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Stop It. This is not Okey dokey.
Stop it! This is not okie dokie!
WARNING: This blooper contains scenes of corpse burning, character death, gun violence, drug use, blood, body mutilation, and murder. Viewer discretion is advised! (Don’t let your kids watch it!)

R64: An Overdose of Dr. Mario is the thirty-third episode of Season 5 and the two hundred and forty-seven overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is the sequel to Retarded64: A Dose of Dr. Mario and also the fifthteen episode of the Retarded64 series. It was aired on November 2nd, 2015.


hey! it'sa doctor mario once again! and he's here to make your fevers and your chills all go away...with only a 98% chance of death. but dont worry about that!


Scenario One

At the Mushroom Fatality Hospital Emergency Room, where there was a Toad on fire and William Afton who was walking weirdly, a call came. A Goomba working at the receptionist desk answered it but was alarmed by the call and proceeded to activate the emergency button. An ambulance appeared crushing William and Dr. Pootis demanding for the best doctor around. Peach Toadstool appeared requesting for Dr. Mario's help, who went over to help the situation although told her to shut up. He went over to see a Spike suffering from a Virus attack. He first threw pills at the blue virus but missed and hit Peach instead, causing him to use a machine gun to fire off the pills to destroy the blue virus. He then used a flamethrower to burn the entire room, which managed to defeat the yellow virus. The red virus tried to escape but Dr. Mario uppercut it with a pill to its butt, sending it out of the hospital into the sky where it exploded. As he cheered for his victory, Waluigi came to tell Dr. Mario about tea time, which got him excited hoping there was spaghetti ready.

Scenario Two

As Dr. Mario was walking by, another doctor told him about one last bowl of spaghetti in the cafeteria, which got he excited. Just as he was heading there, Peach suddenly appeared needing him. Annoyed, he wondered if he could skip the patient, who was Mr. Resetti having a heart attack, but Peach's face forced him to check him. He asked if he was dead and the mole died shortly after. Dr. Mario thought he was fine and went off to get his spaghetti, much to Peach's annoyance.

Scenario Three

Dr. Mario wondered what was inside the pills and ate a whole barrel of them, causing him to get high. Dr. Pootis needed him but since Dr. Mario was currently high, he just ended up riding a bed down the hallway, causing Dr. Pootis to wonder how dumb Dr. Mario could possibly be. As Dr. Mario rode down another hallway, he ran over an Old Lady and Peach. When the Goomba receptionist asked for Dr. Mario to come over to the front desk, he did but also ran it over through the desk. Dr. Mario then laid on the floor still high on the pills.

Scenario Four

At a company meeting, the boss was discussing the plans for the future of the hospital and had Dr. Mario, their top doctor, give his presentation. Worried, he proceeded to give several new policies that all benefited him and showed a video explaining why those policies should be implemented. In the video, Dr. Mario was claimed to be a quick and smart surgeon where actually, he was relying on an online video to do the surgery but got fed up and used a chainsaw to do the operation instead. Nurse Peach said he knew what he was doing but then, it showed Dr. Mario being insane. The video ended with him exploding. Naturally, everyone at the meeting was not pleased with Dr. Mario's plans.

Scenario Five

Old Man Hobo rushed in saying his pet was dying. He then showed his Pikachu who was clearly very sick. Dr. Mario first checked his spaghetti heating progress and said he had enough time. He took out a giant needle but just then, Pikachu woke up and saw Dr. Mario staring at him. He then remembered the last time Dr. Mario did that and he was not letting it happen again. Dr. Mario could later be seen running away from the Pikachu brandishing a gun. The Goomba receptionist witnessed the whole situation but blamed it on it taking too many shrooms.

Scenario Six

Dr. Mario was snoozing in his office when his boss came by asking for him. Shocked, he took out a shotgun for a surgery but the boss said it was regarding his partner. Dr. Mario wondered if it was because Peach was skipping on him but the boss corrected him that earlier, Dr. Mario threw his kart at her, who then scolded her for not catching it. The boss then showed Birdo as his temporary partner where she thrust her hips forward but the boss then corrected his mistake, saying his partner was Toad Barrage, who pushed Birdo out of the way and told Dr. Mario to get ready to bash butts, causing him to cry.

Scenario Seven

As Dr. Mario slept, his dream took him to the game where the viruses taunted him. He tried throwing a few pills to defeat them but it failed. He then threw Old Man Hobo, Sonic the Hedgehog, a Boo, Steve's head, a Thwomp that was super saiyan, and a Mario Head but they all failed too. Enraged, Dr. Mario used a magical pill of love that caused several explosions and defeated all the viruses. He then celebrated it as one of the virus was on fire.

Scenario Eight

An advertisement for Dr. Luigi was playing. Luigi liked it but Dr. Mario punched him out of the computer and screamed that he did not know what the game was about.

Scenario Nine

At Bowser's troop clinic, Dr. Mario was restoring several injured troops, including a squashed Goomba, which Dr. Mario proceeded to pump in air to put it back to full but pumped in too much air causing it to explode, a broken Thwomp which Dr. Mario easily fixed by gluing it although the shape was questionable, and Bowser himself, who was burnt by lava. Dr. Mario simply pasted a plaster and said it was a job well done.

Scenario Ten

In a race course, an ambulance could be seen being driven. In it, Dr. Mario told the driver to hurry up because the patient, Hobo Mario, was touched by a Goomba. Hobo Mario wondered if he would die but Dr. Mario reassured that he would not die and then went on to proudly say how last year, he had 563 deaths. Suddenly, he heard an ice cream truck and saw it nearby. He wondered how he would get the ice cream truck's driver's attention when he saw Hobo Mario. He proceeded to throw the patient out of the ambulance onto the road, shocking the ice cream truck driver into crashing into a wall. Dr. Mario then went over to get his ice cream.

Scenario Eleven

Dr. Mario told Wario to get ready for his prostate examination. Wario was naturally scared and tried to get away to no avail. Dr. Mario then went full force to burst him through several walls and into the sky. In a nearby village, both SMG4 and his minion were chilling out when suddenly, they saw Dr. Mario and Wario coming for them. A subsequent explosion occurred which flatten the area. Dr. Mario then told Wario he had prostate cancer but could then be seen working as a dentist because what he did to Wario caused him to lose his doctor's license.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters


  • Toad (appears in Super Mario Bros. 3 design on fire at the start)
  • William Afton (appears walking weirdly at the start)
  • Spike (appears in Scenario One sick with viruses)
  • Waluigi (appears near the end of Scenario One to remind Mario about tea time)
  • Mr. Resetti (appears in Scenario Two having a heart attack)
  • Old Lady (appears in Scenario Three but got run over by Dr. Mario)
  • Gourmet Guy (appears in Scenario Six as another doctor)
  • Birdo (appears in Scenario Six as a supposed partner for Dr. Mario but was pushed out of the way by Toad Barrage)
  • Toad Barrage (appears in Scenario Six as Dr. Mario's actual partner)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (appears in Scenario Seven as a projectile from Dr. Mario)
  • Boo (appears in Scenario Seven as a projectile from Dr. Mario)
  • Thwomp (appears in Scenario Seven as a projectile from Dr. Mario)
  • Mario Head (appears in Scenario Seven as a projectile from Dr. Mario)
  • Luigi (appears in Scenario Eight looking at a Dr. Mario game featuring him)
  • Bowser (appears in Scenario Nine as Dry Bowser)
  • Hobo Mario (appears in Scenario Ten as a patient but was thrown out of the ambulance)
  • SMG4 (appears in Scenario Eleven but was flatten by Dr. Mario)
  • SMG4's Minion (appears in Scenario Eleven but was flatten by Dr. Mario)


  • Although the prequel used the 2013 style, this episode uses the post-2014 one.
  • This video reveals that Wario has prostate cancer.
  • This video also reveals that Mario lost his medical license.

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