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No being Italian in the halls.

—Principal of the Thing

The Principal of the Thing, or simply the Principal, is, as his name suggests, the principal of Here School originally from the game Baldi's Basics in Education & Learning. He also made an appearance in SMG4's If Mario was in... Baldi's Basics, which parodies the original game.


The Principal's personality is identical to that of Baldi's Basics, where he will send (or throw) anyone into detention if they're caught breaking the rules. He seems to be quite racist however, due to him throwing Mario into detention for "being Italian in the halls".


The Principal is a pixelated, middle aged man with brown hair. He wears a gray striped jumper, blue trousers and brown socks. His eyes are dark patches and he always seems to be holding his finger up with his mouth open. There are patches missing from his lower legs and ankles.


  • The line "No being Italian in the halls" was likely done by Kevin, judging by the voice.
  • The reason why he sent Mario to detention was because he is an Italian. It is unknown why he hates Italian and how he become racist.

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