario has shown an attraction towards her breasts and rear end.
  • In "The Void", it is shown that her limbs can fall off if she falls from a great height.
  • Mario and Peach have had sex a number of times (It is not known who or what their babies are).
  • In SMG4: Mario's Dangerous Delivery it is shown that Frankie is Toadsworth’s grandson and in SM64 Guides: Toadsworth's How to - Princess, he is revealed to be Peach’s grandfather (not her father), meaning that Frankie and Peach may be related as cousins.
  • Peach knew about the T-Pose Zombies before the first line of infection happened.
  • She seems to have been caught and turned into a T-Pose Zombie by Waluigi during The Waluigi Arc, preventing her from saving her kingdom.
  • Since Meggy became the most prominent female character in recent years, Peach doesn't appear a lot in Season 8, appearing in only twelve videos, not even appearing in her own castle in most cases. She had fourteen roles in Season 9, two more than the prior season, and had more speaking roles.
  • She could be considered an antagonist in The Anime Arc, as she started the anime ban.
    • Despite this, she barely appeared in the arc, only having small roles in three episodes with "SMG4: Mario Saves Anime" being her only speaking appearance.
    • However, it was Bob who led her to ban anime in the first place.
  • Peach is one of the few characters to have a known surname, the others being Professor E. Gadd, Dr. Eggman, Chris Gordman, Fishy Boopkins, Meggy Spletzer, and Saiko Bichitaru.
  • She is a terrible singer, despite being a princess. Her singing voice is provided by Luke Lerdwichagul.
  • Peach has rarely left the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Despite being the ruler of the kingdom, Chris Gordman and Swagmaster69696969 mention frequently that the kingdom is ruled by an unseen president in Season 10.
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