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The Power Glove is a weapon that Wario uses in SMG4: The Super Dudes.


Initially belonging in a store, Wario steals the model by triggering one of the buttons, causing it to shoot out an electric beam and kill the cashier. Intent on using it to scratch his butt, he flees and fires an explosion at Mario, knocking the red plumber back. Mario, in retaliation, assembles a squad of people in order to get it back, recruiting Bowser (Flame Boi) along the way. When Wario accidentally destroys their stand, he turns several people (Professor E. Gadd, Bowser Jr., and Peach Toadstool) into his Wahs, holding the two Super Dudes back and allowing him to escape to his hideout, even in spite of Captain Steve and Fishy intervening. However, the superheroes eventually busted in, influencing Wario to utilize the Power Glove enlarged Waluigi to deal with them. The latter was eventually defeated, but the Anti-Mario manages to shoot out a beam that slowly disintegrated the Super Dudes. A last-minute save by Trash Bag allowed the glove to reverse the dissolution and for Luigi to gain possession of the Glove. As Wario is wedgied to a statue as punishment, Mario decides to use it in his terms of justice: scratching his rear end.

Powers and Abilities

  • Conjuring Lightning/Electricity
  • Mind Control
  • Size Manipulation
  • Disintegration
  • Reversion
  • Butt Scratching


  • The Power Glove was an actual accessory for the NES, designed for motion controls, and has a reputation for being a very useless peripheral.
  • It’s an obvious parody of the Infinity Gauntlet.
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