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Not to be confused with R64: Princess Capturing Simulator..

Princess Capturing Simulator is a fictional video game that is a spin-off sequel of Mario Simulator. It is also the main topic of the video R64: Princess Capturing Simulator..


The player controls Bowser through stealing Princess Peach without getting attacked by Mario. Sometimes choices will appear and the player has to decide to select one of them (or just select it itself if there's only one choice). Kidnapping Peach increases Bowser's rank. If Bowser gets defeated by Mario, the player has to start over.


  • Bowser's Lair
  • Peach's Castle
  • Bob-omb Battlefield
  • Big Boo's Haunt
  • Mario's Bathroom
  • Tall Tall Mountain
  • Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island


  • Today's Evil Plan:
    • Steal the Princess
    • Take over the world
    • Steal the princess
  • Responding to the Bob-omb Buddy:
    • Maybe...
    • Of course! I'm on it!
  • What Bowser should do at the Castle:
    • Sneak up and attack!
    • Lift the Castle into space!
    • Use guns and explosions!
    • Kill Mario!
    • Fun Minigame
  • What Bowser should do to defend himself against Mario:
    • Kill Mario now!
    • Make a strategic and cunning evil plan
  • Come up with the smartest evil plan.
  • Toad: "That'll be 85 dollars."
    • Alright fine (pay 85 dollarydoos)
    • Ahhhh hell no
  • Princess kidnapped!
    • Deal with Mario.
    • Get Peach to like you.
    • Order troops.
  • Peach: "?"
    • *Give her something sweet*
      • "You're very pretty"
      • "OK that's enough. Reveal the butt"
      • Sing a song for Peach
        • Show how much you love her
          • Scream in pain
    • Slap dat @$$
    • Smell Peach
  • Countered by the police. What should you do?
    • Use a disguise
  • Switch it!
  • OK screw this.
  • Bob-omb: "Bowser! We need a better strategy if we're going to take Mario down!"
    • Nah! My way is already too good.
    • Fine. Listen to them.
      • Grant their requests.
      • Strategies the Bowser way. (choosing this activates Troop Editor)
        • There's only one thing to do...
          • Take a nice bubble bath
          • Give up
          • Cheat?!
  • Bowser can't give up. What should he do next?
    • Get that Princess! (choosing this initiates a Mario Simulator-style mission in which you press A to steal Peach)
    • Destroy Mario!
  • Peach has died!
    • Try again! Never give up!
    • Screw it. Just go smoke some Shrooms.


  • Douchebag
  • Retarded Murderer



  • Princess Capturing Simulator (default, unlocked at start)
  • Troop Editor (unlocked at start. Appears when choosing the "Strategies the Bowser way" choice)