Oh, no! I need Luigi for a very important experiment! To go buy milk…

—E. Gadd, Ssenmodnar 9

Professor Elvin Gadd, more known as Professor E. GaddE. Gadd (for short), or "Professor Egg" by Mario is, in the Mario series a small and old experienced researcher with knowledge in various domains, especially the paranormal, who can help Luigi and Mario with his knowledge.

In real Mario games, he appears in the series Luigi's Mansion and in the two first games of the Mario & Luigi series (Superstar Saga and Partners in Time).

In SMG4's canon, he appeared in a few bloopers. He is very smart with machinery, as his inventions have been the cause of a plot every once in a while, however, he can also be very idiotic, just like the rest of the cast. It's revealed he often needs Luigi to do experiments or small tasks for him, although Luigi himself has almost never talked about doing this.

He has two Youtube channels, one called Education.gadd in Mario's EXTRAS: MarioTube 2 and one called sexy Egadd vlogs in SM64: Ssenmodnar 11 (800K Special)

Physical Description

E. Gadd is short, wears huge glasses and a lab coat, a bucktooth, and only one curl of gray hair.

Like Toadsworth, he is elderly, which is part of the reason why he trains Luigi to be his apprentice.



  • His name "E. Gadd" is misspelled as "E gad" (with only one d instead of two) in the episode "Time Travel Tells".
  • It's revealed in Ssenmodnar 11 that he has a YouTube channel. It currently has 21,000 subscribers.
  • He is Rosalina's secret admirer.
  • An airplane once crashed into his workshop, after Mario sent Fishy Boopkins flying with a slingshot.
  • He is revealed to own a shop in SMG4: War On Smash Bros Ultimate.
  • He turned Shroomy into a robot.
  • He was one of the rappers in War Of The Fat Italians 2017. He chose to support SMG4. During the rap, Mario called him "a wannabe-Edison."

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