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Phillip is a minor character of the SMG4 series. He is one of the main characters and the catalyst in SMG4: The Cursed Tapes.


He is a mummy with a disfigured face.


In SMG4: The Cursed Tapes, he appeared behind the TV Mario was watching as the latter went to grab the TV remote, spooking him. This caused Mario to run away in fear and a chase between the two insued. During said chase, Mario finds tapes on the floor, which are presumably from Phillip. When Mario locked himself into a room, Phillip followed him and he began banging on the door. He then introduces himself as Phillip and claims that he "wants to talk". Phillip then broke the door down and was sent flying into a painting immediately afterwards by Meggy.

From there Phillip began to chase both Mario and Meggy and it wasn't until Meggy interrogated Phillip where it is revealed that his intentions were to just try and get his cursed Phillips CD-i back, which Luigi had bought by accident. The three then went to the castle courtyard after hearing an explosion from that area and there, Luigi was shown to be possessed by the cursed Phillips CD-i. Under the influence of the cursed Phillips CD-i, Luigi transformed into a VHS monster. However, after having a VHS tape of the 1993 Super Mario Bros. film inserted into his mouth. Luigi exploded due to Its Goomba scenes, but not before Phillip grabbed his cursed Phillips CD-i from Luigi's body. With Phillip getting his CD-i back, everything went back to normal and so Mario, Meggy, Luigi and Phillip enjoyed themselves playing Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon on the CD-i .


  • His name is most likely a reference to the Philips CD-i as his role in his debut episode centers around finding his cursed CD-i.
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