Pirhanna SMS

Polluted Piranha Plants are mini-bosses in Super Mario Sunshine. In SMG4, they appear in SMG4: Stupid Mario Sunshine where Mario's goal is to destroy as much Polluted Piranha Plants which were produced by the graffiti caused by Bowser Jr. disguised as Mario. They hold the Shine Sprites that had vanished from their gathering spot at the Shine Gate.

Mario had to use F.L.U.D.D. to dispose of them and he did that in a fairly stupid and quick way. In the original Super Mario Sunshine, only a few Polluted Piranha Plants had Shine Sprites others guarded the way to new worlds or paths but in the blooper, every Polluted Piranha Plant has a Shine Sprite. It is also notable that there are a lot more of them. Another difference is that in the actual game, the colors of a Polluted Piranha Plant can vary as shown below but in SMG4, only the Red, Orange, Yellow, and Pink-Colored one (seen on the picture to the right) appear.


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