Retarded64: Freddy's Spaghetteria, more often simply called Freddy's Spaghetteria, is the 205th video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4, and the ninth episode in the Retarded64 series. It prominently features the animatronic mascots from the 2014 horror video game Five Nights at Freddy's.


The episode starts with Mario pretending to be a "psychic italian genie" in an attempt to get some free spaghetti. He answers the questions of several people, including Stacy, Luigi, the Chain Chomp, Po, Peach, a Goomba, Toad and even SuperMarioGlitchy3 before a Policeman shows up and asks if Mario has a license to run a fake "psychic Italian genie" operation, which leads to him being arrested. Mario then checks the prison's community service board and applies for a job at a spaghettiria (Freddy Fazbear's Pizza), to get out of jail. After a skit involving a Slowpoke being late for Halloween, Mario crashes his go-kart in front of the spaghettiria. Upon entering the restaurant, Mario observes an angry night-guard/policeman quitting because he was tormented by the animatronics. Mario applies for this job anyway.

12 AM: Mario is understandably upset over the fact that he wasn't given free spaghetti and attempts to leave the office. However, he discovers that Freddy is waiting for him outside the door. Mario tries rapidly turning the door light on and off in an attempt to shoo away Freddy, but only causes more bears and even Barney to pop up. Mario gives up and decides to hide in the office.

1 AM: Mario leaves the security office to search for the kitchen, but he enters the Backstage Area instead. The animatronics become active again, with Freddy following Mario in an attempt to molest Mario. Freddy corners Mario, but using his very powerless wit, Mario throws a Chica head at Freddy, buying him time to escape. However, Mario is distracted by Foxy playing "Bed Intruder" on a piano. Once Foxy finishes up his song, Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica appear out of nowhere and start dancing. A horrified Mario runs all the way back to the security office.

2 AM: Phone Guy calls Mario and rambles about there being twelve-penised demons on the first floor of the spaghettiria, but he gets interrupted by Freddy, Foxy, and Chica. Bonnie arrives for some reason and tells everyone that the spaghettiria is out of pizza. Everyone except for Mario goes insane. Mario pulls out his Cellular Shopper (an item in Mario Party 3) and calls up Mario's Ristorante. Before Mario can order spaghetti, Chica steals the phone and orders pizza. Then Dr. Robotnik, coming out of nowhere, steals the phone and yells "penis" repeatedly at the cashier on the other end, who tells him that he doesn't sell "pingas".

2:30 AM: A deliveryman, SuperMarioFan590, arrives at the spaghettiria and gives Chica the pizza she ordered (As she won the argument between her, Dr. Robotnik and Mario). Chica is then happy and immediately starts humping the pizza box to the tune of "Heut ist mein Tag", but the cashier tells her that she owes him $12.95. Instead of paying for the pizza, Chica shows the deliveryman a "magic trick" and puts him into a Freddy Fazbear suit, while Chica pops out and says "Pizza!".

3 AM: Mario claims that the animatronics are becoming more annoying than scary and watches as they go about their nightly activities (Bonnie chasing Justin Bieber, Freddy sticking his finger into Foxy's behind to the annoyance of the latter, and Chica pretending to shove pizza into a mouth that she drew on her bib). Golden Freddy suddenly appears in the security office, causing Mario to freak out. Golden Freddy dispenses a plate of spaghetti. Delighted, Mario walks up to the plate, but Golden Freddy scares him with Toad's face. Mario tries to run away, but Project64.exe, referred to as Mario64.exe, crashes. While Luke tries to get PJ64 running again, Mario dreams that he is Foxy during a busy day in 1987 at the spaghettiria. Toad shows up and screams "MY NAME'S TOAD, AND I WANT... SPAGHETTI!". An annoyed Mario/Foxy punches Toad, but inadvertently biting his frontal lobe off instead of punching him. This triggers an uproar amongst the witnesses, but Mario/Foxy refuses to apologize for the bite and wakes up back in the office. Mario is disappointed that it was a dream and wishes that Foxy really had bitten Toad's frontal lobe off.

4 AM: Mario locks out the animatronics Bonnie says that he's hungry while Chica asks "Where's my pizza? Where's my pizza?" and Mario tells her to order their own pizza, but they can't cause Dr. Robotnik still has Mario's phone and is still yelling "penis" at Mario's Ristorante's cashier, who says that he doesn't sell "pingas". Foxy tells Mario that "he can't stay in the office forever". Just when Mario thinks he's safe, the power meter suddenly shows up on the screen. Left with only two percent power, Mario thinks fast and throws an Amp at what he thinks is the fuse box. This causes a series of explosions that somehow brings the spaghettiria's power level to "Infinite%" Mario starts dancing to "Pantsu neguru mon!" (I can take off my panties), but the enraged animatronics get extremely pissed, screaming that Mario cheated. Foxy somehow opens the left door to the security office and tries to attack Mario, but instead gets crushed by the door. Mario is relieved. Unfortunately, Freddy is standing right behind him, much to his chagrin. Freddy puts Mario into a Bonnie suit, but Mario somehow survives.

5 AM: Mario installs locks on the office doors and has bloodshot eyes, assuring himself that he's "better safe than sorry". He watches Foxy offer Chica some spaghetti as he thought it was pizza, but she spits it out and exclaims that "it tastes like shit". Enraged, Mario walks out of the office and threatens Chica and Foxy. Foxy jumps in front of Mario and taunts him, stating that he won't hurt them. Mario pulls out a rocket launcher and blows Foxy to smithereens. Freddy and Chica run for their lives, and an unaware Bonnie gets blown up by Mario. Freddy makes it to the security office, but he shuts the door before Chica can get in. Mario beats up Chica and leaves... or so Freddy thinks. He sees a horrifying face of Mario on the monitor, who bolts directly for the office and stares through the window. Freddy thinks he's safe... but then the power runs out. A music box version of the Toreador March plays as Mario copies Freddy's routine from the game, and after a few seconds the "dim lights" cut out. Mario then brutally attacks Freddy by making him a jumpscare while shouting "PINGAS" as the bell sounds and the clock changes from 5 AM to 6 AM.

6 AM: The manager (Angry Indian Guy) returns, only to find that the spaghettiria has been trashed and that Mario is naked. The animatronics are all lying around, unconscious and in pieces. The manager berates and fires Mario for this, but he doesn't care and asks the manager if he has any food. Chica awakens at the mention of food and asks one final question: "Pizza?"



  • When Mario fires the rocket launcher at Foxy, Chica disappears. However, in the next shot, Chica reappears, but Foxy is missing.
  • When Freddy is hiding from Mario his power level is at 92%, so he ran out of power rather quickly, unless Mario did something to deactivate the power.
    • However, at 4:00 AM Mario put the power level to infinite before it was going to get to 0%, so Mario himself couldn't do anything to deactivate the power.
  • After Chica preforms her "magic trick" and peers up at the camera, she's somewhat transparent.
    • Also in the same scene, SMF590's shadow can be seen floating above the ground and his head is cut off, instead of being inside Freddy's mouth.
  • As the camera zooms in on Mario chasing Chica and Freddy, you can see the green screen can be visible.
  • When Dr. Robotnik yells "PENIS" at the cashier, you can see him in the background freaking out with the animatronics.
  • When Mario attacks the animatronics, only Freddy, Chica, Bonnie and Foxy were destroyed, while Dr. Robotnik is not seen. It is possible that he had already left the restaurant and went home. Golden Freddy is also isn't seen, but it is likely that Mario killed him offscreen.
  • In this episode, Dr. Robotnik says "PENIS", but in the several episodes he's only says "PINGAS" not "PENIS".
    • The phrase itself is from a portion of a line said by the TF2 Sniper.
  • When Mario wears his Foxy costume during the Bite of '87 dream sequence, you can see Foxy's face underneath his head when he says "JUST KIDDING, B*TCH!".
  • When Mario get's mad and his eyes light on fire the doors are open but before the doors were closed with locks on them.
  • In some security shots the power level is 92% and sometimes 88%.
  • Mario appears in the East Hall when Freddy is in the office, however he is seen running down the West Hall on camera.
  • When Foxy finishes playing "Bed Intruder", by The Gregory Brothers, on a piano, and when Bonnie, Freddy and Chica start dancing, Chica disappears and then briefly reappears until Mario freaks out and makes a dash back to the office.
  • Mario put the power level to infinite at 4 AM, but when Freddy was hiding from Mario, the power went out.
  • This episode was originally named "Five Days At Mario's".
  • Apparently, SMG4 initially didn't want to release a video about Five Night at Freddy's because he hates the game, but he finally made it due to the numerous requests from his fans.
    • A lot of fans later asked for a sequel to this blooper, so SMG4 finally released one in April 2015, called "Retarded64: Return to Freddy's Spaghettiria". Many fans are currently already asking SMG4 for a third FNAF video, and he replied to one of them on Facebook that he'd may make it on November 2015, a year after the first episode.
  • This is the second Retarded64 episode to not have the name of Mario in its title, the first being "Retarded64: Retard Karts 101". However, it's the third when the episode "Retarded64: Mario and the 1337 P0lice" is written as "Retarded64: The 1337 P0lice" only, as that video has two titles.
  • The icons that replaced the former night guard's cursing were Jumpman from Donkey Kong and Mr Game and Watch from the Game and Watch series.
  • It could still be Halloween in this episode.
    • However, this can be mostly for the Slowpoke skit. A common joke is having Slowpoke be late to react to major non-recent news, such as Michael Jackson's death.
  • The short Halloween skit with Slowpoke, and especially the darkness of the episode, compensates a bit the lack of darkness of the previous video "HalloWeegee Special 2014" which was regretted by several fans of SMG4 (and even SMG4 himself, who apologized in the description), and then also someway keep Halloween.
  • This video is the first in SMG4's bloopers in which the Five Nights at Freddy's animatronics appear. However, it's the second to reference the game, the first being "The Visitor.".
  • This is the second blooper to reference the sprite video Mario's Restaurant, the first being "Cooking with Bowser & Mario 2!".
  • The "STAHP RIGHT THERE!" shirt graphic can be seen next to the community service board, with a slogan saying "If ya want to get out, help out!".
  • The dream Mario has is a reference to a major event in Five Nights at Freddy's known as "The Bite of '87", where Fredbear bit off a kid's frontal lobe. The kid is somehow still alive without their frontal lobe, as was Toad in the blooper.
  • The words "I'M HERE" appear for half a second right after Golden Freddy offers the Spaghetti to Mario. The "I'M HERE" text is a reference to the words "IT'S ME" in the original game during its hallucinations.
    • "I'M HERE" appears again when Mario says "Alright!" shortly afterwards.
  • Sonic was mentioned by Chain Chomp, but made no appearance whatsoever. This might be a reference to Who let the Chomp out?, where Chain Chomp befriends Sonic.
  • Chica is almost incapable of saying anything other than "Pizza!".
  • Bonnie seems to be gay (or bi) since he is a fan of Justin Bieber, in which he keeps a poster of him shirtless, and chases him throughout the spaghetteria.
  • Dr. Robotnik might live in the spaghetteria, since he is seen in half of the blooper. However, it is possible he could have just been working there.
  • Mario breaks the 4th wall after he goes crazy and chases the animatronics.
  • Golden Freddy uses Toad's face as his kill screen when crashing Project64.
  • Chica somehow survives, since she wakes up upon hearing food prior to the end of the blooper. This could imply the other animatronics have survived.
  • In the actual game, Golden Freddy only appears if you see from the Golden Freddy Poster in the West Hall or typing in the code 1/9/8/7 on the custom night, in the blooper, there is no hint of how he appeared.
    • However it could be possible that Mario was looking at the poster secretly, similar to Markiplier(Mark Fischbach) looking at Golden Freddy's poster at the beginning of Third Night.
  • At about 6:04 into the blooper's runtime, a Steam notification can be seen in the upper-right corner. It reads: "[too blurry to make out] is now playing PAYDAY 2"
  • The poster on the community service board says, "Guard wanted! Spaghetteria. A sexy man who is good at guarding at DOESN'T eat the goddamn spaghetti! you know how many people have eaten the crap we make. it's worse than any war."
    • Despite what the poster said, Mario never actually saw the part that said to not eat the spaghetti. This confirms that Mario is lazy and ignores the fact in order to make him do something it needs to involve spaghetti, so he worked in the spaghetteria to get out of jail.
      • The part where the poster said:"you know how many people have eaten the crap we make. it's worse than any war." is a reference to SMG4 hating spaghetti.
  • This is the first time SMG4 made an HD blooper.
  • Many references in this blooper were from the video, How To Make Five Nights At Freddy's Not Scary.
  • If you look closely at Chica seconds before the power level is shown, she is seen holding a pistol.
  • Freddy's head turns into Smokey Bear's head for a brief second.
  • When the clock changes from 5 AM to 6 AM, the hour is written with pixelated letters, unlike at the other clock change moments.
  • A flashback from the scene with Chica asking "Would you like to see a magic trick" to SMF590 later appeared in the video "The Retardness of 2014" when Mario and SMG4 are running over the year 2014 for the last time at the end.
  • This is the first SMG4 video which got translated in Italian from PixelGamers with the title "(SMG4 ITA) Ritardati64: La spaghetteria di Freddy" (the video)
  • This blooper has one of the most cameos in an SMG4 video.

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Retarded64 Freddy's spaghettiria

Retarded64 Freddy's spaghettiria

The following article is transcript for Retarded64: Freddy's Spaghetteria made by SMG4.


(Retarded64 opening)
Mario: Mama fucker!

(Mario is cross-eyed, standing near a sign that says "Super Psychic Italian Genie. Knows everything in the universe. Cost: One Spaghetti Bowl
Mario: La la la hmm hmm hmm, la la la hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm*humming tune of Super Mario Bros.*

Stacy:Hmm?... What's this? *sees the sign and gets interested* Ooh! *gives Mario her spaghetti*

Mario: Oh yeah! *slides over to Stacy* Oh, you're so good! Let'sa Go!

Stacy: *looks to her sides then turns to Mario* Uh, Excuse me, but, did that cute guy from yesterday really though I was beautiful?

Mario: Hoo hoo hoo... *shakes head* No!

(Stacy looks at Mario angrily. She is suddenly replaced by SuperMarioGlitchy3)

SuperMarioGlitchy3: Where to buy a pet Russian dolphin?

Luigi: Why does no one pay attention to Weegee?

Mario: (singing Bethoven's fifth symphony) Nobody cares! Nobody cares!

(Luigi looks sad)

Goomba: What's 9 + 10?

Mario: Twenty-One?

Peach: Why do my farts smell?

Toad: Why are you so mean to me?!


Po: Weed... Amount... Legal... NYC.

Policemen*looks angry* Hey! You got a license for that?!

Mario:  *makes a troll-face* Yeeees?

(Mario gets arrested)

Mario: SHIT!! *looks the work posters* Oh No! Mamma Mia... *looks at the spaghettiria poster and is * Whoa!

  • *The door bell rings at a house and FM answers the door*

Slowpoke: *holding a basket* Trick or Treat!

  • FM looks annoyed and closes the door*

Slowpoke: Oh- Oh WTF? *walks onto the sidewalk* God d*mnit you won't gimme a chance! Just gimme a Fucking Chan- *Gets hit by Mario on his kart*

Mario: *singing and dancing, while driving* Bitch! Get out the way! Get out the way b*tch, get out the way!

(Mario crashes in a dark neighborhood and jumps out of his kart.)

Mario: Ohh, very scary! Hmmm... *looks at the map, squinting* What the f*ck are we looking at? Ohh...

(Sees a restaurant ahead. He thinks it's the spaghettiria and walks in.)

Mario: La la la hmm hmm hmm, la la la...

(Freddy pops out, getting thrown into a wall near Mario)

Mario: *scared* Whaaa!!!

(Skerpup talks to the officer who is annoyed)

Officer: No, No, NO, A THOUSAND (Jumpman covers his mouth) FUCKING TIMES, NO!!! *has bloodshot eyes* I'M SICK AND TIRED OF THIS (Mr. Game & Watch covers his mouth) SHIT!! GET SOMEBODY ELSE TO (Mr. Game & Watch covers his mouth) FUCKING DO IT!!!!!!! And most importantly.... *turns to Freddy* FUCK... YOU!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Screams as he jumps out the window and runs away from the restaurant*

(Mario is looking freaked out)

Skerpup: Well, if you're here for the job, I think a spot just opened. Ahh, don't worry about that guy! He didn't get along with the robots!

(Freddy turns on with a glitchy noise)

Freddy: Hey there buddy. How's it going?

  • 12 AM comes
  • *phone rings*

Phone Guy: Hello? Hello hello? Well if you're hearing this, then you're f*cked. You're just fucked.

Mario: Bullsh*t!

  • Music-box version of Toreador March plays

Mario: *ranting* Where's my spaghetti? Where's my spaghetti?

Mario: I work in a spaghettiria and I'm not even provided free spaghetti!

  • Mario looks at the monitor

Mario: Ooh! Nice computer you got here!

  • Mario grunts angrily

Mario: It doesn't even get on YouTube!

Mario: F*ck this!

  • Mario turns on the light and sees Freddy.
  • Mario screams and keeps spamming the light and sees Pedobear, Yogi Bear, Toad in a bear suit and Barney. Barney sings 'I Love You, You Love Me', causing Mario to panic desperately try to put out the light.

Mario: I think I'll just stay here for now...

  • 1 AM comes

Mario: *looks outside door* Hey, Imma hungry...*leaves security room and crawls into stage room*

(The animatronics suddenly turn on.)

Freddy: *glitch noise* *robotic voice as he slowly turns to Mario* It's r*ping time.


Mario: *walks into supply closet* Hey, have you got any food? Whoa! *notices the animatronic heads on the table* Mamafucker! *realizes there's no spaghetti in there*

  • Strange deep laughter

Mario: Wah!

Freddy: *appears behind Mario* *face is Smokey the Bear's face, using Smokey's voice* Only you can prevent *face and voice return to normal R*********PPEEE!!

Mario: *jumps and turns to Freddy, panicked* Ahhhahhhahahahaa!!! *runs away screaming*

Freddy: *singing* Look at that booty, show me the booty, gimme the booty, I want the booty, back up the booty, I need the booty...


Chica Head: Bak, bak bak bak, *turns to Mario* Pizzaaaa...

  • Mario throws a Chica Head at Freddy

Freddy: Ow, sh*t!

Mario: AHHHHHHH!!! *runs out of closet* WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!

Foxy: *playing the piano and singing Bed Intruder* Hide your kids, hide your wife, Hide your kids, hide your wife...

  • Mario is looking freaked out as he watches.

Foxy: *continues, looking at Mario* And hide your husband cuz they're rapin everybody out here.

Chica, Bonnie, & Freddy: *pop up on stage out of nowhere*

Chica: PIZZAAAAAAAaAAaaaaAa!!!!!

Mario: AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!! *runs down hallway screaming*

  • 2 AM comes
  • Mario is looking out the window, checking for the animatronics.

Phone Guy: Hello? Hello? Very evil demons are in the first floor. They have twelve p*nises!

  • Mario turns to the phone, wierded out.

Phone Guy: They will insert them into your orifices! *censored noises* Yeah, nevermind, scratch that. It's best just not to get caught.

Mario: *opening and closing door*

Phone Guy: Okay, I'll leave you to it.

Foxy: *appears at door* Hey dude, just wanted to let you know the pizza's ready.

Mario: No, go away!

Foxy: Sorry man, I'm just curious.

Chica: *outside of window* Pizzaaaa...

Freddy: *in office somehow, humping pizza* GET IN MAH BELLY!

Foxy: Hey dude, you finished with that pizza?

Freddy: *gets mad* I'M GOING TO R*PE YOU!

Chica: *starts screaming*

Freddy & Chica: *start wrestling on the floor*

Bonnie: *barges in* Someone removed the frickin' PIZZAAAAAAaaAaaaAAAAAA!!!!!!!

Freddy, Chica, Foxy & Eggman: *screaming*

Mario: *takes out a cellphone and calls Mario's Ristorante*

SuperMarioFan590 (as the guy who takes your order): Hello sir! What would you like to order?

Mario: Spaghetti!

Chica: No! *knocks phone out of Mario's hand* Pizza! Pizza! Pizza? Pizza!

SuperMarioFan590: Sayy whaaaat?

Chica: Pizza!

Eggman: No! *knocks phone out of Chica's hand* Pingas pingas pingas pingas!

SuperMarioFan590: *gets mad* We don't have that stuff!

  • 2:30 AM

*doorbell rings*

Chica: Pizza?

Delivery Guy: Hello ma'am, here's your pizza.

Chica: Woohooo! PIZZAAAA!!! *humps pizza*

Delivery Guy: Aaaand that'll be $12.95.

Chica: *stares at the Delivery Guy for a moment then puts on a magician's hat* Would you like to see a magic trick?

Delivery Guy: *is inside Freddy's mouth, screaming*

Chica: *turns to the audience* Pizza!

  • 3 AM

Phone Guy: The animatronic characters here do get a bit quirky at night, but do I blame them? No. So remember, these guys hold a special place in the hearts of children, and we need to show them a little respect, right? Ok.

Bonnie: *running in hall, saying EHRMEHGERRRDDJUSTINBIEBBERRRRRRR!

  • near Pirate's Cove, Freddy sneaks up behind Foxy

Freddy: Surprise, motherfucker!

Foxy: *screams*

Freddy: I love you!

Foxy: Shut up, you had your finger up my a*s!

Freddy: Because I love you.

Chica: *in a room* Mr. stomach, are you hungry? *makes stomach talk* I'm always hungry! Now make with the pizza, fatso! *normal voice* *laughs* You're the stomach. Numnumnumnum. I am lonely.

Mario: Mama mia! Boy, oh boy...

Justin Bieber: *running down hall screaming*

Bonnie: *chasing after Justin Bieber* OHMIGERD JUSTIN BIIIEBERRRR--

Mario: Hey man, let me do my job, alright?

Bonnie: Fuck you! *continues running*

Mario: *grunts* These guys are getting more annoying than scary!

Golden Freddy: *appears out of nowhere behind Mario* Hi.

Mario: What?! *turns around* AH. FUCK YOU!! OH GOD! WHAT THE FUCK?! WHAT THE FUCK, OKAY?!

Golden Freddy: *spits out spaghetti*

Mario: Oh! Ohhhh... Alrighty! Come here, fishy fishy-

  • Toad's face appears in the background, screaming, causing Mario to panic and try to run away but the game crashed.
  • ERROR: Merio64.exe has stopped responding.

Mario: *head is on Foxy's body*

Phone Guy: Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, a magical place for kids and grown-ups alike (rest is inaudible)

Goomba, Koopa, Luigi & Toad: *partying around*

Mario: Babies!

Toad: HELLO!

Mario: Toad?

Toad: My name's Toad! AND III......LIKE....SPAGHETTTI!!!!!!

  • Mario grunts angrily

Toad:We're gonna have a duel!

Mario: Shut the fuck up! *bites Toad's head*

Everyone but Mario and the Animatronics: *starts flipping out*

Mario: Oh my god I'm so sorry...JUST KIDDING B*TCH! *puts on a pair of "Deal with It" shades*

Mario: *wakes up in security office* Hmm? ...just a dream?... DAMMIT! Why couldn't it have been real...Mamaf*cker! Mama mia...

  • 4 AM

Mario: *eyes are bloodshot red*

Bonnie: I'm hungry!!

Chica: Where's my pizza? Where's my pizza?

Mario: YOU JUST HAD ONE! Go away! Can't your buy one youreslves?!

Eggman: *on the stage* *calling Mario's Ristorante* Pingas pingas pingas pingas!

SuperMarioFan590: *angry* I, don't sell pingas here!

Foxy: *at window* You can't stay in there forever!

Mario: Ha ha ha! Hee hee! La la la, hmmm hmmm hmmm *sees power level dropping* Wahh!!!

Chica: Defeated now, BIATCH?!

Mario: *panics* Ahhhahhhhahhh!

Freddy: *Laughing* I'm coming for you!

Mario: *has an idea* *battery power is at 2%* Waaaahhhhhhhhh! *throws an Amp at the computer monitor* Vegeta, what does the scouter say about its power level?!

Chica: Pizza?

Mario: No! IT'S OVER 9,000!!!!!! *monitor starts exploding and power level of energy becomes INFINITE%* TOTAL BAD*SS!!!! *starts dancing around*


Bonnie & Chica: *fires machine gun through glass*

Foxy: You... fucking cheater! I'm gonna kill youuuu! *glitches through door*

Mario: Nononononononono! *closes door on Foxy just in time*

Foxy: Ow, fuck! Ow, god!

Mario: Yeah! Ha ha hah!

Freddy: *is suddenly behind Mario* Gotcha, b*tch!

Mario: Dammit! *next scene, is in Bonnie's mouth*

  • 5 AM

Phone Guy: Hey, you're doing great! Most people don't last this long! I'm not implying that they die, that's-that's not what I meant.

Mario: Better safe than sorry, better safe than sorry, better safe than sorry.... *has bloodshot eyes and is chaining up the doors* Hey, I'm a hungry...

Chica: Bak, bak bak, bak bak bak

Foxy: Hey dude, just wanted to let you know the pizza's ready.

Chica: *runs to room, but finds spaghetti, not pizza* Aww! *takes a bite* Ugh! It tastes like shit!

Foxy: Haw Haw!

Mario: *is enraged at the insult to spaghetti and eyes are flaming* Hey! *goes up to the stage, angry* You don't. Fuck. With Mario.

Foxy: *taunts* You ain't gon' do shiiiiiiiit. You ain't gon' do shiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

  • Mario angrily stares at Foxy as he goes on.

Foxy: *starts dancing around* You, ain't, gon' do sh*t, you ain't gon' do sh*t, you ain't gon' do sh*t!

Mario: Wah-ha! *pulls out RPG launcher and shoots Foxy* You son of a b*tch!

Chica & Freddy: *start running away from Mario*

Freddy: Run, b*tch, RUUUUUUUN!!

Bonnie Hey, what's with all the scre-- OH MY FUCKING GO-- *gets blasted*

Freddy: *gets into office and closes doors* Ohhhhhfuuuckthiiisshiiiit!

Chica: *banging on door* PizzaaaaaaAAAaaaaA!

Mario: *screams as he runs at Chica* AHAHAHAHAHA-- *attacks Chica and she blows up*

Freddy: *checking cameras, notices Mario*

Mario: *has his face on the screen* IMMA GONNA GETCHOO

Freddy: *panics and jumps away* AH! OH MY GOD! Oh my god! OH!

Mario: *sprints down the West hall, laughing ominously*

Freddy: *quickly closes the door* Ohsh*tOHSH*TOHSH*T! *hyperventilates* I'm so...startled....

Mario: *spazzes out at the window* WHAT'S UP, FUCKEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR?!

Freddy: OH, JESUS CHRIST!! *power runs out* F*ck.  I'm so, startled...

Mario: *appears in corner, while lights flicker on and off. Room gets fully dark. Mario has a death animation of screaming and spazzing with the "Pingas" audio file playing multiple times.*

  • 6 AM *children cheer*

Manager: *walks in* Hi kids, we're home early- *sees naked Mario with a bunch of knocked out robots*

Mario: Oh, hello, there you are.

Manager: *angry* Ey-wha-WHAT THE FUCK?! YOU HAD ONE JOB! OOONE JOB! *eye twitches*

Mario: Hey, have you got any food?

Chica: Pizza!


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