Pyro is one of the nine playable classes in Team Fortress 2. As his name implies, in the game he primarily wields a flamethrower. He can also wield a flare gun as well as a fire axe.

In If Mario was in...Team Fortress 2, after RED team's Intel briefcase lands on the roof over the bridge, a BLU Pyro shows up to take it. Mario attempts to snipe the Pyro, but ends up blasting himself. Pyro lands in the water and runs into the sewers, followed by Mario.

Later on, after Mario escapes BLU Spy, Pyro is seen having a picnic with BLU Heavy and Medic. Mario manages to grab the Intel from Pyro, but narrowly escapes his two teammates.

After Mario gets away, Pyro appears again, turning into his "Too Hot Form". A very frightened Mario then jumps backwards only to fall through the floor, escaping Pyro. Pyro is not seen again afterwards.


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