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Retarded64: Return to Freddy's Spaghetteria, often simply called Return to Freddy's Spaghetteria, is the 222nd video made by SMG4, and the eleventh episode in the Retarded64 series. As its name indicates, it's a sequel to the blooper "Retarded64: Freddy's Spaghettiria," being based off of Five Nights at Freddy's 2, and it was released after numerous requests from SMG4's fans.


Mario gets warped into Freddy's Spaghettiria and must find a way to survive and escape the restaurant.


The episode starts with the Retarded64 intro and then the company READY4FREDDY presents the game: Freddy's Spaghettiria and shows aspects from the game in an attempt to sell it. Mario watches the commercial and gets angry, as he can't believe that Freddy Fazbear's Pizza has made its own game, as he's still angry, because the manager fired him without giving him any spaghetti. Mario comments that no one would be dumb enough to buy the game, but is proven wrong when he sees that Toad is on SMG4's computer playing Freddy's Spaghetteria, screaming like a girl at Toy Bonnie's jumpscare. Mario comes into the room and yells at Toad to shut up, but then he asks him what he's playing. Mario notices that it is Freddy's Spaghetteria and gets angry as he asks him why he would play such a game.

Toad answers saying that he needed to see his wife Foxy. Mario is about to ground Toad for get rid of the computer and give Toad a book, but Toad screeches at Mario that he doesn't want to lose the game. Mario bets that the game isn't good and Toad dares him to play it, and Mario gets a jumpscare from ghost form of Shigeru Miyamoto and goes flying comically. After the Game Over screen asks if he would like to play again, Mario starts singing that he doesn't want to, but Toad taunts him, and tells him that he cannot leave until he beats the game. Mario angrily screams that he can go into the game and kick their asses for real, prompting Rocks to appear out of nowhere and create a portal leading into the game. Mario gets warped in, but Toad gets stuck in the portal. While Mario tries to get Toad out of the portal, he receives a phone call from Phone Guy welcoming him to his new summer job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, prompting him to cry sadly.

12 AM: Mario gets out of the office and explores the restaurant, which is a little bigger than the last time. He arrives at the Show Stage where Toy Bonnie, Toy Freddy and Toy Chica are. Toy Freddy starts singing and Mario thinks that this time the animatronics are friends, however this is wrong, as Toy Freddy's AI begins to malfunction and thinks that the fat Italian plumber needs a suit, so he gets a Golden Freddy suit and tries to stuff this on Mario. Mario tries to get away from him, but the office doesn't have a door switch, so he turns on the lights. But he cannot do anything as Toy Freddy is still in the Main Hall dancing to Haters Gonna Hate. Mario makes a door with some debris that he found and orders Toy Freddy to go away. This fails as Toy Bonnie comes through the vents, threatening to kill Mario, who is implied to have dealt with him.

1AM: Mario yells at Toad, asking him if he's out of the portal yet, to which Toad replies no. A warning sign appears which signals that Puppet is about to escape the music box and Mario has to wind it up. Toy Bonnie and Mangle scream at each other through the vents, which confuses Mario so much that he doesn't notice Toy Chica leaping over the barrier.

Toy Bonnie and Mangle continue to converse which buys enough time for Puppet to try and come out again. Mario promptly runs through the barricade he kept Toy Freddy away with and stuffs Wario over the box. Toy Freddy notices this and calls Mario a cheater, with Mario exclaiming that he doesn't care and then goes back to the office.

2AM: Mario is checking the security camera of Party Room 4 where Toy Bonnie is dancing under a disco ball. Phone Guy tells Mario that the original animatronics that he met last time are in Parts/Service. Bonnie arrives at the office, but instead of killing Mario, he beats up Balloon Boy who suddenly comes out of the air vent, and does the same with Toy Freddy. Meanwhile, Foxy encounters Mangle and they stare at each other for a moment, but Foxy gets scared away by Mangle when he notices that it's missing half of it's body.

Back in the office, Bonnie orders Mario to clap his hands. Mario refuses, but immediately does so after Bonnie threatens to shoot him. Freddy comes to the main hall when he remembers Mario and threatens to kill him, but Mario immediately puts on a spare Freddy Fazbear head, and Freddy confuses Mario with his cousin. He takes Mario's clothes off as Chica enters the office. Mario locks Freddy out, but he notices that he has lost his wallet. It is revealed that Chica stole it and is on the phone, ordering 10,434 pizzas that cost 1,034,523 coins, but Mario's coin card only has 24 coins. However, she still orders her pizzas anyway.

3AM: Balloon Boy is walking through the air vent singing, trying to come into the office. Annoyed, Mario throws a grenade into the air vent, which blows him up and supposedly injures him. Phone Guy starts saying "Hello?" repeatedly, while Mario bangs his head on the floor in frustration. Suddenly, an arcade machine materializes in the office and transports Mario to the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 death minigames.

Mario takes on a sprite form as he goes through the minigames. In the first one, Take Cake to the Children, Mario encounters children demanding burritos and tries to leave, but gets punched back in, so he gives them cake and finishes the first level. Mario sees even more kids in Level 2 and instead of giving cake, he backs away, jumps into a Metal Slug tank, and runs them all over.

In "Give Gifts, Give Life", Puppet is trying to give life to four dead children by giving them animatronic masks. However, Mario comes out of nowhere and dances, reviving the kids, while Puppet slowly backs away.

In the Foxy minigame, Foxy goes to the five dead children, but Mario runs him over with his kart.

In SAVE THEM, Mario chases after Puppet, but then gets caught by the Purple Guy.

Mario then wakes up in the office, revealing that the minigames were a strange dream, and he asks what just happened. Just then though, the Purple Guy appears on the stage and laughs, but Mangle interrupts him. He yells at Mangle and puts on a Freddy Fazbear mask to scare it away.

3:30 AM: Mario is looking at Prize Corner where Toy Chica appears, saying "hi" to the camera, the camera cuts to Balloon Boy who is trying to selling crowbars as butt scratchers, with Toy Bonnie telling Balloon Boy to take his money. Bonnie is shocked from looking at a poster of Barney and his friends and confuses him for his mother. Purple Guy sneaks up on Balloon Boy and possesses him to become a slave. He tries to do the same with Bonnie, but Bonnie defends himself, causing the Purple Guy to crash into Wario. Wario is knocked off of Puppet's box and the music box warning pops up again.

Peach's Castle, 3:30 AM: Back at the castle, someone rings the doorbell. SMG4 comes to the door and sees a pizza delivery man who explains that someone (Chica) just tried to order over ten thousand pizzas and had only gave them 24 coins. SMG4 jumps in surprise.

Freddy's Spaghetteria, 4 AM: Mario throws stuff at Toad to try to get him unstuck from the portal, but fails. Mario complains about Toad's big head, and then returns to the office. When he looks at the security camera, he notices that Puppet has escaped his box and is bolting for the office. When he arrives, Mario uses the light to distract Puppet with a sweet rave party.

Suddenly, Balloon Boy walks in and starts dancing while emitting his trademark laughter, having disabled the lights. Puppet begins chasing Mario as he tries to escape through an air vent, where he finds Toy Chica who asks him if he wants some pancakes. Mario doesn't have enough time to answer, and runs to the party room where Puppet corners Mario. Mario finds an old piece of pizza, so he throws it onto Puppet's face, which attracts Chica and lets her attack him.

Back at the castle, SMG4 asks Mario why he ordered 10,000 pizzas, but jumps at the shock of seeing the portal.

Back in the restaurant, the toy animatronics have all formed a single line and are taking orders from Purple Guy. Mario realizes that Purple Guy is their leader and quickly formulates a plan to dispatch him.

5 AM: Mario wears a Freddy Fazbear mask and goes to Parts/Service, where the old animatronics are minding their own business. He requests Freddy and his friends help in a "prank". Mario gives a signal to Foxy and he proceeds to distract Toy Bonnie by singing, as Bonnie comes out of nowhere and knocks out Toy Bonnie.

Toy Freddy notices Toy Bonnie getting knocked out when Mangle suddenly appears and briefly turns off the lights, giving Freddy enough time to shoot his Toy counterpart with a gun. Foxy then slaps Toy Chica's ass with his hook to eliminate her. Balloon Boy's laughter is interrupted by Mario charging up to him and punching him.

Purple Guy walks out demanding what's going on and gets Balloon Boy thrown at him by Mario. Elsewhere, Chica is still fighting with Puppet, but Puppet escapes the brawl and runs to the main stage, sobbing hysterically. Purple Guy blasts all the animatronics with his shotgun, threatens Mario, and prepares to kill him. However, Puppet appears saying that he also wants to kill Mario.

The two argue over who should kill Mario, who through some quick thinking, turns Mangle into a rocket launcher and starts firing at the two. Puppet and Purple Guy run away and drive off in a car, with Mario following them in his kart. Purple Guy tries to stop Mario by throwing a child at him, but it fails and the child is knocked off the screen.

The three end up back in the restaurant, where Purple Guy crashes his car. As Mario is about to kill Purple Guy, Puppet rushes out and hits him so hard that Mario goes flying into Puppet's box. The two celebrate their victory, but then the music box warning starts flashing. Horrified, Purple Guy and Puppet mash the "Wind me" button in the office, but end up overloading the music box and causing the button to explode violently. Mario exits the box and proceeds to leap straight for the two of them, jumpscaring them.

6AM: SMG4 gets Toad out of the portal while Mario looks over the burning corpses of Purple Guy and Puppet, vowing revenge against them. Suddenly, a warning message appears on the screen saying that the portal to home will close in 10 seconds. Mario jumps through it and arrives back at Peach's Castle, while SMG4 and Toad look behind him with horrified expressions. Mario then leaves, then zoom out and obliviously revealing to the fact that Chica was right behind him. Chica then says "Pizza", ending the episode.


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  • When Purple Guy kills the animatronics, only Freddy, Bonnie and Foxy are killed. Golden Freddy isn't seen.
  • When Puppet and Purple Guy are fighting, two Toy Bonnies can be seen in the background.
  • The pizza guy says that the pizzas cost over 134,754 coins, but when Chica ordered the pizzas, they costed 1,034,523 coins. This is an inconsistency in pricing.
  • As Balloon Boy makes his way through the air vents, his arms appear to clip inside his body.


  • This is the fourth Retarded64 episode to not include the name of Mario in its title, the first being "Retard Karts 101", the second being the prequel "Freddy's Spaghetteria" and the third being "Son of a Bowser" (however, it's the fifth if we also count "Mario and the 1337 P0lice" which was renamed as simply "The 1337 P0lice").
  • The opening of this video describes the cult of the Five Nights at Freddy's series.
  • This is the second appearance and the first major role of Purple Guy in SMG4's bloopers. His first appearance was in the previous video "Ssenmodnar 10 (350k Apocalypse Special)"
  • According to this episode, Freddy has a cousin who looks like him and uses drugs.
  • Freddy wanted to kill Mario for revenge. However, Foxy seems to have forgiven him and Bonnie has had a short temper while Chica is unaware of these events.
  • SMG4 initially didn't want to make a second Five Nights at Freddy's video, but the demands were too high, which led to him giving up and making one.
  • When Mario uses Mangle as a weapon, the text shown says "Lawnchair" instead of "Launcher", however, this is just simply a joke.
  • Apparently, Foxy's short intro shows him sitting on the toilet while the other old animatronics' intros aren't as perverted (i.e. Bonnie standing in a corner, Freddy walking towards the camera, and Chica staring at the menu).
  • Before the Retarded 64 intro, a quick message says: "Warning, this video contains strong language (go to new line) Not suitable for anyone under 50". This is VERY ironic, as SMG4 himself is only 19 years old.
  • The company that made the video's version of "Five Nights at Freddy's 2" is called: "REDY4FREDY GAMES".
  • After this video, Chica was permanently living in the castle.
  • The scene with the puppet and the Purple Guy is based off the end of Dorkly's "Mario Goes Insane" video.
  • Oddly, in the video's thumbnail, the model for Purple Guy is actually his appearance from the third game.

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