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Not to be confused with Ruffman8890.

The Prince Big Whoop (also known as Prince Big Woop) is the prince of Woop Woop Kingdom and is the son of King Wooptedoo and Queen Stephe.

Color code

Prince Big Whoop has the same color code as Ruffman8890.

  • White overalls
  • Orange + yellow cap, harms and shirt
  • Blue gloves (Light or Dark depending on the greenscreen)
  • White shoes
  • Very pale yellow face
  • Yellow hair


Prince Big Whoop is shown to be a show off, shown by his entrance. He is also kind of polite, but also a bit of a douche, especially to Mario. He tends to be clumsy at times.


He only appears in "SM64 Bloopers: Castle Royale", along with his royal parents. He has a crush on the Princess Peach and wants to marry her, and thinks Mario as inferior, causing the plumber to dislike him very much. In the blooper, he's also near molested by Toadsworth disguised as a watermelon, and is trampled over by Bowser in the end, nearly killing him, making Mario being consent to prison since he summoned Bowser. 


  • With the exception of Queen Stephe, all of the names of the known royalties of the Woop Woop Kingdom are sarcastic remarks, with his being the term "Big Whoop".
  • When Prince Big Whoop first approaches Princess Peach, he is not wearing his hat.
  • The voices used for Big Whoop are the voices used for Prince Peasley in the Game Boy Advance game Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.


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