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Retarded64: Revenge of Freddy's Spaghettria., often more simply called Revenge of Freddy's Spaghettria, is the 239th video released by SMG4, the second sequel to "R64: Freddy's Spaghettria", and the 14th episode in the Retarded64 series.


Mario is back at Freddy's Spaghetteria, but he is not alone, because Luigi was forced to come along. Now the Mario Bros. will brace themselves for Springtrap and the phantom animatronics are coming to get them.


Everyone in Princess Peach's castle is asleep but then Mario sneaks into SMG4's room and uses the computer. However, SMG4 woke up, having heard the noise from the computer, and catches Mario red-handed, who was searching pictures of spaghetti since the spaghetti stores were closed. SMG4 gets mad and tries to pull Mario from the computer but Mario held on tightly, which eventually caused them to drag it to the floor and accidentally set it on a Spaghetti News web page. Mario gets interested and scrolls through a few articles until he finds one about the old, closed-down Freddy Fazbear's Pizza still having spaghetti inside. Mario was totally sold now, with gleaming eyes, and is determined to get the spaghetti until Chica pops in the room saying "Pizza" and gets a computer thrown in her face.

Mario sets off for the pizzeria in a van and taking Luigi with him as a sacrifice against his will. Luigi wanted no part of this but Mario revealed that he completely chained up his door, preventing him from escaping, much to his dismay. The two finally reach the pizzeria, called "Fredbear and Friends Spaghetti" and go inside while Chica, who was secretly following them the whole time, watches the two enter the restaurant.


Mario and Luigi, the latter who was holding a chainsaw in fear, enter the spaghetteria. While looking around and passing a sign that read that the spaghetteria was redesigned for Fazbear's Fright (setting the reference to Five Nights at Freddy's 3), Mario finds a box filled with animatronic heads in the security office. Mario gets a Bonnie Head and uses it to scare Luigi, who was passing by the office. The younger brother immediately screams in fear as he explodes.

Outside of the restaurant, Chica is idly looking around for pizza. She then notices a "Pizza Bros" truck passing by and jumps onto the windshield, scaring the driver and sending the truck flying to in front of the pizzeria door, causing it to block the pizzeria exit.

Mario looks in the fridge, inside of the office, for spaghetti but he only finds other stuff, such as a skull, Pingas Chips (AW HEEELLLL NO! XD), and Old Man Hobo. Luigi became nervous and tells Mario to just leave since there is no spaghetti. Mario was discouraged and suddenly agreed to this, making Luigi do a victory dance through the hallway and bonk into Springtrap. Luigi became so scared that his head shrank, and Springtrap prepares to attack, only for Phantom Balloon Boy to come in, making Mario mad. Springtrap threatens to kill them and the Mario Bros. attempt make a break out of the pizzeria. However, Mario trips and Luigi leaves him behind, causing him to get caught by Springtrap. Luigi tries to escape out the front door, but thanks to the truck that got knocked over by Chica, he is unable to escape.


Unable to escape and saddened that he and Mario got separated, Luigi suddenly heard the phone rings, answers "Hello?" then hangs up abruptly. Then "What Does the Fox Says?" starts playing from the phone and Luigi starts to relax and dance to the music. While Luigi had his guard down, Phantom Foxy appears out of nowhere and scares Luigi, making him explode into a coin.

When Luigi was trying to make an escape, Phantom Balloon Boy and Phantom Freddy appear and surround him. After a while, Luigi had enough and pulls out his Poltergust 3000 causing the Phantom animatronics to panic and try to run away. Phantom Balloon Boy gets sucked in his Poltergust but Phantom Freddy jumps out of the window and Phantom Foxy walks out of the room, wearing shades and singing "F*ck this Sh*t, I'm Out." Before Luigi could get a moment to relax, Springtrap suddenly comes and Luigi tries to use his Poltergust at him, to no avail. Springtrap grew overconfident and started boasting, which made Luigi just throw the Poltergust at his head and knock him down.


Luigi took a precautionary approach and used a tablet to access the surveillance camera, checking for any sign of the animatronics. Later, he saw Springtrap walking towards the office and grew nervous but he noticed a "Play Sound" button behind him and presses it, which plays an audio clip in the room Springtrap was in. As soon as he heard "Let's play some Super Mario PINGAS!" from the audio clip, Springtrap goes wild and runs to the room where he heard it from. Luigi notices this from the camera and starts pressing the button three more times, causing Springtrap to excitedly run back and forth between rooms. Luigi press the button once more but the sound didn't play due to an Audio Error. He then tries the camera again but it shuts off and gets a Video Error.

Luigi appeared to be out of options but then a Maintenance Panel flips up and activates behind him, giving him options to reboot the camera, sound and ventilation. He scrolls down further, to find two more options, and picks the "ENABLE SOUND RAPE" option, which made Mangle pop out from a vent and let out a loud, annoying scream and hurt Luigi's ears. He then picks "EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN", which displayed a derpy Balloon Boy and the text "Shutting Down..." above him, while "Never Gonna Give You Up," Mario Paint style, started playing. Before long, the maintenance panel exploded in front of Luigi.

Afterwards, Luigi suddenly saw Springtrap at the doorway and froze in fear. The two had a stare-off for a good few seconds, making different faces at each other, but then a Ventilation Error occurred, causing an alarm to go off and red lights flashing in the room before the room faded in and out. Luigi turns to notice that Springtrap had disappeared from his spot, indicating that he was just an hallucination, and he starts panicking.


Luigi goes spiritual, having lit candles in the room and an unknown symbol on the wall, and he holds a cross, trying to dispel the "spirits" from the room. Just then, Springtrap appeared at the end of the hallway, right behind Luigi, and starts chasing him again. Before he could get close enough, Phantom Foxy pops up out of nowhere and trips Springtrap, making him hurt himself and continuously complain about the injury.

Luigi was glad to see Springtrap down for the count and starts celebrating. Luigi then heard Mario's voice from another room and immediately followed it to find his separated brother. However, he received a shock when he saw that Mario was now in the form of a robot, Animatronic Mario. Luigi was getting nervous but then Mario activates a SPAGHETTI.EXE program and suddenly pictured Luigi as spaghetti. With that, Mario pulled out a rocket launcher and opened fired on Luigi, who didn't hesitate on making a immediate get away from the room. Mario continued attacking Luigi and chased him through the spaghetteria.

Luigi then saw his Poltergust and Phantom Balloon Boy was still stuck in it, so he decided to go back and face Mario. Before Mario could fire at him, Luigi got out his clogged Poltergust and changed the setting from Suction to Blow, firing Phantom Balloon Boy at Mario, who took a direct hit. When he got back up, Mario was heavily damaged with a "critical error" but before he could do anything, Luigi got right up in his face and punched him, finishing Mario off as "SPAGHETTI.EXE HAS STOPPED WORKING."

Luigi was worried that Mario might have been down for good but he slowly got back up, glitching out a bit, and looked at Luigi before suddenly getting naked and dancing around, apparently back to his old self again. Luigi was relieved to have his brother back.


Springtrap hasn't moved from his spot, still complaining about the injury he got from when Phantom Foxy tripped him.


Mario started to leave the room, which made Luigi immediately interrogate him on where he was going. He tells him that he was going to get his body back and warns him not to die as he sets off.

He teleports to "Phantom Animatronics Lounge". Mangle asks Phantom Bonnie what's the most annoying sound in the world, and then screams, which causes Phantom Bonnie's head to explode.

It was also The Puppet's birthday, and then all of a sudden a notification popped up saying "Animatronic needed", so Phantom Freddy teleports to Luigi, and then pops up and says "Peek-ka-boo", which scares Luigi and causes him to explode. Then he teleports back and presses a button labeled "easy" on it.

Mario then walks inside the lounge and goes to Phantom Chica to ask for his body back, but Phantom Chica refuses until he gives him 1 million pizzas. Mario tells Phantom Chica to bring him to his boss. Phantom Chica still refuses while keep saying "Pizza," which causes Mario to say "Say pizza again".

Phantom Chica spazzed out and kept saying "Pizza", Mario threw Phantom Chica to Puppet's table which breaks, and it made his cake fall on the floor, which causes The Puppet to go crazy. Mario sneaks in while The Puppet throws a fit, and Phantom Chica kept saying "Pizza".

Mario then saw a door that says "do not enter".


Mario enters the door anyway. He saw William Afton, and William didn't program him to come back, and also tells Mario he ain't getting his body back. Mario then gets naked.

And then he sings a part of "lot'sa spaghetti", and infinite spaghetti hits William, who escapes to the pipe. He then sees Luigi, and just says "what's up?". Mario also got in the pipe and landed on William, who escapes again.

He then exclaims that he won't be taken alive and so he runs away from Mario and Luigi to hide from them.

While Springtrap was still complaining about his injury for two hours, William finds him, so then he gets out a remote and shuts down Springtrap, and then he gets inside him. But then an malfunction occurs, and his final words were: "I am dead, not big surprise". And then William dies, so Mario says "Congratulations."


Mario blows up the door with dynamite and then wonders where his body is. Then, his body (which is on fire) comes flying out of nowhere. Then he says "Oh there it is." After that, he picks it up and tells Luigi he will get Professor E. Gadd to fix it, and then they walk away from the pizzeria, which is now ablaze. At the end of the video, Chica appears out of nowhere and starts singing "It's Getting Hot In Here."



  • William Afton dies after Springtrap malfuctions.


  • AeroBlast43o9 gets a big credit for creating the exterior to the Fredbear's Fright map in SM64.
  • stupidmariobros#1fan gets a big credit for the Mario animatronic model.
  • Instead of using the phantom animatronic models, SMG4 just inverted the original animatronics' colors.
    • Also in FNaF 3 Bonnie doesn't have a Phantom (as he never appeared in the game itself); however in this video he has one.
      • Mangle and the Puppet also don't have their own Phantom in the video, even though in the 3rd game they have one.
  • Springtrap is active in this blooper before William Afton gets into the suit (and dies). In the main FNAF series, Springtrap is active AFTER William dies in the suit.
  • This is the 2nd video to have a "shrink head" gag, the first being "Retarded64: Princess Capturing Simulator.".
  • This is also the 2nd video to show a robotic computer screen, the first being "R64: Return to Freddy's Spaghettria".
  • The scene where Luigi and Springtrap look at each other is a possible reference to the Gentle Breeze meme.
  • SMG4 confirmed in the comments section of "Mariotale - If Mario was in... Undertale." that this is the final installment of the "Freddy's Spaghettria" series.

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