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R64: Stupid Mario Maker is the next Retarded64 video of the series. It involves Wario playing Super Mario Maker on Nintendo Switch in order to get his revenge on Mario, even through he didn't do anything.


Super Mario Maker has been brought to life in the Mushroom Kingdom, but it's fallen into the hands of Wario! The hell is he gonna do with it?!


Bob-omb Buddy is found playing Super Mario Maker in Nintendo Switch at a spaceship but then drops it in the toilet, which is ejected from the spacecraft and falls down to earth, where Wario is sneaking around Peach's Castle attempting to somehow break into the basement and steal numerous amount of cash stored there. While Wario is still thinking of what to do, Yoshi appears behind him and apparently scares him. He buries Yoshi's head in the lawn somehow and goes back to stealing the money. Then, Wario is hit by the Nintendo Switch, and opens up to find Super Mario Maker. He grabs a sprite of a Koopa Troopa and places him on the canvas.

Once he does this, a real but very confused Koopa appears right in front of him. Wario is amazed by this, proceeding to swing the Koopa violently, causing the real Koopa to swing violently, and not knowing what is happening, he can only scream in pain and misery. Wario is now excited, and starts spawning other numerous random characters but ends up accidentally squishing himself in the process.

Wario goes on to pick up several other victims including Luigi who he moves from in front of the castle to the roof, causing him to fall off. At the store, he places two more Bowsers on top of Bowser, which causes him to panic. Meanwhile, Waluigi is taunting the Chain Chomp since it can't move. He trolls him by placing several other Chain Chomps on Clown Cars to scared Waluigi. Then finally, he lays eyes on Mario, doing Mario things. When he crosses a bridge, Wario removes the bridge to make him fall to the floor below. Mario is confused, and for a moment decides to shrug it off until he sees a giant Mario hand trying to grab him.

Mario does a partly successful job evading the hand until Wario uses spaghetti to lure him in. Once he does this, he throws Mario into the Wario World, promising him he'll go through hell with his "crappy" level design, a fate possibly worse than exercising. As Mario enters the first level, he is immediately squashed by a giant Goomba. Mario respawns and this time avoids the Goomba and avoids death, however he gets blasted by a mushroom that spews out lasers. At attempt #10, Mario comes up to a pipe, knowing that he must be careful to peeks into the pipe to check for traps, but then Snoop Dogg pops out an surprises Mario, and eventually devours him as a whole.

At attempt #2,142,645,571 Mario sees that the finish line is not too far away, but is immediately interrupted by a Hammer Bro. that summons a cannon that shoots hammers. Mario's neck is broken but survives only to be interrupted again by Hammer Bro. He has numerous hammers impaled in his face but eventually completes one out of five-million levels. But first Wario takes him to the bonus stage where a mushroom falls on Mario, turning him into various weird and exotic forms. When he turns into Pac-Man, he actually kind of likes it saying he doesn't "look-a half bad" but he is hit by the mushroom again, turning him to Mario's original body, but extended vertically. He starts crying on the floor, questioning life.

Wario can no longer stand to watch this trainwreck unfolding, so he just decides it'll be fun to skip to the final boss stage. Mario is put into level 5000000, and discovers the final boss is a Chain Chomp with a Blooper placed above him, Wigglers shoved onto the either side, and a Goomba shoved into his bottom as the legs. But when it seems to do virtually nothing, Wario commands to activate its secret weapon which is a giant blade of fire swinging around. But the blade gets out of control and accidentally hits Wario, causing him to fall off the cloud he was riding on. Mario is taken back to the castle where he discovers the Nintendo Switch and its powers. Wario tries to gain it back, starting a battle where the two proceed to torture each other in various ways. Eventually, Wario wins the battle by summoning in John Cena, knocking Mario out. At the same time Luigi walks out to the garden where they were standing, looking for Mario. Wario thinks of an idea: a puppet theater. He dresses Luigi up as Peach Toadstool and Mario as... Mario and then reenacts a scene when Peach is thanking Mario for saving her from Bowser in Super Mario Bros., and then Wario starts humping them together. Toad walks out to the garden as well, but as soon as he discover the scene, he becomes shocked and speechless, and then Wario drag him to this mess as well, as he simply enjoys this opportunity. Then he realizes that Nintendo Switch has run out of battery power, and the now mad trio buries Wario's head on the lawn after burning him alive at the same place where he had buried Yoshi.

Luigi comes in panicking, asking Mario if he got rid of that "evil tablet". Mario claims that he did, but of course as soon as Luigi runs off, he takes out the now fully charged Nintendo Switch, now right in his hands.



  • This was the first blooper in the Stupid Mario series.
  • This episode ties into the release of Super Mario Maker to promote it's release.
  • The game appears to be played on the Nintendo Switch (aka Nintendo NX), despite the fact that it has not been released before this episode and Super Mario Maker is a Wii U game.
    • This episode, however, predicted Super Mario Maker 2, which was released 3 years later on June 28 2019. Also, one day after Super Mario Maker 2's release, SMG4 uploaded a sequel to this blooper: SMG4: Stupid Mario Maker 2.
  • When Mario, Luigi and Toad rise after Wario's Nintendo Switch has ran out of battery, the music that plays is from the NES version of arcade game Donkey Kong.
  • This is one of the episodes that features Wario as a villain.

Music Used

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