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Pinkolol16 (also called Pink for short) is an Australian girl who makes Super Mario 64 Bloopers, Roblox videos and Chao Series playthroughs. She used to be a co-leader of the YouTube Rangers.

Color code

Pinkolol16's name and color code are based on the fact that she is a girl. Her color code is as follows:

  • Light blue-turquoise overalls
  • Hot pink cap and shirt
  • Purple gloves
  • Light gray shoes
  • Slightly tanned face (darker than the regular).
  • Brown hair, albeit a different shade than Mario's.
In SMG4's videos, the bluish overalls often appear to be a darker, indigo-like shade of blue. This is because the green screen effect that he uses subtracts all shades of green, leaving only the blue part of the color. 
Screenshot 6wiki

Her color code.


Pinkolol16 first joined YouTube in 2011, only joining the SM64 community in 2013. That same year, Pinkolol16 joined YTR, becoming friends with Roprinplup14, Starman3, Fawn, Royalomg, Zaid (Mariofan14) and many others. In early 2014, she retired from the community due to tensions in the YTR as well as the community. Several days later Pink returned to the YTR as well as the SM64 community as a whole. Months later, as a result of more increased tension, Pink left YTR again in March 2014. She still remains an active member of the community.

Appearances in SuperMarioGlitchy4's videos

As follows is a list of all of SMG4's videos in which Pinkolol16 appears. Note that this list may be incomplete.


  • Cukee-Improved Quality

    Pink is shocked.

    She was the second girl to join YTR, the first being Fawn.
  • She was the second Australian to join the YTR, the first being SuperMarioGlitchy4.
  • Though she is female, her avatar uses a Mario sprite recolor.
  • She was an editor of the SMG4 wiki before leaving due to harassment.

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